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Tried, Tested + True >>>> Growth Factors – The New Skin Care Trend That Really Works!


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Growth factors (GFs) are proteins (picture a pearl necklace of amino acids) naturally made by our skin cells that promote our skin’s natural healing response. We’re all born with GFs in our skin but as we age, those GFs deplete. When we apply skin care with growth factors to the skin, it helps revitalize skin tissues, leading to thicker, bouncier, firmer, more resilient skin. 



The best skin care products contain different kinds of growth factors (EGFs, FGFs, TGF-b, PDGFs, …) to work on multiple aspects of healthy skin. 


After months of in-depth research to find the BEST source of Growth Factors, SkinScience and Marie have narrowed it down to the BEST SKIN CARE products containing GFs.


NeoCutis BioGel Hydrogel (normal to combinations skin)

NeoCutis BioSerum Intensive Treatment (normal to dry skin)

NeoCutis LUMIERE Eye Cream (dry, puffy, thinning skin around the eye area)


Growth Factors Calgary Skin Clinic

SkinScience’s Favourite Eye Creams

Eyes, the windows to the soul.  Also, the first place to give away that you slept poorly last night, or that you’ve been stressed or sick.  The eye area is so expressive, it shows when you are happy, when you are tearful, or frightened or angry.  All of this means that it often doesn’t hold up as well as you wish it did.  As always, we love to find solutions, solutions with scientific data to back them up.  Here are some of our staff favorite Eye Creams.



Who: Leanne

What: Dermaquest 3D Stem Cell Eye Lift

“I love the light and creamy texture, and the way my eyes feel a little more firm after application.  I find it also seems to lighten the darkness under my eyes”

Why: This product contains plant stem cells that brighten skin while strengthening collagen.  The multi-peptide complex tightens and firms skin while the anti-oxidants repair previous damage and prevent further cell degredation.


Who: Misean

What: Neocutis Lumière Eye Cream

“I LOVE the Neocutis eye cream.  I like the texture, it absorbs well and leaves my skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. I can wear it under makeup and it’s the only eye cream I’ve used where I can see a noticeable difference in fine lines”

Why: Neocutis has the purest form of PSP on the market, they also have the most in-depth clinic data to support their product (compared to other growth factor containing brands), and we’ve seen it work.  PSP (Processed Skincell Proteins) contain growth factors. When growth factors are applied to skin, the cells there are able to multiply.  More cells result in thicker skin, which means fewer wrinkles, more collagen, and more firmness etc.


Who: Mikelle

What: Dermaquest C-Infusion Eye Cream

“The C-Infusion Eye Cream is perfect for me because it hydrates my sensitive skin without causing the white under eye bumps (milia) I sometimes get from heavier products.  It has helped brighten a freckle under my eye that was bugging me for the longest time.”

Why: The C-Infusion Eye Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps train your skin to retain water.  The vitamin c helps prevent free radical damage and brighten skin.


Who: Marie

What: Neocutis Bio-Gel

“This is not technically an eye cream, but I love it around the eye area.  I tend to get milia around my eyes with heavy products, so this serum is awesome for me because it gives all the benefits of the PSP, in a lightweight hydrating base.”

Why: Neocutis studies showing thickening of the skin and an increase in collagen with use of their proprietary PSP (containing growth factors) are awesome.  Thicker skin under the eyes means brighter, tighter, firmer eyes.


Who: Nivian

What: Dermaquest C-Infusion Eye Cream

“It works wonders for those nights I’m not able to get a full night’s sleep.  It helps with the puffiness in the morning and reduces the dullness under my eyes”

Why: Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and skin brightener! The peptide blend improves the luster of skin under the eye which helps dark circles look better.



To find your perfect eye product, give us a call to book your consultation (or follow up consultation!).  We’d love to help perk up your eyes!


(403) 287-1477



More Important Than Sunscreen

The dog days of summer are upon us.  The heat is high and the sun is strong!  You are armed with your SPF to prevent aging and sunburns, but what is even more important that sunscreen?

Planning your outside activities at the right time. In this blog, we are out to show that an ounce of sunscreen is just as important as an ounce of planning.


