Laser Hair Removal: Old Treatment Made Over

The 11 Best Laser Hair Removal Centres in Calgary

When laser hair removal hit the scene, it was a game changer! It was huge! For the first time ever, clients could have the benefits of a hair free life that lasted a lifetime!

Before laser hair removal, being hair-free was a time consuming, painful process that consisted of waxing appointment after waxing appointment, razors, depilatory creams that left rashes and more unpleasantness than can ever be recounted in one blog.

With all the awesome promise that was laser hair removal when it first came out, there were a few draw backs.

The first laser hair removal machines on the market were ground breaking, but they were BEASTS! They were huge in size taking up lots of space in treatment rooms and required dedicated specialty outlets in order to run them. In order to cool these extra-large sized machines, you needed big fans that were soooo loud – so there was no chatting during treatments with your laser hair removal treatment specialist.  Having a treatment done took forever, because these machines took a long time to re-charge for each pulse so to do an area like a lower leg took 3 hours.  On top of that, in order to have effective results there was a significant number of treatments needed (usually 12-14 treatments).

The second wave of laser hair removal machines offered better results, fewer treatments, quieter machines, but were INCREDIBLY painful and were hugely stinky! In order to compensate for in-efficiencies the machines, this generation of laser hair removal machines literally blasted the hair to the point of incineration, which when treating high density hair areas left a lovely cloud of stinky, burnt hair smoke in the room post treatment (blech!)

Now? Laser technology has come a long way. These new machines offer amazing benefits!


Lower legs can be treated in 30 minutes!

Less pain!

With more effective and efficient energy use came the addition of larger “chill plates” which allow the area to be cooled while be treated.

-More efficient laser energy!

Which means hair is treated and eliminated with just the right amount of energy, not blasted to the point of obliteration creating a cloud of smoke. Being more efficient also means that you can have the luxury of chatting with your laser hair removal specialist, imagine!

Laser hair removal has been a favorite treatment since the very beginning. Why? Because shaving and waxing are kind of a bummer.  Laser hair removal has given clients the hair free lives they have always wanted. It still offers the same hair free life that it has always created, it just better now than it’s ever been before!

Don’t wait any longer, call today to book your FREE laser hair removal consultation!

We can’t wait to coach you through the process of getting a hair free life!

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Tried, Tested + True >>>> Growth Factors – The New Skin Care Trend That Really Works!


??? #weareskinnerds

Growth factors (GFs) are proteins (picture a pearl necklace of amino acids) naturally made by our skin cells that promote our skin’s natural healing response. We’re all born with GFs in our skin but as we age, those GFs deplete. When we apply skin care with growth factors to the skin, it helps revitalize skin tissues, leading to thicker, bouncier, firmer, more resilient skin. 



The best skin care products contain different kinds of growth factors (EGFs, FGFs, TGF-b, PDGFs, …) to work on multiple aspects of healthy skin. 


After months of in-depth research to find the BEST source of Growth Factors, SkinScience and Marie have narrowed it down to the BEST SKIN CARE products containing GFs.


NeoCutis BioGel Hydrogel (normal to combinations skin)

NeoCutis BioSerum Intensive Treatment (normal to dry skin)

NeoCutis LUMIERE Eye Cream (dry, puffy, thinning skin around the eye area)


Growth Factors Calgary Skin Clinic

Tried, Tested + True >>>> 42 Top Reasons You Deserve Laser Hair Removal

1. You are awesome!

2. Because shaving is the absolute pits (bazinga!)

3. You deserve that extra 15 minutes of sleep every morning that not having to shave will give you

4. Because you are sick of sitting in that meeting at work wondering if anyone can see “it” -that embarrassing hair you hate.

5. No one wants to be mistaken for a bear at the beach

6. Smooth skin feels amazing

7. No more disposable razors is a good thing for the environment

8. Last minute pool party? No hair no problem

9. Gliding into your bed every single night stubble free

10. Because band aids over razor nicks is only cool when you’re 16

11. Because razor burn hurts!

12. Saving money. No more hair, means no more shaving supplies

13. Never again be embarrassed by a friend pointing out where “you missed a patch”

14. Because shaving cream leaves the WORST soap scum in the shower – ugh!

15. Hot date? No worries, you are already ready!

16. Because ingrown hairs drive you bonkers

17. Feeling your best increases confidence

18. Because explaining away razor burn is just awkward

19. Nothing is sexier than confidence, and not worrying about unwanted hair makes you feel confident

20. Traveling with shaving supplies is a drag

21. Traveling without shaving supplies is bliss!

22. Because Burt Reynolds was cool in 1977 and it is now 2018

23. Being beach ready without the painful pre-vacation wax appointment

24. Trying to inconspicuously scratch itchy shaving re-growth can get you some very judgmental looks.

25. Your tired of feeling like a contortionist in the shower

26. When it’s time to “get busy”, you won’t have to get busy shaving to feel ready.

27. No more scratching your significant other/cuddle buddy to death before you go to sleep at night

28. Bleaching creams give rashes (and they’re reaaaaaally toxic for your skin)

29. Only chickens should be plucked

30. Tweezers pinch

31. Because body hair doesn’t actually keep you warmer in the winter

32. Shaving is such a waste of time

33. Because dressing to accommodate unwanted hair gets very tiring.

34. Because “Hair” the musical was first performed in 1979 and that was decades ago

35. Laser hair removal is the modern solution to old problems

36. SkinScience has the most up to date technology

37. SkinScience uses the most effective wavelength of laser for all laser hair removal treatments

38. You no longer want to compete with your dog for furriest family member in the household

39. Because “modern” razors are still based on a design created in 1875, science has taken us a long way since then, it’s time to use it to your advantage.

