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Marie's Blog

  • A Bright and Glow Experience; Miranda’s Story

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    Miranda first brought in her teenagers. She had three of them, all dealing with various levels of acne. As is the case with most mothers, her initial concern was for her kids.  As we got to talking during her children’s appointments, it came out that she had a few concerns regarding her own skin.  

  • Your Best Skin Tips in Calgary! (or How To Choose Smart Skin Care Products)

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    Women and men visit our clinic everyday for their personalized 1-hour skin consultation, asking the same basic question:   “I want to know what the best products are for MY skin, so I can prevent aging and have the best, healthiest skin I can, for as long as I can.”   SkinScience was founded over

  • Do Treatment Packages Work Better?

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    Last week we had a consultation with an awesome guy.  He was wanting to shrink the large pores on his nose and get rid of the redness in the midsection of his face.  We discussed his treatment options, including some of our treatment packages. He then asked “Do I need a package; can’t I just