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Marie's Blog

  • Our Top Three Anti-Oxidant Treatments in Clinic.

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    We love our anti-oxidants and we hope by now you’ve caught our enthusiasm for theses amazing aging busters. We have discussed what anti-oxidants do, how they prevent and treat aging. Now lets talk about how to get a good dose of these free radical fighters.   We try to have every client possible using an

  • Keep the Lemon Juice off Your Face!

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    Pollution is a real threat to your skin.  Free radicals found in pollution terrorize cells, leaving them damaged and not able to function.  We discuss with every patient how vital anti-oxidants are to your skins overall health and to stopping aging in its tracks. Our favourite anti-oxidant is of course Vitamin C.   Regularly clients

  • Ask The Scientist ~ How Does Atmospheric Pollution Impact My Skin?

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    Q: How does atmospheric pollution impact my skin and its health? A: Humans are exposed to air pollution, which has major effects on  skin health. Airborne pollutants exist in multiple forms: solids, liquids, gases and fine particulate matter. These are absorbed directly through the skin into the subcutaneous tissue or through hair follicles and sweat + sebaceous glands.