Eyes, the windows to the soul.  Also, the first place to give away that you slept poorly last night, or that you’ve been stressed or sick.  The eye area is so expressive, it shows when you are happy, when you are tearful, or frightened or angry.  All of this means that it often doesn’t hold up as well as you wish it did.  As always, we love to find solutions, solutions with scientific data to back them up.  Here are some of our staff favorite Eye Creams.



Who: Leanne

What: Dermaquest 3D Stem Cell Eye Lift

“I love the light and creamy texture, and the way my eyes feel a little more firm after application.  I find it also seems to lighten the darkness under my eyes”

Why: This product contains plant stem cells that brighten skin while strengthening collagen.  The multi-peptide complex tightens and firms skin while the anti-oxidants repair previous damage and prevent further cell degredation.


Who: Misean

What: Neocutis Lumière Eye Cream

“I LOVE the Neocutis eye cream.  I like the texture, it absorbs well and leaves my skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. I can wear it under makeup and it’s the only eye cream I’ve used where I can see a noticeable difference in fine lines”

Why: Neocutis has the purest form of PSP on the market, they also have the most in-depth clinic data to support their product (compared to other growth factor containing brands), and we’ve seen it work.  PSP (Processed Skincell Proteins) contain growth factors. When growth factors are applied to skin, the cells there are able to multiply.  More cells result in thicker skin, which means fewer wrinkles, more collagen, and more firmness etc.


Who: Mikelle

What: Dermaquest C-Infusion Eye Cream

“The C-Infusion Eye Cream is perfect for me because it hydrates my sensitive skin without causing the white under eye bumps (milia) I sometimes get from heavier products.  It has helped brighten a freckle under my eye that was bugging me for the longest time.”

Why: The C-Infusion Eye Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps train your skin to retain water.  The vitamin c helps prevent free radical damage and brighten skin.


Who: Marie

What: Neocutis Bio-Gel

“This is not technically an eye cream, but I love it around the eye area.  I tend to get milia around my eyes with heavy products, so this serum is awesome for me because it gives all the benefits of the PSP, in a lightweight hydrating base.”

Why: Neocutis studies showing thickening of the skin and an increase in collagen with use of their proprietary PSP (containing growth factors) are awesome.  Thicker skin under the eyes means brighter, tighter, firmer eyes.


Who: Nivian

What: Dermaquest C-Infusion Eye Cream

“It works wonders for those nights I’m not able to get a full night’s sleep.  It helps with the puffiness in the morning and reduces the dullness under my eyes”

Why: Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and skin brightener! The peptide blend improves the luster of skin under the eye which helps dark circles look better.



To find your perfect eye product, give us a call to book your consultation (or follow up consultation!).  We’d love to help perk up your eyes!


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