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Microneedling: How SkinScience Clinic Takes it to the Next Level

While we recently briefed Calgary on the ins and outs of microneedling, we had to follow up to explain why exactly we here at SkinScience Clinic are so passionate about the treatment.

Here at SkinScience, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches to skin: we throw our weight behind science-backed solutions, education, and personalization for each and every client that walks through our door… and with eight years of microneedling experience, we pride ourselves, in true SkinScience-style, in elevating the microneedling experience to being the most effective it can be.

A Refresher on Microneedling

Used to treat common skin complaints such as age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration, acne scars, and visible signs of aging, microneedling is a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that dates back to the 1990s. By utilizing thin sterilized needles to puncture the surface layer of your skin to cause minor trauma and, consequently, trigger the “derma”—the deeper layer of skin—to rebuild, microneedling triggers collagen and helps to plump skin while reducing scarring, wrinkles, pigmentation, and rosacea.

Painless, safe for all skin types, and requiring zero downtime, it’s no wonder why microneedling has become one of SkinScience’s most popular treatments here in Calgary.

Why is SkinScience’s Microneedling the Best in Calgary?

We’re glad you asked! Throughout SkinScience’s eight years of microneedling experience (and over 50 years in overall combined skincare experience!), we’ve ensured that our clients here in Calgary receive the most thorough treatments possible.

When experiencing microneedling treatments here at SkinScience, you can expect:

  • A total prep and treatment time of 60 – 75 min for a single treated area, and 75 – 90 min for two treated areas
  • The option of upgrading to Fractora— microneedling combined with radiofrequency in order to more effectively reduce the look of stretch marks, deep acne scars, wrinkles on the face, neck and/or chest, and enlarged pores— for $800 – $999, with a discount for the second area if desired
  •  The use of numbing cream for improved comfort if the DermaPen or Fractora is chosen for administration
  •  The option to boost your microneedling treatment by adding: purified cocktail of regenerative growth factors to your treatment for an additional $100 or 15 – 20 min of LED Red Light Therapy to accelerate skin renewal for an additional $95
  • Aftercare that includes Avene thermal spa water and AnteAGE growth factors
  • Education on the 24 hours post-treatment, which includes recommendations on which activities to avoid and which products to opt for while your skin is healing

Immediate benefits include skin tightening, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, the plumping of skin, an instantaneous glow, and a decrease in visible scars and colouration. While rough texture and redness is common post-treatment, these side-effects should subside within the first 48 hours, and any minor discomfort will fade within seven days (or earlier, depending on the length of the needles used).

Customizing treatments to each client’s skin goals is so important, which is why we take the extra step and offer science-backed add-ons and post-treatment topicals: since microneedling can boost product absorption by up to 1000%, our topicals are carefully chosen in order to help you surpass your skin goals. Both our optional purified growth factors and our post-treatment AnteAGE MD growth factors are specifically engineered to help your skin retain its renewed firmness and elasticity longer.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Winter is the safest month to have microneedling treatments performed on your skin due to the lower risk of sunburn, so don’t wait until Spring to get your glow on! The ideal duration of microneedling sessions is one every 4 – 6 weeks.

Whether you’re already in love with microneedling or still needing to experience the benefits yourself, book your appointment with us today and let us get you the skin of your dreams.

Tame Your Stretch Marks

Growth can leave scars, the physical growth you experience as a teenager growing into your adult self, the growth that is experienced when creating a new life, the emotional growth that happens through hormonal changes and weight gains. Stretch marks are signs that you have grown – in more ways than one.  Stretch marks (like wrinkles) are something to be proud of! They are proof that you can grow, change, evolve and create.


You can love your growth, be proud of the proof, happy with yourself and love the idea of taming you stretch marks all that the same time.  Our new ‘Stretch Mark Tamer’ treatment package is created with you in mind.




Nothing can get rid of a stretch mark. But our newest treatment addition can reduce them, making them less noticeable.


Each treatment cycle consists of three treatments; with one treatment performed each week for three weeks in a row. You receive a Forma Radio Frequency Plus treatment on week one and week two and a Fractora on week three.


You have a treatment cycle per month for 3 months in a row – for a total of 3 treatment cycles.




The Forma Plus Radio Frequency treatment stimulates the production of collagen. It targets your existing collagen, builds and organizes it. Making it stronger and pulling it tighter. The Forma Radio Frequency Plus builds a strong foundation for the Fractora treatment.


The Fractora treatment combines the benefits of micro needling and deep radio frequency.  Allowing for the reduction in the rippling of stretch mark, as well as a decrease in the depth of a stretchmark, which makes stretchmarks less noticeable over time.




Results can start to be seen after your first Fractora and continue building for 12 weeks after the final treatment in your final treatment cycle.




Each treatment cycle is $1299a savings of over $300 vs per treatment cost.

In addition, if you pre-purchase 3 treatment cycles you save an additional 10%!Bringing the total savingsto more than $1200!


