What’s Holding You Back from Having Amazing Skin? A few Things You Might be Doing.

In the spirit of it being January and January being a time for new beginnings, we have created this list of a few commonly observed practices that keep people from having truly amazing skin.  If you are feeling like your skin is not where you would love it to be, scan this list and see if maybe there is something that you identify with, that is unknowingly holding you back. (Reader tip: Self-awareness needed!)


The overzealous skin zealot.

You might be an overzealous skin zealot if you have more skin care in your bathroom than we have in the clinic.  This might be you if you use 17 different products, 3 times a day and are always on the lookout for more.


The reason it’s not working for the zealot:

Too many products, too many times a day means your skin lacks consistency.  It is constantly in flux mode, and can’t keep up. It normal to have a product or two that you alternate, or adjustments you make for the season or extreme weather.  However, if you can go a week and not use the same skin care product twice, it’s time to pair back.


The best intentioned (but unrealistic) client.

You might be a best-intentioned client if you currently are low to zero maintenance.  You currently own the same facewash that you purchased from the drugstore in college and use it when you remember. You use whatever hand-cream you have by the sink when your face gets real dry.  You recognize the value of good skin care and have the desire to be someone that has a consistent routine, but have never developed the habit. You might even come in to the clinic wanting a 6-step skin care program and have the best of intentions to use it, but have trouble following through when life happens.


The reason it doesn’t work for the best-intentioned client:

This client is not realistic about what they can commit to in a skin care routine.  If the daily habit is not already there, it won’t suddenly be there because you purchased a 6-step routine. The good news is it’s an easy fix.  We can design a basic routine that is simple and easy, but will still give results. So that you can build the habit!


The a lil’ dab will do you client.

You might be a lil’ dab will do you client if you apply your products just the teeniest, tiniest dab at a time, and often will try to only apply it in the “needed” areas. You will use the same serum, two times a day for a year and not run out. Often the motivation is trying to make products last as long as possible, in order to avoid replenishment.


The reason a lil’ dab will not work:

Skin is a network, the skin on your face is all interconnected, spot treating wrinkles or sagging or dullness means you are not treating a lot of areas that need it.  Think of your skin like a net.  If the entire net needs to be tightened, would you focus your efforts on just a small section and then hope to see it work better?  Nope, you would work on the entire net.  Make sure you apply facial serums and moisturizers evenly over your face, massaging in for a few moments. The same holds true for eye creams, apply enough to cover the entire lower eye contour.


The take a stranger’s advice client.

You might be a take a stranger’s advice client if you have ever started using a product on the advice of your 3rd cousin twice removed, co-worker, bus seat mate, great aunt Sally or an article you read in your doctor’s office waiting room.  You heard that so and so had great results using a product they found at such and such a place and immediately you want to try it.


The reason stranger’s advice doesn’t work:

To be clear, it has nothing to do with the quality of the product, or intentions the person giving it.  It’s simply that the person giving the advice, likely doesn’t have the years of training and experience that SkinScience does, nor have they analyzed your skin to determine what your skin needs.  Even the most perfect product on the wrong skin type can be an absolute disaster.



The I only want what my girlfriend had client.

You might be an I only want what my girlfriend had client if you come in and only want the same treatment that your girlfriend, sister, brother, wife or co-worker had.  You heard them rave about how amazing this treatment was and how it transformed their skin! You totally want the exact same thing and are determined to get it. You are not interested in hearing about other options, because you want the same thing.


The reason I only want what my girlfriend had doesn’t work:

The short answer is, you have different skin.  Not all skin needs the same treatments.  In addition to that, each client has different priorities in what changes they want to see in their skin.  We love when clients come in with an idea of what they want!  The first thing we will do is assess your skin and see if the treatment that you want will help get you to your goals.  Having said that, we won’t perform treatments that are not safe for you, or will not help get you to your goals.




We hope none of these resonate with you, but if they did, hopefully you now feel better equipped to reach your goals of having fabulous, glowing skin!  For further advice on how to have the complexion you have always wanted, call us!  We would love to coach you through to having the radiance you have always wanted!


(403) 287-1477


12 Months of Skin Care: The Year You Start Taking Care of Your Skin

January is a VERY rewarding month for us at SkinScience, for lots of reasons.  But the two reasons that stand out as unique to January are two types of visits we see more  of in January:


1)New Years Resolutioners

New clients coming in because they have made a new year resolution to take care of their skin


2) Returning Resolutioners

Clients coming in for their 12 month follow up from the previous January, following up on their new year resolution from last year.


The New Years’ Resolutioners

Every January, we get a number of new clients who have made it their resolution to take care of their skin.  Many of you don’t know where to begin, others of you have tried before, but had little success so are looking for coaching.  Either way, it exciting for us to be the launching point for your individual resolutions. It’s exciting for us to be front row center as you learn to take care of yourself and invest in you, then see the rewards.


Rewards come in many forms, we see two most frequently.  We see the reward of a client with glowing, healthy skin and we see the reward of the client that has grown emotionally because they have taken the time to invest in themselves.


Our initial consultation is designed to educate you, inform you of how your skin functions and set you up with a routine at home that will give your skin the ingredients that it needs. We try hard to listen to what your individual concerns are, but also listen to the individual that is you. Listen to what your life is like, what is realistic for you.  The plan we create needs to fit your life as well as your skin. Small things can impact your long-term success, things like working night shifts, running after small children, travel etc. We take the time to really listen to all these little things so we can find your recipe for success.


