Changing the Face of Skin Care ~ Help with Rosacea


Have you (or a loved one) been diagnosed with rosacea? 


If so, we might be able to help you manage it.

Take a look at the picture above – this is a before and after picture from a SkinScience patient who came to us a few months ago, complaining of redness and blushing in the central face, with a diagnosis of rosacea from her family doctor. A simple skin care + treatment plan has done wonders for her, and she was able to regain her confidence and stop wondering about who would be next to comment on her rosy cheeks. (when you have rosacea, it gets old after a while, trust us)

While there is no known cure to rosacea, there are steps we can take to help keep it under control as much as possible. Remember that everybody’s skin is different, even when it comes to rosacea.

Specific skin care and treatments might be recommended, including:


Using anti-inflammatory skin care ingredients that will help with the diffuse redness associated with rosacea. 

Making sure you use the appropriate sunscreen for your skin type, while carefully choosing sunscreen ingredients. 

Using hypollergenic products (usually fragrance-free) to diminish the chances of creating inflammation in the skin, and worsening the skin condition. 

Under going a series of IPL photofacials, to reduce the diffuse redness and eliminate the broken capillaries associated with that condition. 

Reducing the presence of the rosacea-causing micro-organism Demodex sp. with specific ingredients (or prescriptions if you already are using them)

Restoring the delicate skin barrier with the proper skin care products, and being consistent with anti-inflammatory treatments based on Red Light technology and other redness-reducing procedures. 


As mentioned, every person is different when it comes to managing rosacea ~ it’s like a puzzle that needs to be figured out by skin experts. Education is key at SkinScience, so if you are interested in addressing your skin condition once and for all, with solutions that will respect your lifestyle and budget, we are here for you.

Are you ready to improve your confidence and quality of life?

One simple call to book your consultation ~ 403-287-1477.

We are changing the face of skin care.


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We Are Changing the Face of Skin Care ~ But What Does It Mean for YOU?


Can you believe SkinScience will be celebrating its 12th Anniversary this year? (New beginnings, baby!!)


This year, we want to do things a little differently at the clinic. Here’s a list of what we are manifesting and committed to in 2019 for SkinScience, and therefore for you: 

  1. Build upon what’s been successful so far for us.
  2. Learn from what hasn’t worked so well in the past – understand why it happened, make sure we learned the valuable lessons that were presented to us (we don’t believe in coincidences) and do better next time. 
  3. Always be on the forefront of new technologies and new advances in skin care. 
  4. Think outside of the box and bring new ways of looking at skin care. 
  5. Find new ways of delivering information and education to our clients, patients, and followers. 
  6. Always offer the highest level of customer service and customer experience. 
  7. Always do what’s right, in every way, even in the smallest of details. 
  8. Build authentic, strong relationships with each other, learn to say no with confidence and be able to have difficult conversations in order to have the best outcomes possible. 
  9. Keep each other accountable for promises we have made to each other. 
  10. Your word is all you have. 


Are you ready to think out of the box when it comes to your skin care? 

Get ready for a fantastic year at SkinScience ~ we are changing the face of skin care! The Great Reveal is coming soon!


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