17 Reasons You Should Treat Your Stretch Marks

1) Because when you invest in yourself, YOU always win.


2) So your 5 year old will no longer point at your tummy with wide eyes (in a public place of course) and ask “Mommy, WHAAAATTT happened?”


3) To feel smoother and sleeker wearing your underwear around your bedroom (or house, depending on how you do things….)


4) To feel like your outside matches how you feel on the inside.


5) Because Muffin Tops are awesome in a bakery, but less enjoyable in the bedroom.


6) So the next time you are at the beach with your stretchmark less sister (whom you love, but seriously how’d SHE get those genes!), you feel a restored sense of confidence.


7) Because a nothing is sexier that a confident woman.


8) You worked your ass off, literally. Losing all that weight, you go! Time to ice the proverbial cake and shrink some stretchmarks.


9) More collagen is ALWAYS better.


10) Everyone wants tighter skin. (Seriously, ask a 20-year-old if they want tighter skin, try it.If she says no, we will be shocked)


11) Feeling like your best self inspires you to do the things that help you be your best self.


12) Because even though we all say we’ve made peace with never wearing a bikini again, secretly we will admit that it would feel fabulous to wear one again.


13) So that every morning getting ready, standing in your underwear in the bathroom is a more positive experience.


14) So you feel more comfortable when asked “if we can keep the lights on” 😉


15) Loving yourself is a muti-tiered, multi-faceted process and there are many ways to do that – including treating yourself to treatments.


16) Because you rock, and you deserve it!


17) Because you want to!




Every day we hear from clients, saying “I wish I had come sooner!” or “I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”.


Why are you waiting? Your best, most confident self is just around the corner! Call with confidence today


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Not Your Grandma’s Anti-Aging Treatment!

Radio Frequency is technically a “new” technology.  Having said that; it has improved significantly in the 20 years since its first cosmetic application was approved by the FDA.


Radio frequency has been proven to give amazing results. The problem was it was hard to perform the treatment correctly.


The first radio frequency treatment platform (machine) approved by the FDA worked well, but it was PAINFUL.  It was absolutely necessary for clients to hold very still, as movement increased your risk of “arcing” the RF energy and potentially leaving the client with a burn.  In order for clients to be able to hold still, sedatives and pain killers were often necessary. Let us tell ya, it was hard to perform the treatment!  Ultimately what happened was if a client was too squirmy (because it hurt), the technician performing the treatment would turn down the settings, so the client could hold still more easily and be and safer, which reduced the amount of positive result possible.



The next machine was only slightly better.  As least this one didn’t require a grounding pad! It was however VERY heavy, and you had to lubricate the area with oil (which stained everything) and it still got hot hot hot.  Extra caution was needed because it had the potential to create “hot spots” which could again be a problem, with the potential for blisters.  The handpiece was incredibly hard for the technician to maneuver, which meant it was easy to make mistakes, which meant that again settings were turned down to keep clients safe which reduced potential positive results.


Other platforms came and went but had many of the same issues, until recently! We found the RF Forma, which is fabulous!


So what makes our machine so frickin’ fabulous you ask?


Well, let us tell you!  First, its easy for the person performing to maneuver.  Its light and precise!  It has a built-in feedback sensor, which shuts off energy output immediately if your skin reaches a certain (unsafe or uncomfortable) temperature – which means – your treatment technician CAN FOCUS ON YOU! Amazing, I know! Bonus: the treatment is lubricated with ultrasound gel, which is water based so NO STAINS! This also means when you leave you have nice hydrated skin in the treatment areas vs greasy skin in the treatment area. Delightful!  Because of the precision feedback loop, the treatment is beyond comfortable! No hot spots, no burns, many of our clients want to nap while having it done. It is the gold standard of RF treatment.


All of this creates a scenario where results are maximized!


As the gold standard for RF, the RF Forma is Safer + More Efficient + More Accurate = Better Results (which means tighterskin for you!)


What areas can we tighten with this delightful technology?


