Front Desk Coverage for Maternity Leave (1 year)


SkinScience is a Calgary based cosmetic skin care and laser rejuvenation clinic. We have been in business for over a decade, and have great clients!


Please read thoroughly before applying.


Our full-time receptionist will be going on Mat Leave starting early 2019, and we are looking for someone to cover her role while she is away

Training for this position will start mid – October with approx. 20 hour per week.  By December 1 you will be working full time at 40 hours per week.


The Role:

  • Attend to clients as they enter the clinic – welcome with smile and positive attitude, offer water and update them on when they will be seen
  • Answer phones and book appointments
  • Respond to email inquiries and online booking requests
  • Assist clients with purchasing products
  • “Ring through” clients as they leave
  • Support staff providing services when possible with turning over rooms and cleaning etc.
  • Clinic operations tasks i.e. laundry, cleaning, re-stocking treatment rooms etc.
  • Receive orders of skincare



  • Proficient with computers, comfortable with multiple software programs, ability to trouble shoot and resolve minor problems
  • Fast learner – retains information and can implement changes quickly
  • Manages time and tasks well
  • Ability to make clients feel heard and validated
  • Able to manage multiple schedules and complex booking system
  • Well-spoken, with a pleasant and welcoming manner.
  • Ability to communicate via email using grammatical correctness, and appropriate email etiquette
  • Able to keep a pulse on clinic activities, comings, goings and the like – informing ownership and management of pertinent information as it comes in.
  • Familiar with inventory management strategies
  • High attention to detail with booking appointments and ringing through retail products



We offer a competitive hourly wage and bonus structure. Other “Perks” include treatments, skin care and more!


To Apply: Email in Resume and Cover Letter with hourly wage expectation. Bonus points for applicants including a paragraph about themselves, sharing who they are and what makes them tick!



Our clinic time is 100% focused on the experiences our clients have while here.  Dropping off resumes detracts from the positive experiences’ our clients have while here.


Last Chance to Win!

This is your last chance to enter to win our last prize of our ‘Summer of Contests’! We have loved our summer! Giving away so many prizes to so many! It has been a real treat for us.


Our last prize is a ‘Stretch Mark Tamer’ treatment cycle and a Neocutis Bio Serum, valued at over $1400.


In order to enter, we have asked you to share with us the thing (or things) about yourself that you love; and we have had some delightful, heartfelt responses. We have loved seeing strong women share with us what their strengths are and what they are proud of! Sharing in this way helps build up those around us, and all of us at SkinScience want to be part of building each other up in a way that increases and celebrates strength!


(To see a small sampling of these responses, check out the post on our Instagram by clicking here)


As August comes to a close, we are looking forward to the changes that Fall will bring, in life, in the weather, in schedules. We also want to give you one last chance to enter into our ‘Summer of Contests’! The final prize draw is on August 31 so you have one more day to enter to win!


Find out how to enter out last contest by clicking here


Find out about this confidence building treatment the ‘Stretchmark Tamer’ by clicking here


As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have, just a phone call away


(403) 287-1477





Shrink Your Stretch Marks! Enter to Win!

Firmer, tighter, smoother, we allwant that.  Each and every one of us has that area that could benefit from a little shrinking action.  We all have stretchmarks, and as much as we know that they are “normal” it would be so nice to not have to worry about them.


Being able to be on the beach in that bathing suit you have ALWAYS wanted to wear, or feeling your absolute most confident the next time you are in your birthday suit – these are reasons we created our amazing “Stretch Mark Tamer” treatment package.


Our final contest in our ‘Summer of Contests’ is a Stretch Mark Tamer treatment cycle and a Neocutis Bio-Serum, and you could win it!  Find out how to enter this prized valued at more than $1400 by clicking here.


If you would like to find out a little more about this amazing package works and how it works, click here.


