Pore Shrink Treatment – The little treatment with BIG results.

Large pores are a very common complaint.  So many clients come in wanting skin that is smooth and radiant. Large pores can make skin look bumpy, uneven and clogged.  Makeup can puddle around large pores and make them look even larger.  So, what do you do about it?  Before we jump into solutions, lets chat about why you have them in the first place.


How it Happens: The Cycle of  Enlarged Pores


The first is obviously genetics.  Some people just naturally have invisible pores, and some people are prone to having larger pores.  (Pore-less skin ends to be drier and thinner, so although it’s easy to be jealous, pore-less skin has its own set of issues) If you are genetically prone to larger pores, maintaining a good routine and treatment program is important.


The next contributing factor is cellular debris – aka dead skin cell build up. Your pores are lined with skin cells, and these cells have the same life cycle of all skin cells. They divide, they surface and along the way they die.  However, the cells in a pore get slowed down by oil from sebaceous glands and these slow cells build up inside a pore causing it to clog. Once the pores is clogged the exit pathway for other dead cells is essentially blocked, which means that clogged pore gets bigger and bigger – and then starts stretching the pore making it even bigger.


As this stretching continues, the collagen around the pores gets lazy and stops trying to hold the pore closed – which in turn creates more room for more buildup of cellular debris and starting the cycle all over again.


Two-step process to correct large pores


One: exfoliation.  You should be on a good exfoliation product at home that contains either an Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acid -or a mix of both. This will encourage dead cells to lift off and turn over, reducing the amount of cellular debris.  The next part of the exfoliation process is to have one of our custom designed peels in clinic.  We have specifically created a peel that penetrates into a pore to clean out debris build up (get rid of clogged pores) and prepping skin for step two;


Two: A collagen stimulating Retin Treatment to close up a now newly cleaned out pore. Our retinoic acid solution is created to our exacting specifications. It has the ability to reduce the activity of a sebaceous gland and stimulate the collagen that will close up the pores that are now cleaned out from step one.  Our retinoic acid solution cannot be found in any store or with any supplier, as we have it made just for us.



How Many Treatments and Investment


Most people need to do a monthly treatment for 3 or 4 months in a row before they will see results that will last long term.  Most clients begin to see results about 5 days after their ‘Pore Shrink’ treatment with positive results continuing for a few weeks before leveling off.


Each pore shrink treatment is $210


You are in the clinic for 30-45 minutes, and the treatment is very well tolerated, and has little down time (usually a slight flaking a few days later – kind of like when your skin is a bit on the dry side).


If you think you might want to give this treatment a try, give us a call!  We’d love to discuss how it might help you have smooth, amazing skin!


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Spring Clean Your Skin Care

Spring is a time for renewal. Time to turn-over the old and usher in the new. You spring clean your home, your work space, your diet, but what about your skincare and skin care routines?  Here are five things you should do every spring to help maintain fabulously fresh and healthy skin:


Check your products.

All skin care products and makeup items have a shelf life.  The shelf life if a product will vary depending on how it is packaged (airless pump is always best), how it is formulated, and where you store it.  Most of us store our skin care in our bathrooms, which is not ideal given that bathrooms tend to be humid and warm frequently – but storing them elsewhere is not realistic.  Products that have turned are basically a petri dish for bacteria – NOT something you should apply for good hygiene or good skin health.  Worse, some ingredients when they turn (like vitamin c) become and oxidant, which at that point applying it will make you age faster. How to tell if a product has turned?

Color – is the color changed since you purchased it?

Consistency– has the product thinned or changed consistency?

Smell – does the product smell dusty for fermented?


If you can answer yes to any of these – THROW IT OUT!  Products that have turned are not your friend.  Throw them out and find replacements.

Pro-tip: Look for this symbol when you purchase your products. It will give you an idea of how long your product is good for once you have started using it (from the time it is opened).

Don’t forget cosmetics.

Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria. Here are some general rules for common makeup lifespans:


Pressed or Loose powders (including blush and eye shadows) – 12 months

Solid Lip products (lip stick in a tube you roll up) – 12 months

Mascara or Liquid Eyeliner – 4 months

Liquid foundation in a pump – 9 months

Liquid foundation in a bottle you access directly – 3 months


Change up your skin care routine.