Right now, our Stretch Mark Tamer package is creating great results for so many of our clients! Tummies, love handles, and bums are all tightening up and getting firmer skin with fewer stretchmarks!  We also love to treat around the eye to help reduce crow’s feet and bags, as well as jawlines to help restore definition.



To find out if Radio Frequency will help promote your tighter skin goals or your youthful looking goals, call us!  We’d love to see you and help coach you through the process.


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Radio Frequency – Tightens More Than Just Your Face

Everyone has at least one area that they wish was tighter and firmer. Some of us have multiple areas we would like to be tighter and firmer. Radio Frequency is awesome, because it tightens and firms pretty much any area of the body. Yes, we are telling the truth, we wouldn’t joke with you about something as awesome as this!



Radio Frequency targets collagen like a drill sergeant on the first day of basic training.  It encourages collagen to get stronger by adding more fibers to each collagen strand. It organizes it by getting it to wind tighter, and lastly, it causes it to contract.


When, stronger more organized collagen contracts, it pulls all the layers it’s connected to together resulting in tighter, firmer skin.


This tighter, firmer skin now has wrinkles that are now shorter, and less deep than before the treatment and stretchmarks that have become hardly noticeable.


Collagen is not a fast responder – it will be a series of treatments, and a few months before you get to see your amazing final results. But Radio Frequency has shown time and again, that it is a great option for those of us wanting tighter, firmer skin.



We love to treat all areas with Radio Frequency.  Over the years, we have had lots of great results with RF in a lot of areas.  But our favorites are:


Lower Face / Jowls– creates contoured jawlines, that are smooth, even and firm


Tummy/Abdomens– Restores tautness, reduces stretchmarks and makes belly buttons front and center instead of drooping to the side.


Eyes– reduces under eye pouching, shortens crowsfeet, lifts sagging brows.


Other areas we like to treat are knees, bum cheeks and necks.


There are different types of radio frequency treatments.  We perform Fractora RF and Forma RF.  Depending on what we are treating, we may recommend doing one over the other or sometimes (like with stretch marks) we do both! Layering both always gives phenomenal results.


If you are interested in reducing stretchmarks or tightening pretty much any part of you, give us call! We are here to coach you through the process of having tighter, firmer EVERYTHING!


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How We Tame Your Stretch Marks – The Science Behind the Treatment

We are called SkinScience for a reason, science supports everything we do.  The roots, or core of every treatment we offer is based in science. Our Stretch Mark Tamer is exactly the same!


Celebrate yourself! Be proud of who you are, what you have done – and enjoy the freeing feeling of improving your stretch marks!


This package is a two- phase collagen stimulating treatment series.


Phase One – Forma RF Plus

Radio Frequency has been a proven method for stimulating the production of collagen for over 20 years. Over that 20 years span the technology has been refined, gotten safer, allowing for the most optimized treatments ever.  SkinScience has the most up to date Radio Frequency available. It is Health Canada and FDA approved for collagen production and skin tightening!


The Forma RF Plus stimulates collagen without damaging the skin. It targets collagen and causes it to begin to pull together and shorten itself which causes it to bring layers of your skin with it. Pulling together damaged areas like stretchmarks, making them look less noticeable. In addition to stimulating collagen and starting the skin tightening processs, the Phase One of Forma RF creates a foundation for Phase Two Fractora.  By strengthening collagen with Phase One we achieve even better results with:


Phase Two – Fractora

Our Fractora treatment combines proven Radio Frequency with proven Micro-needling. By combining these two powerhouse treatments we get amazing results.  The micro-needling allows us to ablate the skin, deliver RF energy deep into the dermis, and not heat up or cause trauma to the superficial layers of the skin like so many fractionated lasers can (Pro-Fractional, Fraxel, Pearl etc.). Ablation of the skin with the micro-needling allows for micro-restructuring of the skin to occur i.e. remodeling skin that was damaged by being stretched.



Here are some things you should know before treatment:


Does it hurt?

