Christmas is just around the corner, and we know that many of you are waiting for our Christmas Promotions to be released! Now, we aren’t allowed to tell you exactly what will be on special (we want to stay on Santa’s nice list!) however, we can give you some hints; It is worthwhile to re-familiarize your self with the following treatments. **WINK**WINK** You never know, they just might be on special in the very the near future!

5 Weeks to Radiance – SkinScience’s best selling package!




Mild to medium redness and sun damage

Dull, tired looking skin

Fine lines & large pores

Melasma (pregnancy mask)

Great for aging concerns from 25 years and older




5 Weeks to Clear Skin



Acne breakouts

Excess oil (without causing dry skin)

Red, inflamed (often painful) acne lesions

Reduces redness in acne scarring & shrinks pores

Ideal for acne management in ages 14-60




5 Weeks to Luminous Eyes



Dark under eye circles

Eye puffiness and bags

Crows feet

Targets aging concerns experienced in ages 20 through 65





5 Weeks to Firmness 



Loose, wobbly, or sagging skin on the belly

Perfect for post baby “Mummy Tummy”

Great for getting ready for bikini season

Best for ages 18-55






Bright and Glow



Medium to dark redness & sun damage

Fine lines to medium wrinkles & large pores

Dull tired looking skin in ages 30 and up



All of our packages are designed to achieve maximum results, while maximizing how far your dollar investment goes in achieving those results.  For guidance in determining which package is right for you, please call at (403) 278-1477.

We wish you a merry and bright Christmas Season!

Marie, Mikelle, Nivian, Misean and Mark