The Lymphatic System and Your Skin

The lymphatic system: likely one of the most undervalued and misunderstood systems in the entire human body.

A portion of our immune system, the lymphatic system is a web of organs and tissues that help to rid the body of toxins and waste. The main functions of the lymphatic system are to absorb lipids (fat) from the intestine and to effectively circulate lymph—a fluid containing white blood cells—throughout the body. As an example, our tonsils, spleen, and thymus are all part of the lymphatic system.

“Marie,” I can hear you say, “this is good info, but why should I care?” SkinScience Clinic will tell you why: because your lymphatic system working improperly may be what’s standing between the figure (and skin!) you’ve been working towards.

Why You Want Your Lymphatic System to Be Firing on All Cylinders

We’ve all experienced our lymph working: for example, if you have ever had a sore throat during flu season and felt that your throat was tender, that means that your lymph was swollen due to cleaning up a virus within our body. Our autonomous nervous system regulates our lymph daily without any conscious thought.

Because the lymphatic system helps to protect against infection and disease by both absorbing and metabolizing waste, when it becomes inefficient it becomes the equivalent of a backed-up pipe: waste clogs within the body and, in turn, triggers inflammation. If uncorrected, inflammation will morph into chronic inflammation, which includes:

·        Acne

·        Eczema or psoriasis

·        Weight gain and/or fat around the waist

·        Food allergies

·        Diabetes

·        Arthritis

·        Digestive complications

·        Heart disease

·        Fatigue

·        and High Blood Pressure

We treat many clients every day who are unknowingly dealing with the ramifications of a slow or ineffective lymphatic system: whether it be acne clients, clients who are unhappy with their premature and/or visible signs of aging, or clients who are struggling to eliminate stubborn fat, the impact when your lymphatic system is lagging is enormous.

“How Do I Keep My Lymphatic System Healthy?”

Now that we have all this lymphatic system-oriented info, what do we do? We take action, that’s what!

Our SkinScience Clinic-approved methods for bolstering your lymphatic systems’ function are:

·        Stay hydrated: the best water to drink is, in order, clean water, alkaline water, and distilled water; while distilled water does lack those beneficial electrolytes, staying adequately hydrated throughout the day should be your top priority when looking to get your lymphatic system back on track.

·        Eat a nutritious diet: consuming a diet rich in alkaline foods will ensure that you are provided a full range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

·        Don’t skimp on the fat: incorporating avocado, cheese, fish, chia seeds, and olive oil will give your diet the dose of healthy fats that your body needs to be functioning its best.

·        Exercise daily: including both aerobic and anaerobic physical activity daily will help you control your weight, manage your blood sugar levels, improve your brain function, and improve your sleep—as well as many other things!

·        Manage your stress: stress can be an inflammation trigger, so learning how to mitigate your stress will be beneficial. Our favourite stress-relieving techniques are yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

·        Conduct a lymphatic drainage massage: using gentle pressure on non-inflamed areas of the body, massage areas of your body with relaxed hands in gentle upwards motions. These repeated motions will help your body drain excess fluid that your lymphatic system is having difficulty eliminating completely.

Still Struggling With Your Lymphatic System?

During our initial consultations here at SkinScience Clinic, we ensure that we verify that your lymphatic system is working correctly before performing any Fractora, laser skin resurfacing, or radiofrequency treatments, as your body’s ability to flush excess fluid is essential for optimum results after these treatments.

If you are having difficulty managing the toll a slow or ineffective lymphatic system is having on your body, book your Body Positive Program consultation for when this period of self-isolation is over: this limited-time program assigns one of our experienced skin specialists to you, who will build you a 100% personalized home care and in-clinic treatment plan based on your genetics, lifestyle, diet, and health history. Get in touch today to get your lymphatic system back on track!

SkinScience Clinic’s Guide to Fat Elimination

Just because New Years is long over doesn’t mean our fat-loss resolutions are! We here at SkinScience Clinic don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to tone their body for a more contoured look or lose a little bit of stubborn flab… which is exactly why we have dedicated today’s blog to one thing: fat elimination.

