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Growth factors (GFs) are proteins (picture a pearl necklace of amino acids) naturally made by our skin cells that promote our skin’s natural healing response. We’re all born with GFs in our skin but as we age, those GFs deplete. When we apply skin care with GFs to the skin, it helps revitalize skin tissues, leading to thicker, bouncier, firmer, more resilient skin. 



The best skin care products contain different kinds of growth factors (EGFs, FGFs, TGF-b, PDGFs, …) to work on multiple aspects of healthy skin. 


After months of in-depth research to find the BEST source of Growth Factors, SkinScience and Marie have narrowed it down to the BEST SKIN CARE products containing GFs.


NeoCutis BioGel Hydrogel (normal to combinations skin)

NeoCutis BioSerum Intensive Treatment (normal to dry skin)

NeoCutis LUMIERE Eye Cream (dry, puffy, thinning skin around the eye area)


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