As the warmer weather starts, don’t forget that you need to incorporate three things into your skin care routine:

SPF – you should be using one all the time, but if you’re not – now is the time you absolutely need one!! In the high elevation climate that is Calgary nothing will accelerate the rate at which you are aging more than the UVA and UVB rays you are getting daily from the sun.

Bump up exfoliation – most of us need to get rid of a few winter layers.Coming in to the clinic for a dermaplaing will help reset your skin and exfoliating more at home (with the right product) will help maintain that. When you are in for your dermaplaning we can make sure that you are using the right type of exfoliation for your skin.

Just add water – the cold, dry days of needing a heavier moisturizer to protect from winter harshness are behind you. Now is the time to switch to a lighter weight, but still very hydrating product to maintain that springtime dewy glow. Our favorite?

Dermaquest Essential Moisturizer or Dermaquest Essential B5 Hydrating Gel. Both help create plump, dewy, glowing skin – without the heaviness.



To book your spring follow up or spring dermaplaning, call us!  We’d love to see you and help renew your skin for spring!

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5 Fixes to Get Glowing Spring Skin

Refresh Renew Replenish

5 Fixes to Get Glowing Spring Skin


Ahhhh, spring is here! Each day in the clinic we are seeing clients that come in with the same question; “Why does my skin go crazy in the spring?”. We are seeing the same concerns over and over again; 


#5 Problem:

Flakiness and oiliness at the same time (how is this even possible??)

This is the number one symptom of dehydrated skin.  When skin is dehydrated (lacks the appropriate amount of water needed for healthy function) it tries to fix the issue by producing more oil.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix the problem because oil does not provide the same function as water and you end up just being oily AND flaky all at the same time.


Fix: Increase Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in daily skin care application.

Using a well formulated HA retrains your skin to RETAIN water.  This is key, because if you live in YYC, the dry air here sucks the water out of your skin faster than your body can replace it. By using a well formulated HA, your skin can resist the arid environment and hold on to the water it needs – helping skin feel hydrated, smooth and plump, without the oily sheen!

Our #1 favourite HA? Dermaquest Essential Hydrating B5 Serum


#4 Problem:

Pores seem like they got larger overnight

You woke up one morning and suddenly overnight, you feel like the pores on your nose and cheeks are waaaayyy bigger! What gives??? As the weather warms up, our sebaceous glands tend to be more active, as this happens, pores start to look larger.  You might also notice an increase in black heads or clogged pores.


Fix: Change to a lighter weight moisturizer at night

During dry winter months, you often need a heavier moisturizer to maintain a healthy skin barrier as you are exposed to dry central heating through the night.  Now that it’s warmer – you skin barrier is able to function on its own and that heavier moisturizer is trapping in things that need to get out.  Switching to a lighter weight night time moisturizer should allow your skin to breathe better and prevent the debris build up that can get trapped in pores and make them look bigger.

Our favourite lightweight moisturizer? Dermaquest Essential Moisturizer

#3 Problem:

Breakouts in weird areas

You suddenly are experience breakouts in area that you don’t normally get them!  Often this is related to Problem 5 & 4 above. The other contributing factor is that your skin’s exfoliating needs have changed.


Fix: Increase your smart exfoliation

Make sure that you have an at home step that includes an AHA or BHA or both.  As dead skin build-up, you are more likely to get uncommon for your skin acne breakouts.  Our favorites are the Reversa Acnex Solution and the Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense Serum .

If you already have one of these at home, you just may need to adjust how frequently you are using it.

#2 Problem:

Feeling like products are not “working like they used to”

When you started your current daily routine, you saw results! Your skin felt fabulous and you loved it! Recently though, you have lost some of that amazing feeling and you want to get it back.


Fix: Book a follow-up consultation

Your skin is constantly changing. It is always in flux.  Weather, hormones, stress, travel, time and many other factors can trigger a noticeable change in what your skin’s needs are. Coming in for a re-assessment allows us to analyze that change and tweak your current routine to bring back that amazing feeling.  Most follow-up consultations that require change, only change a product or two at most! Getting back on track more often easier than you think!

#1 Problem:

Dullness, or tired looking complexions

This is the number one complaint we address through almost any season change, but it is particularly bad as spring starts! All the problems (1-4) that we talk about above ultimately cumulate in creating a skin that looks dull and tired, as well as feels rough and lacks smoothness.

