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Marie's Blog

  • 5 Ways to Get Your Christmas Glow (At Home!)

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    Nothing can compare to the fabulously glowing skin results you can get with an in-clinic treatment. There are times though, that life takes over and as much as you desperately want to get in for a treatment, there are too many other priorities. You still want to look your best for your holiday parties and

  • Don’t Leave it to Him to Figure Out! Get What You Want This Christmas.

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      Come January, we see a lot of clients coming in saying “I told my husband that for Christmas I wanted a SkinScience gift card, and he got me ___________________ (fill in blank with less wanted gift) instead!”. In order to help prevent this tragedy, we created an easy, printable, wish list for you to

  • Party Skin! (What Our Expert Staff Recommend)

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    It’s the time of year for holiday parties and seeing family from out of town that you haven’t seen in a year.  Impressing your co-workers with your dazzling holiday glow (sans makeup of course!) is always an ultimate goal. While ensuring your Mother-in-law doesn’t make an underhanded “I know a great night cream to help