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Marie's Blog

  • How to Know if You Have Fungal Acne ~ and How to Treat it

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    This is not just another acne blog. Fungal Acne is an ongoing problem that many people struggle with. Fungal Acne – is that even a thing? Well, it is and if you suffer from acne and have tried multiple products, facials and treatments only to have your condition worsen then you may be suffering from

  • Acne 101 ~ What you need to truly understand acne

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    Acne-prone skin, in Calgary and all over the world, is the most common dermatological disorder that people; female, male, young and old will seek professional treatments yearly.  Acne does not discriminate.  Every walk of life, every ethnicity, every socio-economic background is vulnerable to this inflammatory skin condition. This dreaded four letter word has plagued people

  • So You Got a Sunburn…Now What?

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    In light of needing to remain in our communities this summer, I’ve buckled down to update my original “So You Got a Sunburn… Now What?” guide to keep your skin glowing all summer long.