First things first, however: we here at SkinScience Clinic are proud to be one of Calgary’s authorities on science-backed skin care, and, as such, we will only be reporting on fat elimination facts today. Our personal opinion is that we should all love and respect our bodies regardless of their shape or size. Do we encourage a healthy lifestyle with equal measures of exercise, rest, and proper nutrition in order to keep our bodies (and skin!) at their best? Absolutely. However, our end goal is to educate those who are interested in fat elimination—not shame people for the body they’re in.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s move on to today’s topic: SkinScience’s guide to fat elimination.

“Marie, What IS Fat Elimination?”

Fat elimination is classified as the reduction of fat—whether that be the contents of the fat cell (known as triglycerides) or the cell itself. As with many procedures today, current technology has allowed a variety of different options to become available on the market. The most common fat elimination treatments at the time of publication include:

·        Tummy tuck

·        Liposuction

·        Cryolysis (the freezing of fat cells)

·        Sculpture (hands-free radiofrequency)

·        Emsculpt (fat elimination via electromagnetic energy)

·        and Mesotherapy (the injection of pharmaceuticals that help the body to metabolize triglycerides)

What do the majority of these fat elimination treatments have in common? They are expensive, invasive, and, sometimes, downright painful!

Another downside of the majority of fat elimination treatments is that they are suggested as one-size-fits all procedures… which we here at SkinScience Clinic don’t believe in at all! Client care should be 100% customized, personalized, and 360-degrees based off of your current percentage of fat and your aesthetic end goal. That’s exactly why, out of this entire list, we here at our Calgary location only utilize one treatment method: radiofrequency.

Why Radiofrequency Trumps All When it Comes to Fat Elimination

In short? Four reasons: comfort level, affordability, non-invasiveness, and lasting results.

Our trained technicians here at SkinScience Clinic utilize radiofrequency to channel moveable energy that penetrates deeply into the adipose tissue (also commonly referred to as your “fat layer”); this energy creates friction within the fat cells that, in turn, creates heat which purges triglycerides from the fat cells. This triggers a burst of energy that kills the fat cell. What does this mean in layman’s terms? Fat just doesn’t stand a chance when radiofrequency is being optimized!

More specifically, our technicians use Inmode’s BodyFX and MiniFX radiofrequency technology to eliminate fat with zero downtime or discomfort: widely used by medical spas to eliminate fat, contour loose skin, and even smooth cellulite-affected areas of the body, BodyFX targets larger areas of the body while MiniFX specializes in contouring contained areas. Both technologies can be safely and effectively used on the face, abdomen, thighs, arms, and stomach.

The best part? Inmode’s BodyFX and MiniFX technologies deliver results quickly and efficiently—with six treatments for optimal facial results and eight treatments to contour the thighs, abdomen, arms, and/or stomach. The best fat elimination results are seen when a client can come in and have multiple treatments done weekly until completion.

“Marie, That Sounds Amazing! What Else Should I Know About Radiofrequency for Fat Elimination?”

One of the most common questions we receive here at our physical Calgary location is, “Am I candidate for radiofrequency fat elimination?” I always say, “In order to see proper and lasting results, we need to ensure that your body is in proper condition to be able to metabolize and heal from the treatment without delay.”

What does this mean? Primarily, we need to ensure that your body’s lymphatic system (which controls your body’s ability to drain fluid) is functioning properly; this is because, once we have created lipolysis and apoptosis within the fat cells, your body needs to be able to effectively metabolize the byproduct of this.

If you are unsure if your lymphatic system is firing at its best—or if you have reason to believe that it isn’t—follow our SkinScience Clinic-approved lymphatic drainage steps below to assist it in getting back on track:

·        Engage in an active lifestyle in order to promote your body’s natural healing processes

·        Check with your primary doctor to see if your hormones are balanced

·        Keep your body well-hydrated

“Is it painful?” is our next most common question, followed by: “Is it expensive?”

The answer to both of those questions is a resounding no. For safety, fat elimination via Inmode’s BodyFX or MiniFX is a technician-guided treatment that has a built-in thermal monitor for the sole purpose of protecting your skin from overheating; the device is equipped with an audio indicator which signals to both the technician and the client that the tissue has reached its goal temperature in order to achieve results and automatically turns off. In fact, this feature is an Inmode-exclusive that no other fat elimination technology currently implements!