40. You have enough to worry about day to day – who wants to worry about unwanted hair anymore?

41. Because SkinScience is an award-winning laser clinic.

42. Because you work hard every day and deserve to have a hair free life!


What are you waiting for! Start your hair free life!

The 11 Best Laser Hair Removal Centres in Calgary

Tried, Tested + True >>>> Proven Beauty – 5 Weeks to Radiance


Radiant skin will always be in style.  Radiant skin, requires less makeup and glows. Leaving the house with radiant skin and very little makeup is incredibly freeing.


Our number one glow creating treatment? Our 5 Weeks to Radiance Treatment Package. In five short weeks we turn dull, drab skin into fabulously luminous skin!


When we started the process of designing this treatment package, we ask ourselves several things; starting with what studies have shown the best results? With multiple studies proving the efficacy of IPL, Vitamin C and Chemical peels – we knew we needed to combine these things to create the most optimum results.



Each week you have 1 appointment for about 45 min in our clinic receiving two treatments PROVEN to even skin tone, stimulate collagen, smooth texture and create radiance. When you combine these two amazing treatments, you create results squared! (Zing!)


Part 1

Each weekly treatment begins with a low-level IPL. Low-Level Intense Pulsed Light has been proven in multiple studies to stimulate superficial collagen, reduce diffuse redness creating a more even skin tone, and target pigmented areas.


Part 2

Immediately following your IPL, we seal the deal with a clinical strength C-Infusion treatment (Vitamin C Peel). This clinical strength C-Infusion treatment eradicates free radicals, brightens skin, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.


These treatments are comfortable, affforable (Total investment for ALL treatments is $675) offer little to no down time (we have many clients that do this on their lunch breaks and return to the office after) and give delightful results!


We know this treatment package sounds too good to be true, but it’s not!  In addition to multiple studies that prove results, we have so many happy clientsthat have done this treatment package in the years since we have been doing it!



If you are sick of feeling drab and dull, don’t wait! Call now to book your consultation, we LOVE to coach people through the process of getting fabulous skin!




Tried, Tested + True >>> Peptides 101 (The Little Molecules That Could)


Peptides – the little molecules that could. 


At SkinScience, we are BIG fans of peptides and we think they are the most important breakthrough in skin care in recent years. Peptides are small chains of amino acids that pack a HUGE punch when it comes to skin health. Depending on their amino acid (?) composition, peptides perform different functions in the skin.

?-? #dipeptide 

?-?-? #tripeptide

?-?-?-? #tetrapeptide

?-?-?-?-? #pentapeptide 

(with 20 different amino acids to choose from, the combinations are almost endless!!) 


1. ANTI-AGING PEPTIDES // Matrixyl, Argireline help boost skin fibers to smooth fine lines and wrinkles 


2. EXFOLIATING PEPTIDES // Move over St.Ives scrub, there’s a new kid in town – dipeptide 3 norleucine boosts cell exfoliation by competing with the proteins that holds cells together. Sneaky but awesome! 


3. BRIGHTENING PEPTIDES // Bye bye hydroquinone, hello oligopeptide-68! This sophisticated peptides inhibits am important enzyme needed for the production of extra brown pigment – TRP-1 and TRP-2. It’s better at lightening than arbutin and vitaminC combined!!!! 


4. FIRMING PEPTIDES // Hexapeptide-11 is a multitasking peptides that never takes a break! (and works on 5 keys aspects of skin tightening) 


5. HYDRATING PEPTIDES // Acetyl hexapeptide-37 boosts the performance of aquaporin 3 (AQP3) which helps water move through the layers of the epidermis to restore hydration and skin flexibility. 


6. ANTIGLYCATION PEPTIDES // Tetrapeptide-23 reduces advanced glycation end products (AGEs) and is an antioxidant that prevent free radical damage. 


7. STRESS REDUCING PEPTIDES // Acetyl tetrapeptide-22 increases Heat Shock Protein HSP70 levels in the skin, which enhances stress tolerance and prevents cell damage. 


Wow, who knew that such small molecules could do so much!

Here are our most recommended peptide-containing products.


DermaQuest Peptide Line Corrector



DermaQuest SkinBrite Serum

DermaQuest 3D HydraFirm Serum



DermaQuest Peptide Eye Firming Serum