Exfoliate Your Way to Healthier Skin!

Physical or chemical exfoliation? