SkinScience Favorites: Treatments for Collagen Loss

We have all had that moment; looking in the mirror and feeling like too much of what you can see has headed south. That feeling like you have lost some of that youthful plumpness.  It’s not fun, however, as always, we have solutions! Solutions that are designed to lift, tighten, firm and restore youthful fullness! Here are our favorites:


Radio Frequency

RF treatments area designed to target and stimulate collagen.  Collagen that lifts the jawline back to where it used to be, collagen that helps put cheeks back up on the cheek bones, collagen that softens lines and wrinkles and keeps you from having an unattractive chin waddle. Clients regularly don’t believe us when we say its delightfully comfortable – until they fall asleep during one of their 8 weekly treatments. (yes, it is that comfy) It can also be performed on the body.  Knees looking a little saggy? We got ya covered. Tummy not as perky as you’d like? We can RF that too!



Injectable filler can replace lost volume in your face.  More and more it is being used to fill hollows created by time that previously could not be treated.  Areas like the temples. Sunken temples were an area that previously were hard to make look better. Sunken temples can make a person look a little skeletal, which means a lack of youthful fullness which translates to looking older than intended.  Also, when filler is put in the upper portion of the cheek, it can lift a cheek bone pad up to its original position, lifting the lower part of the face as well. It’s fast, and results can be seen immediately!  Newly created fillers can bring so much youth to your face when used by a talented injector (like our very own Dr. Amane!). These are not your grandmothers fillers from days gone by that had a hard time blending. These newer, advanced fillers can restore so much youthful fullness to your face and still look soft and natural! (When done properly by a properly trained injector with an aesthetic eye, did I mention our lovely Dr. Amane already?)


IPL Boosted Fractora

You have heard us talk about IPL boosted fractora lots (if not, click here).  It is great for targeting collagen loss, redness, large pores and brown spots all at once.  In creates a peachy smooth complexion that is sure to be envied by many for its tautness and clarity. There is a reason this is a client favorite and one of our all-time favorites.



Combine! Combine! Combine!

The best results are ALWAYS achieved when treatment therapies are combined.  Each treatment targets volume loss and collagen degradation in a unique way.  By combining let’s say a series of RF treatments and a syringe or two of filler, you are able to achieve natural results that last AND treat multiple signs of aging from several different places which means amazing results!


If you are interested in learning which combination of treatments is best for you, call us! We are skilled at designing custom treatment protocols and coaching you through each step of the process!


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Real Life SkinScience Story – Pam

Who: Pam, 17 Year Old Female

Didn’t Like: Ingrown hairs on her legs

Her Story: Pam was really self conscious of the constant ingrown hairs that were almost always covering her Lower legs.  It prevented her from wearing shorts. She avoided swimming on vacation with her family. She avoided any school activity that required a dress, being self conscious of how her legs looked.

What SkinScience did for her: 

SkinScience  started her on a laser hair removal package for her lower leg.  A total of six treatments performed over the course of a year.


“Within a few weeks of the first treatment I could already see the reduction in the ingrown hairs.  Now that Ive had 5 treatments I am soooooo happy.  The hair has reduced so much already! I don’t have to shave everyday and the ingrown hairs are gone.  And I still have one treatment left, so I know its just gonna get better!

Her Investment: 

Consultation FREE Package of 6 Laser Hair Removal Treatments $1345

Banish Forehead Wrinkles with SkinScience’s Favorite Forehead Treatments


Forehead wrinkles, they make you look sad, angry, grumpy and tired.  We don’t know a single person who wants to look any of those things.  Like most of us, you want to feel that what you see in the mirror matches the happiness, joy, liveliness and positivity you feel on the inside.

Having been there ourselves and walked many of our wonderful clients through the process over our many years, we have narrowed it down to our favorites.



Botox (Or as we love to joke: “Vitamin B”)

Nothing beats Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport. Basically, nothing works as well as neuromodulators for frown lines, but that doesn’t sound as fun. Neuromodulators are awesome, and the best choice for frowny foreheads.  The lines on your forehead or between the brows are there because you frown, squint or make some other unhappy sounding expression.  Any treatment that doesn’t target this, is not nearly as effective. Botox (or Xeomin or Dysport) has one of the highest client happiness rates after treatment and is the number one cosmetic procedure in North America. Oh, and did I mention that SkinScience has an amazing physician injector? Yeah, we do.



Fractora is our amazing radio frequency and micro-needling treatment for collagen building.  To read about it and what is does, click here.  The combination of radiofrequency and micro-needling give the most collagen stimulation possible.  The collagen that is produced, helps to smooth the texture of your skin including shrinking fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s definitely our second choice for frown lines.  Best case scenario – for maximum results, you do three Fractora treatments, and finish it off with a bit of Xeomin from our very thorough and very talented physician injector, Dr. Amane.


Stem Cell 3D Complex & Hydrafirm Serum

Sometimes treatments like nuromodulators or Fractora are not an option. If this is the case using a daily product regime that will target some of the multiple reasons that wrinkles are forming, helps refine your skin and reduce wrinkle depth and length. This line is safe for sensitive skin and contains no ingredients that cause irritation or that are known to be problematic during pregnancy. We LOVE this line and the results we see in your skin when you use it. To check out the Serum click here to check out the Complex click here


Retinoic Acid Peel

Another SkinScience favorite, and for good reason.  This peel gives noticeable results in the first treatment. With a series of treatments, results  get better and are longer lasting.  Retinoic Acid does amazing things for your skin.  It is one of the most studied ingredients, and its efficacy has been proven time and again.  It has been shown to refine skin, stimulate collagen, reverse visible sun spots, shrink sebaceous glands and increase cell turnover rate. It is an awesome treatment.


Best Case Scenario

Best results are always seen we combine multiple treatment therapies. When you are able to have more than one type of treatment, we can really knock it out of the park with amazing results. Results that are sure to leave you feeling like what you see in the mirror matches what you feel.


To find out which approach or combination of treatments is best for you, give us a call to book your consult. We love helping people though their de-aging journeys!




SkinScience’s Favourite “Laser” Treatment; IPL

We love our IPL! We weren’t voted Calgary’s best laser clinic for nothing. Here are the reasons that we LOVE IPL!


Who: Nivian


Quote: “I love IPL.  It’s like my own magic eraser treatment. It erases everything I wish wasn’t there!”


Why Nivian Says You Should:  IPL is perfect for anyone wanting smooth even skin.  It targets freckles, sun spots, red veins, red patches, age spots and more! It tightens and smooths the surface of your skin while also making it delightfully even.

Who: Mikelle


Quote: “I love how IPL transformed my skin, without changing how I looked.  I love that it gives consistent results for clients, and I love how happy my clients are after having it”


Why Mikelle Says to Just Do it: IPL also helps stimulate collagen, as well as even out skin tone. Who doesn’t want that?

Who: Marie


Quote: “I love IPL, specifically to the chest. It takes 10 years off your chest and gives almost instant gratification for great results”


Why Marie says to take the plunge: Because adding your chest to your existing IPL is only $249. Why wouldn’t you?

Who: Misean


Quote: “I love IPL because the results are obvious, from the start”


Why Misean says to start today: IPL targets so many concerns that so many of you have.

Who: Leanne


Quote: “IPL is so satisfying, I love how quickly you see results!”


Why Leanne says to stop waiting: Nothing beats IPL! It has the happiest clients


Investment: $395 each – most people require 3 treatments to start, with treatments being performed approximately 3-4 weeks apart.  For best results with IPL check out our Bright and Glow Package here



A Real Life SkinScience Story – Jenni’s Laser Hair Removal

The 11 Best Laser Hair Removal Centres in Calgary

Who: Jenni, 30 year old professional

Didn’t Like: Managing her coarse dark hair on her lower legs, bikini and underarms

Her Story: Jenni felt like shaving was a futile battle.  By the end of they day she felt like she had a “5 O’clock shadow” on her lower legs which felt stubbly and was irritating. 

What SkinScience did for her: Started a series of laser hair removal to her lower legs, bikini line and underarms. 

Results: “The best money I have ever spent. Hands down the best. I had no idea it would be so awesome. Im not sure why it took me so long to do it”

Her Investment: 

Laser Hair Consultation FREE        Lower Leg$299*       Underarms $99*    Bikini $150-$250*      *Per Treatment