Last Years Resolutioners Return

This one is so exciting for very different reasons!  January is also the month that those of you that started this journey with SkinScience a year ago are returning for your 12-month follow-up.  This is where real, long term changes in your skin, changes that will last, can be seen.


When clients come in during that first consultation, one of the questions often is asked is “How long until I see results?” Most people will start to see results relatively quickly, around 6 weeks.  But at 6 weeks, you are only seeing the beginnings of what is to come.  A full 12 months spent investing in your skin, and in yourself, is when you will see some deep-down changes – especially if you have paired your skin care with some in clinic treatments.


The 1 year follow up is awesome.  We get to see how much your skin has improved.  We get to discuss what worked for you and what was a challenge.  We get to discuss which treatments you liked the best and which ones you felt made the most difference, as well as plan for the future.


If you are seeking one on one skin coaching, give us a call!  We would love to coach you into having healthier, more radiant skin!


(403) 287-1477

Our VIP Program Got Even Better!

We launched our VIP Membership program last year and it was a HUGE success!  We sold out of available memberships in just a few weeks!  Throughout the year, our VIP members enjoyed some seriously awesome perks. Perks like:


  • 30% off a product of your choice (yes, ANY product!) during your Birthday Month
  • Free follow up with additional set of photos (normally a $75 fee)
  • 10% off all (yes ALL!) products purchased at your follow-up
  • Advance notice for promotions
  • Model calls (when we need to demo a new or exciting treatment)


This year we have made it even better!  This year, we have all the same perks as above, but we have also added the following no charge, free, or complimentary perks:


  • A Laser Hair Removal Treatment to small area of your choice! (Upper lip, chin, underarms, knuckles, toes)
  • A Dermaplaning add-on during your birthday month
  • IPL hands add on to any IPL treatment to face, neck or décolletage


And the best perk of 2018?




Yup, that’s right! 10% off every treatment you have on a Wednesday! You can choose from any of the following non-advanced treatments including:

  • Dermaplaning Mini
  • Advanced Dermaplaning
  • Chemical Peel
  • Custom Facial (60 or 75 minutes)
  • Open Procedure
  • Acne Laser
  • 5 Weeks to Clear Skin Packages
  • 5 Weeks to Radiance Packages
  • Forma Radio Frequency treatments for skin tightening and firming



There is no limit to how many Wednesdays you can come in for throughout the year!



How to become a SkinScience VIP Member

Its super easy, come into the clinic and purchase your VIP Membership for $79.  If you can’t get in right away, call! We can help you purchase your membership over the phone!  Whatever you do, don’t wait.  We have a limited number of memberships available and if last year was an indication, they will sell out fast.


What is it Worth?

If you use only the bare minimum of what is offered in the VIP membership, you will save $800! If you maximize your VIP Membership you can save over $1,900!


More importantly, you will have access to opportunities and events that are only available to VIP members. We have A LOT planned for 2018, and being a VIP Member means that you will be the first to know (and try out) whatever fabulousness we launch.




Don’t wait! Call or come in today and get your VIP membership before they are sold out!


(403) – 287-1477















SkinScience’s 2018 New Year Resolutions

The time for resolutions is upon us!  It feels like we were just here, and yet somehow another year has flown by. Not to make us sound old or anything, but holy moly, does time keep flying.


Our team at SkinScience is one that has been carefully assembled, created with members that have similar goals and purpose.  We all believe in consistent, open and honest re-evaluation with the goal of continued improvement. We apply this to what we do in the clinic with our wonderful clients, we apply this in what we do together, we apply this to how we function as a group. In the truest spirit of this goal, we have created our resolutions for 2018. As we all know, goals and resolutions are so much more likely to be achieved if they are shared, so without further ado, our 2018 resolutions:


To make each and every client that comes to SkinScience, feel listened to, important, valued and understood.

This is something we discuss on a regular basis. We regularly review to ensure that we are doing everything we can do to make sure that every person that walks through our doors feels like they have been truly understood. We want to continue to make every client feel that their goals and histories have been heard and understood!


To build each other, and the women in our community up, through positive messages.

Working with strong women is such an empowering thing! We are so fortunate to live that every day with our amazing SkinScience team! We want to do what we can to share that empowerment, throughout our community and with our clients.  We will continue our commitment to positive messaging and trying to build each other up. Strength that is shared grows!


To have fun, to laugh, and never take ourselves too seriously.

No one is perfect, including us (lol, we know, you are not surprised).  Laughing daily keeps our feet firmly on the ground and prevents us from taking ourselves too seriously! Laughing brings joy and joy is what life is about.


To offer only the best and to seek only the best.

We believe that every client deserves the best.  We only offer things that we are willing to put ourselves, our reputations and our years of experience behind. We only offer treatments and products that we use and test ourselves. We commit to continue this through any changes that 2018 may bring. We commit to continue our search for the most up to-date science and technologies in the industry in 2018.


To continue to learn and grow.

We have strived to continue learning and growing in all capacities.  We want to learn and grow as a team, as individuals, as Skin Care Experts, as humans. We will continue our love for learning and growth throughout 2018 (and hopefully beyond), seeking out as many opportunities for learning and growth as possible!


We wish you all a 2018 full of laughter, love, growth, and happiness!


Marie, Mikelle, Misean, Nivian and Leanne



PS: If you would like some guidance in how to nurture your skin in 2018, we would love to help! Give us a call at: