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Marie's Blog

  • More Important Than Sunscreen

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    The dog days of summer are upon us.  The heat is high and the sun is strong!  You are armed with your SPF to prevent aging and sunburns, but what is even more important that sunscreen? Planning your outside activities at the right time. In this blog, we are out to show that an ounce

  • SPF Mistakes You Are Making

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    We see it everyday through the summer. Clients coming in with tans that make our icons from the 1980’s jealous. Everyday we also hear “I applied my sunscreen, I don’t know how I’m still tanned!”. Well, there are five mistakes that people make when applying sunscreen or sun block that lead to it being ineffective. 

  • SPF 105, Worth it or Waste of Money?

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    We have all been there, in the drug store, milling about in front of the rack of sunscreen, deciding between the SPF 30 and SPF 3 million.  The SPF 30 is one you’ve always used before, it has a nice texture….. but surely if the 30 is good, the bottle with the higher number MUST