In terms of price, Inmode’s radiofrequency fat elimination technology prides itself on limiting costs for both medical spas and the client; on a per-treatment basis, Inmode’s radiofrequency technology has proven to be considerably less expensive than other comparable fat elimination treatments.

How SkinScience Clinic Optimizes Your Fat Elimination Results

As always, our dedication to educating you on not only understanding how your treatments works but also how to both accelerate your fat elimination and sustain it long-term is what sets us apart from not just other medical spas in Calgary, but around the globe.

Our current Body Positive Program, which we will be resuming once this period of self-isolation is over, assigns you a skin specialist who will educate you on your nutrition, hormone health, lifestyle, diet, and DNA alongside your fat elimination treatments to ensure that you stay looking and feeling your best.

Contact us today for the fat elimination results you’ve been dreaming of!

The Surprising Truth About Inflammation and Your Skin

Curious? We thought so! Here at SkinScience Clinic in downtown Calgary, it’s our aim to both educate and deliver above-and-beyond results. And what’s one of the most common misconceptions we hear from clients here in the clinic? That inflammation is an inherently bad thing.

As a Microbiology and Immunology major of the University of Montreal, SkinScience Clinic’s founder, Marie Bertrand, knows a thing or two about inflammation… and that, despite common belief, inflammation can actually be a good thing.

“Inflammation? A Good Thing?”

While inconvenient, inflammation can actually be beneficial: after all, inflammation is the body’s natural protective response to injury and pathogens (such as bacteria or viruses). Because our bodies are so intelligently wired, they automatically know what to do when there is a disruption of the natural balance within your body; we can also commonly feel when our body may be inflamed, such as after too much alcohol or unhealthy foods.

When an inflammation trigger is registered by our body, our body’s defense systems initiate a flood of molecular action— multitudes of cells rush to the offending area to see what needs to be protected against. Once the trigger is determined, inflammatory mediators—known as “bradykinins” and “histamines”— cause blood vessels to open in order for an increased flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area.

Puffy cheeks post-wisdom teeth removal or a swollen wrist after a fracture are just two examples of our body’s protective responses firing correctly. So when can inflammation turn sour? Well, when our body is incapable or slow at cleaning up the residue of this inflammatory response we enter the drawbacks of inflammation: negative inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation and its Impact On Your Skin (and Overall Well-Being!)

Chronic inflammation—also referred to as long-term inflammation—is classified as inflammation that lasts for a long period of time (months or, in extreme cases, years). Chronic inflammation’s impact is so severe, in fact, that it is ranked by the World Heath Organization as “the greatest threat to human health”.

Telltale signs of chronic inflammation include:

·        High blood pressure

·        Eczema or psoriasis

·        Acne

·        Food allergies

·        Diabetes

·        Heart disease

·        Arthritis

·        Fatigue

·        Digestive problems

·        Unexplained weight gain and/or stubborn visceral fat

These conditions are serious not just due to their potential severity, but also because they can remain undetected in the body for long periods of time before being successfully diagnosed.

“I Think That I Have Chronic Inflammation! How Can I Mitigate It?”

While it may be tempting to sit and despondently ponder how your chronic inflammation came to be (genetics? Environmental factors? Poor nutrition choices? Stress? A sedentary lifestyle? Plain bad luck?) we here at SkinScience Clinic believe in solutions—especially for something such as chronic inflammation, which can be reversed.

We here at SkinScience Clinic advocate for the following in order to reduce and control chronic inflammation:

·        Making nutritious food choices (especially limiting the intake of sugar and refined carbs)

·        Taking a daily probiotic to balance your gut flora

·        Staying hydrated

·        Eliminating or reducing dairy, which, due to the hormones it contains, can cause inflammation

·        Improving your sleep schedule

·        Limiting your alcohol consumption

·        Getting active

·        Managing stress

While these may seem like large lifestyle changes when facing them head-on, educating yourself on your chronic inflammation triggers and slowly making healthy lifestyle adjustments to reduce its effects can eliminate chronic inflammation over time without medical intervention.

Are you struggling with chronic inflammation and its impact on your body and skin? Reach out today to learn how one of our skin specialists can provide you with customized home care and in-clinic treatments to rid you of chronic inflammation for good.