BONUS: As a special gift for our launch of this very exciting new treatment!

The first several clients to purchase a treatment cycle or series of cycles, will receive a Neocutis BioSerum! Valued at $235!


This phenomenal serum is the best growth factor product on the market!  Growth factors multiply cells – and that is exactly what we are trying to do to your collagen! Growth factors have been shown to boost results in treatments that are rebuilding components of your skin, and the Neocutis Bio Serum has the highest concentration of growth factors in any product we have found, ever. So we are very excited to be able to offer this gift to our first “Stretch Mark Tamer” clients so they can create even better results with their treatments!


We have limited number available – so don’t delay!



To book your Complimentary“Stretch Mark Tamer” consultation, call now! We would love to start you on your path to increased confidence!









Pore Shrink Treatment – The little treatment with BIG results.

Large pores are a very common complaint.  So many clients come in wanting skin that is smooth and radiant. Large pores can make skin look bumpy, uneven and clogged.  Makeup can puddle around large pores and make them look even larger.  So, what do you do about it?  Before we jump into solutions, lets chat about why you have them in the first place.


How it Happens: The Cycle of  Enlarged Pores


The first is obviously genetics.  Some people just naturally have invisible pores, and some people are prone to having larger pores.  (Pore-less skin ends to be drier and thinner, so although it’s easy to be jealous, pore-less skin has its own set of issues) If you are genetically prone to larger pores, maintaining a good routine and treatment program is important.


The next contributing factor is cellular debris – aka dead skin cell build up. Your pores are lined with skin cells, and these cells have the same life cycle of all skin cells. They divide, they surface and along the way they die.  However, the cells in a pore get slowed down by oil from sebaceous glands and these slow cells build up inside a pore causing it to clog. Once the pores is clogged the exit pathway for other dead cells is essentially blocked, which means that clogged pore gets bigger and bigger – and then starts stretching the pore making it even bigger.


As this stretching continues, the collagen around the pores gets lazy and stops trying to hold the pore closed – which in turn creates more room for more buildup of cellular debris and starting the cycle all over again.


Two-step process to correct large pores


One: exfoliation.  You should be on a good exfoliation product at home that contains either an Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acid -or a mix of both. This will encourage dead cells to lift off and turn over, reducing the amount of cellular debris.  The next part of the exfoliation process is to have one of our custom designed peels in clinic.  We have specifically created a peel that penetrates into a pore to clean out debris build up (get rid of clogged pores) and prepping skin for step two;


Two: A collagen stimulating Retin Treatment to close up a now newly cleaned out pore. Our retinoic acid solution is created to our exacting specifications. It has the ability to reduce the activity of a sebaceous gland and stimulate the collagen that will close up the pores that are now cleaned out from step one.  Our retinoic acid solution cannot be found in any store or with any supplier, as we have it made just for us.



How Many Treatments and Investment


Most people need to do a monthly treatment for 3 or 4 months in a row before they will see results that will last long term.  Most clients begin to see results about 5 days after their ‘Pore Shrink’ treatment with positive results continuing for a few weeks before leveling off.


Each pore shrink treatment is $210


You are in the clinic for 30-45 minutes, and the treatment is very well tolerated, and has little down time (usually a slight flaking a few days later – kind of like when your skin is a bit on the dry side).


If you think you might want to give this treatment a try, give us a call!  We’d love to discuss how it might help you have smooth, amazing skin!


403 -287-1477

What’s Holding You Back from Having Amazing Skin? A few Things You Might be Doing.

In the spirit of it being January and January being a time for new beginnings, we have created this list of a few commonly observed practices that keep people from having truly amazing skin.  If you are feeling like your skin is not where you would love it to be, scan this list and see if maybe there is something that you identify with, that is unknowingly holding you back. (Reader tip: Self-awareness needed!)


The overzealous skin zealot.

You might be an overzealous skin zealot if you have more skin care in your bathroom than we have in the clinic.  This might be you if you use 17 different products, 3 times a day and are always on the lookout for more.


The reason it’s not working for the zealot:

Too many products, too many times a day means your skin lacks consistency.  It is constantly in flux mode, and can’t keep up. It normal to have a product or two that you alternate, or adjustments you make for the season or extreme weather.  However, if you can go a week and not use the same skin care product twice, it’s time to pair back.


The best intentioned (but unrealistic) client.

You might be a best-intentioned client if you currently are low to zero maintenance.  You currently own the same facewash that you purchased from the drugstore in college and use it when you remember. You use whatever hand-cream you have by the sink when your face gets real dry.  You recognize the value of good skin care and have the desire to be someone that has a consistent routine, but have never developed the habit. You might even come in to the clinic wanting a 6-step skin care program and have the best of intentions to use it, but have trouble following through when life happens.