The Ultraviolet Index (or UV index) is a tool the World Health Organization endorses and sets guidelines for that helps sun-seekers understand how quickly they can be harmed (aka sunburned) while in the sun.  It is a scale from 1 – 12. The lower the number the lower the risk and less likelihood of getting burned.  The higher the number the higher the likelihood of burning and greater risk to skin and eyes.  It’s pretty straight forward.


A UV index rating is applied to a specific place on the globe. A specific area or city’s index rating is determined using several pieces of information; including elevation, forecasted ozone levels, forecasted cloud level and the ground level strength of ultraviolet radiation. Depending on the calculation model, there are sometimes other factors included as well.


Finding a UV index now a day is pretty easy.  Most major newspapers publish it on the weather page. Google offers a quick UV rating for your location. We love Apps for your smart phone! UVLens is a free app available in the Apple App Store, and it allows you to enter information about your skin tone and coloring to give an idea of how quickly you would burn in your current location.  (We are not paid endorsers of this app, we are just sharing a tool that we have found helpful!) It also allows you to check the UV index forecast for the near future, so that you can AVOID the sun when the UV index is at its peak. Because sometimes a little bit of avoidance is worth so much!


Don’t have your phone with you? Trust the shadows. A quick way to determine how quickly you will burn is to see how long or short your shadow is. The shorter your shadow is when standing outside, the higher your risk is. The longer or taller (than you) it is the less your risk is.


Whenever possible, avoid being outside during peak UV times. This usually is in the middle of the day. When you have to go out during peak hours, make sure you’ve got sunscreen AND a hat AND sunglasses. If the numbers are really high, clothing is helpful and knowing your shady areas in advance.


For sunscreen recommendations, sun safety tips, help getting rid of sun damage and more, call us! We will help you have the skin you’ve always wanted!








Christmas Specials Preview!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we know that many of you are waiting for our Christmas Promotions to be released! Now, we aren’t allowed to tell you exactly what will be on special (we want to stay on Santa’s nice list!) however, we can give you some hints; It is worthwhile to re-familiarize your self with the following treatments. **WINK**WINK** You never know, they just might be on special in the very the near future!

5 Weeks to Radiance – SkinScience’s best selling package!




Mild to medium redness and sun damage

Dull, tired looking skin

Fine lines & large pores

Melasma (pregnancy mask)

Great for aging concerns from 25 years and older




5 Weeks to Clear Skin



Acne breakouts

Excess oil (without causing dry skin)

Red, inflamed (often painful) acne lesions

Reduces redness in acne scarring & shrinks pores

Ideal for acne management in ages 14-60




5 Weeks to Luminous Eyes



Dark under eye circles

Eye puffiness and bags

Crows feet

Targets aging concerns experienced in ages 20 through 65





5 Weeks to Firmness 



Loose, wobbly, or sagging skin on the belly

Perfect for post baby “Mummy Tummy”

Great for getting ready for bikini season

Best for ages 18-55






Bright and Glow



Medium to dark redness & sun damage

Fine lines to medium wrinkles & large pores

Dull tired looking skin in ages 30 and up



All of our packages are designed to achieve maximum results, while maximizing how far your dollar investment goes in achieving those results.  For guidance in determining which package is right for you, please call at (403) 278-1477.

We wish you a merry and bright Christmas Season!

Marie, Mikelle, Nivian, Misean and Mark


DermaQuest Voted Best Premium Anti-Aging Skincare at the PURE Beauty Awards!

Stem Cell 3D Complex 
Discover the secret of our Stem Cell 3D Complex, the most notable technology in anti-aging since the debut of neuropeptides. Decadently imbued with advanced Biotech Marine® and botanical stem cells, powerful brightening peptides, and potent antioxidants, this rich, silky cream is the heart of your 3D Ritual and DermaQuest’s exclusive salute to the illusive fountain of youth.
Stem Cell 3D Eye Lift
Let your eyes do the talking with 3D Eye Lift, boasting the renewing potentials of Biotech Marine with restorative Gardenia and Sea Holly Stem Cells. Blended to illuminate while Red Algae lifts and tones, this luxurious cream leaves the windows to your soul harmoniously inviting and bright.