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Marie's Blog

  • 42 Reasons You Deserve Laser Hair Removal

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    You are awesome! Because shaving is the absolute pits (bazinga!) You deserve that extra 15 minutes of sleep every morning that not having to shave will give you Because you are sick of sitting in that meeting at work wondering if anyone can see “it” -that embarrassing hair you hate. No one wants to be

  • Shaving Sucks. SkinScience Can Fix it.

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    Shaving is the pits (pun intended, lol). You spend an inordinate amount of time in the shower replicating moves only a contortionist can successfully complete, hoping you don’t pull a muscle, fall or both in hopes of smooth legs and a clean bikini line.  Then 24 hours later – you are back to square one. 

  • Say Hello to Smooth Skin and Maybe Win a Prize!

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    Magnificently Smooth Skin (Sans unwanted hair) Can Be Yours   Ahhhh Laser Hair removal.  The best way to have indulgently smooth legs, all year round.  No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can be luxuriously soft, smooth and ultimately hair free.   Every February we talk about laser hair removal.  The