No. It really doesn’t! Phase one is actually quite nice, many clients tell us it’s relaxing and is a nice break from their day.  You feel a warm sensation, that slowly builds to feeling quite warm to mildly hot – the technician has control over the intensity and the temperature, so it is never uncomfortably hot.  During phase two we use an amazing topical numbing cream. Clients report almost no sensation, we have yet to have a client tell us that a stretchmark Fractora is painful!


How much downtime is there?

After the Forma RF Plus – there is no downtime.  You will be mildly pink in the area treated for a few hours.  We ask that you refrain from using a sauna, or hot tub for a few days and that is about it.  Many clients do this on their lunch breaks!


After your Fractora, you will need to apply polysporin cream over the area a few times a day, no hot tubs, saunas or swimming pools for 7-10 days – and you should not expose the area to direct sunlight for 10-14 days (well, no part of you should ever get tanned – a tan is your skin getting damaged, but that’s another blog!). You can go through your normal routines day to day like you usually do!



How much does it cost?

Each cycle is $1299, with three cycles recommended. By purchasing cycles (vs. individual treatments) you save quite a bit! If you pre-purchase 3 cycles we will give you an additional 10% off.

BONUS: Purchase  your first cycle now and receive a Neocutis Bio Serum as our gift!  The growth factors in the NeoCutis Bio Serum multiply cells (including collagen cells!), amplifying the results of your treatments even more! (VALUE $235)


Don’t wait! Call today to book your FREE 30-minute Stretch Mark Consultation! Love yourself and shrink your stretchmarks!

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Tame Your Stretch Marks

Growth can leave scars, the physical growth you experience as a teenager growing into your adult self, the growth that is experienced when creating a new life, the emotional growth that happens through hormonal changes and weight gains. Stretch marks are signs that you have grown – in more ways than one.  Stretch marks (like wrinkles) are something to be proud of! They are proof that you can grow, change, evolve and create.


You can love your growth, be proud of the proof, happy with yourself and love the idea of taming you stretch marks all that the same time.  Our new ‘Stretch Mark Tamer’ treatment package is created with you in mind.




Nothing can get rid of a stretch mark. But our newest treatment addition can reduce them, making them less noticeable.


Each treatment cycle consists of three treatments; with one treatment performed each week for three weeks in a row. You receive a Forma Radio Frequency Plus treatment on week one and week two and a Fractora on week three.


You have a treatment cycle per month for 3 months in a row – for a total of 3 treatment cycles.




The Forma Plus Radio Frequency treatment stimulates the production of collagen. It targets your existing collagen, builds and organizes it. Making it stronger and pulling it tighter. The Forma Radio Frequency Plus builds a strong foundation for the Fractora treatment.


The Fractora treatment combines the benefits of micro needling and deep radio frequency.  Allowing for the reduction in the rippling of stretch mark, as well as a decrease in the depth of a stretchmark, which makes stretchmarks less noticeable over time.




Results can start to be seen after your first Fractora and continue building for 12 weeks after the final treatment in your final treatment cycle.




Each treatment cycle is $1299a savings of over $300 vs per treatment cost.

In addition, if you pre-purchase 3 treatment cycles you save an additional 10%!Bringing the total savingsto more than $1200!


BONUS: As a special gift for our launch of this very exciting new treatment!

The first several clients to purchase a treatment cycle or series of cycles, will receive a Neocutis BioSerum! Valued at $235!


This phenomenal serum is the best growth factor product on the market!  Growth factors multiply cells – and that is exactly what we are trying to do to your collagen! Growth factors have been shown to boost results in treatments that are rebuilding components of your skin, and the Neocutis Bio Serum has the highest concentration of growth factors in any product we have found, ever. So we are very excited to be able to offer this gift to our first “Stretch Mark Tamer” clients so they can create even better results with their treatments!


We have limited number available – so don’t delay!



To book your Complimentary“Stretch Mark Tamer” consultation, call now! We would love to start you on your path to increased confidence!