Fix: Dermaplaning + Vitamin C Enzyme Peel

In our years of doing treatments, this one continues to be a client favorite.  It is a favorite because it WORKS. It instantly creates skin that is brighter, fresher, smoother than you can even imagine and looks like it belongs in bright, fresh spring weather.  The results get even better over the course of the week following the treatment.  If you want skin that is healthier and looks so much better – don’t wait – book now.  It is a consistent client favorite for a reason. 

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Real Life SkinScience Story – Heidi


Heidi 36 years old, professional, mom of two

Didn’t Like: 

Frown lines that made her look tired and angry, breakouts on chin.

Her Story: 

Heidi came to SkinScience, tired of colleagues at work asking her if she was tired all the time.  She was frustrated by the consistent breakouts she had on her chin.  She had been through so many products and nothing helped wither issue.

What SkinScience did for her: 

Set her up with a 4 step skin care routine, and a few chemical peels.  Lastly she started Botox treatments for her frown lines.


“My acne cleared up by the 2nd or 3rd chemical peel.  My skin looks brighter and fresher.  The funny part was my younger sister made fun of me for getting botox, until we ran into some of my parents friends and they thought she was the older sister! Now she’s asked me where I go, because she wants it too! Bonus, no one as work has asked if I’m tired or if something is wrong for months!”

Her Investment: 

Consultation $95                   Skin Care $330  

 Chemical Peels $135(ea)                    Botox $506

Shedding Your Winter Layers

If you are from Calgary, this time of year is when you are pretty sure Mother Nature has had one to many glasses of wine and can’t keep her seasons straight. One day it looks like Spring is just moments away, the next you are shoveling your sidewalk AGAIN. Winter wreaks havoc on your skin, the dry cold air combined with central heating turn you into a dull, wrinkly person that does not resemble whom you usually see in the mirror.  This time of year is particularly hard with all the back and forth, your skin just does not know where to settle.   Dullness, dryness, breakouts, looking ‘blah’, are all very common complaints. Our go to solution for your skins seasonal woes?  A dermaplaning and peel combination treatment.


Let us talk you through it:


Step One: We Dermaplane.

A dermaplaning treatment uses a specialized blade to literally ‘plane’ of dead layers of skin.  The brilliant part of this treatment is that it only takes off the dead skin buildup – it leaves alive skin completely intact.  After skin is cleansed and prepped, your clinician will use a single use, sterile blade to gently plane off dead cells.  With it, will also come off your fine vellus facial hairs.  If you need extractions done, those can be done at the same time if you like.


Dermaplaning instantly brightens and freshens skin.  The simple step of removing layers of dead cells has the immediate effect of “glowing”.  It’s awesome for even the most sensitive skin types and can be combined with other treatments.  Which brings us to;


Step Two: We Boost

Our favorite boost to dermaplaning is chemical peel, carfully selected for your skins needs.  With superficial cells removed we have the chance to give your skin a boost, with an ingredient that can really get in there and do some long term good.  Using peels that contain ingredients like Vitamin C (anti-oxidant, brightening), Lactic Acid (deep hydration, cleans out pores) or our custom blended Radiance Peel (melasma, sun damage or mild acne) we are able to create results that are noticed right away and continue for a while.  Many of these ingredients can stimulate real change in your skin and with dead cells out of the way (thanks to the dermaplaning) there is nothing keeping these amazing active ingredients from getting in there and doing their job!


Three things you should know

First: SkinScience staff have over 45 years of combined experience performing treatments. Every one of our hands-on staff has been performing advanced treatments for over a decade each. You wouldn’t know it to look at us (thank you Botox!), but we have performed more dermaplaning treatments than we can count.

Second: Chemical peels, are not chemical because they contain harmful synthetic ingredients, most are actually derived from natural sources (i.e. Salicylic acid is derived from wintergreen). Chemical peels are called so, because of the reaction that occurs when they are applied to your skin, this reaction is what allows the active ingredients to penetrate and do good things for your skin.

Third: Dermaplaning and peel treatments are our most requested treatment. They are affordable, comfortable, have little down time and give great results.


We would love to help you shed your winter layers! Call to book your Dermaplaning and Peel treatment, we can’t wait to help renew your skin for Spring!