The reason it doesn’t work for the best-intentioned client:

This client is not realistic about what they can commit to in a skin care routine.  If the daily habit is not already there, it won’t suddenly be there because you purchased a 6-step routine. The good news is it’s an easy fix.  We can design a basic routine that is simple and easy, but will still give results. So that you can build the habit!


The a lil’ dab will do you client.

You might be a lil’ dab will do you client if you apply your products just the teeniest, tiniest dab at a time, and often will try to only apply it in the “needed” areas. You will use the same serum, two times a day for a year and not run out. Often the motivation is trying to make products last as long as possible, in order to avoid replenishment.


The reason a lil’ dab will not work:

Skin is a network, the skin on your face is all interconnected, spot treating wrinkles or sagging or dullness means you are not treating a lot of areas that need it.  Think of your skin like a net.  If the entire net needs to be tightened, would you focus your efforts on just a small section and then hope to see it work better?  Nope, you would work on the entire net.  Make sure you apply facial serums and moisturizers evenly over your face, massaging in for a few moments. The same holds true for eye creams, apply enough to cover the entire lower eye contour.


The take a stranger’s advice client.

You might be a take a stranger’s advice client if you have ever started using a product on the advice of your 3rd cousin twice removed, co-worker, bus seat mate, great aunt Sally or an article you read in your doctor’s office waiting room.  You heard that so and so had great results using a product they found at such and such a place and immediately you want to try it.


The reason stranger’s advice doesn’t work:

To be clear, it has nothing to do with the quality of the product, or intentions the person giving it.  It’s simply that the person giving the advice, likely doesn’t have the years of training and experience that SkinScience does, nor have they analyzed your skin to determine what your skin needs.  Even the most perfect product on the wrong skin type can be an absolute disaster.



The I only want what my girlfriend had client.

You might be an I only want what my girlfriend had client if you come in and only want the same treatment that your girlfriend, sister, brother, wife or co-worker had.  You heard them rave about how amazing this treatment was and how it transformed their skin! You totally want the exact same thing and are determined to get it. You are not interested in hearing about other options, because you want the same thing.


The reason I only want what my girlfriend had doesn’t work:

The short answer is, you have different skin.  Not all skin needs the same treatments.  In addition to that, each client has different priorities in what changes they want to see in their skin.  We love when clients come in with an idea of what they want!  The first thing we will do is assess your skin and see if the treatment that you want will help get you to your goals.  Having said that, we won’t perform treatments that are not safe for you, or will not help get you to your goals.




We hope none of these resonate with you, but if they did, hopefully you now feel better equipped to reach your goals of having fabulous, glowing skin!  For further advice on how to have the complexion you have always wanted, call us!  We would love to coach you through to having the radiance you have always wanted!


(403) 287-1477


Post Party Skin Fix

The party last night was a blast! The food was delicious, the music was amazing and the cocktails were delightfully tasty. But now the night is over, it’s the next day and looking back at you in the mirror is a person with skin that looks like it partied last night like it was 1999.  You’ve got work to get to, life to get on with….. how do you fix this? Like always, we have got ya’ covered!  Here is our 5 step post party skin fix – you might be feeling the night before, but there is no need to look like you are!



Step One:  Just Add Water

Mix 1 part Gatorade and 2 parts water, and drink it. Hydration drinks are chock full of sugar and sodium, diluting them gives you water you need, with a hydration boost so you absorb it better, without the extra calories, and puffing up side effects that sometimes happen when you drink hydration drinks straight.


Step two: Retrain to Retain (aka retrain your skin to retain water)

After cleansing your face in the shower (using a gentle microfiber cloth to buff away the leftovers from the night before) once out, while your skin is still damp liberally apply (and we mean liberally, don’t skimp!) a dose of Hydrating B5 Gel. This will help your skin hold onto water, water that was whisked away the night before by the last two (or three) cocktails consumed 😉


Step three: Spritz and Spray Away

Avene Thermal Spring Water. Repeat. Over and over as often as you want.  This product will not only feel amazing on puffy, tired skin, it will help reduce post party redness and inflammation.  The best part? You literally cannot overdo it, so keep up the spritzing all day long.


Step four: Hydrate

Moisturize. Your temptation will be to find your heaviest moisturizer, but stick with a light weight moisturizer like the Dermaquest Essential Moisturizer so that you can re-apply steps 2-4 a few times throughout the day if needed.


Step five: Apply a Bit of Faux Glow

Go easy on the makeup. All you need is touch of highlighter, a sheer warm pink lipstick, and a swipe of water proof mascara. This simple application will brighten your complexion and withstand re-application of your B5 Gel and your Avene Thermal Spring Water throughout the day.  Heavy makeup applications on skin that has not recovered yet will only highlight the lack of luster in your skin and make you look worse.



Once you have survived the first 12 hours post party, your skin is ready to return to its regular daily routine. Returning to your routine will help get your skin back on track.  If you’re still feeling a little dull post-holiday season, give us a call to book a dermaplaning to reset your skin and return yourself to your glowing glory!

(403) 287-1477