And lastly; just in case you were looking for reasons to invest in yourself, we have our previously posted blog:


17 Reasons You Should Treat Your Stretchmarks


  1. Because when you invest in yourself, you always win.
  2. So your 5 year old will no longer point at your tummy with wide eyes (in a public place of course) and ask “Mommy, WHAAAATTT happened?”
  3. To feel smoother and sleeker wearing your underwear around your bedroom (or house, depending on how you do things….)
  4. To feel like your outside matches how you feel on the inside.
  5. Because Muffin Tops are awesome in a bakery, but less enjoyable in the bedroom.
  6. So the next time you are at the beach with your stretchmark-less sister (whom you love, but seriously how’d SHE get those genes!), you feel a restored sense of confidence.
  7. Because a nothing is sexier that a confident woman.
  8. You worked your ass off, literally. Losing all that weight, you go! Time to ice the proverbial cake and shrink some stretchmarks.
  9. More collagen is ALWAYS better.
  10. Everyone wants tighter skin. (Seriously, ask a 20-year-old if they want tighter skin, try it.If she says no, we will be shocked)
  11. Feeling like your best self inspires you to do the things that help you be your best self.
  12. Because even though we all say we’ve made peace with never wearing a bikini again, secretly we will admit that it would feel fabulous to wear one again.
  13. So that every morning getting ready, standing in your underwear in the bathroom is a more positive experience.
  14. So you feel more comfortable when asked “if we can keep the lights on” 😉
  15. Loving yourself is a muti-tiered, multi-faceted process and there are many ways to do that – including treating yourself to treatments.
  16. Because you rock, and you deserve it!
  17. Because you want to!




Every day we hear from clients, saying “I wish I had come sooner!” or “I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”.


Why are you waiting? Your best, most confident self is just around the corner! Call today


(403) 287-1477



Our Last Contest Launches Today!

It’s been a great summer!  We have loved having fun with you in our “Summer of Contests”. Our final contest is a BIG ONE!!!


Earlier this year we launched our Stretchmark Tamer package – a treatment package designed to help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks by using scientifically proven radio frequency and micro needling to stimulate collagen. This treatment helps strong women feel stronger and more confidant in so many situations!


This time we are gifting a “Stretch Mark Tamer” treatment cycle!  One lucky winner will win a full stretchmark tamer cycle with two Forma Radio Frequency treatments and a single Fractora treatment! Valued at $1299!


In order to enter to win you need to:


  1. Have stretch marks in a treatable area; specifically, abdomen, hips, love handles, or bum cheeks.
  2. Send us an email at – give us your name, contact info, and tell us one thing you LOVE about yourself.


That’s it!


To learn more about our amazing Stretchmark Tamer package click here.


To book your free consultation and find out what the Stretchmark Tamer package can do for you, call



Win A Fabulous SkinScience Experience for Your BFF!

Contest 3 in our ‘Summer of Contests’ is in full swing and this one has a twist; you don’t win the prize, you win the prize for your BFF!


Each of us has that friend, the one that has saved us, the one that is there no matter what. This is your perfect opportunity to thank that wonderful human being that you rely on and makes your life so much better!


The prize includes:


1 Hour Comprehensive Consultation

This in-depth consultation is the heart of what we do.  In it we spend a full hour listening, analyzing, educating and making customizations specific to your (or in this case your BFF’s) needs.  To read more about our consultations; click here



$250 in Skin Care Products

As part of our consultation, we will make recommendations for skin care products that help you achieve your goals.  We only carry the best brands, from companies that have the highest standards for quality control that use ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. Brands like Dermaquest, Skinceuticals and Neocutis to name a few.


Advanced Dermaplaning

Our Advanced Dermaplaning is a very popular treatment – it removes dead skin buildup quickly and comfortably and in 30 – 45 minutes, creates skin that glows and is smoother and softer than can be imagined! After dermaplaning all those amazing products work better, and more effectively for skin that can start the transformation process, becoming what you really want it to be.



At SkinScience we do our best to listen carefully and thoughtfully to each person that walks through our doors.  We want every person to feel cared about and validated. We take our time to really learn where each person is coming from, what their history is and where they want to be. When your BFF comes in, you can feel confident that she will have a WONDERFUL experience!


Click to enter to win this lovely prize package for your BFF on Instagram

Or click to enter on Facebook


If you just cannot wait for your own consultation, or you’d like to buy a gift certificate you can reach us at


(403) 287-1477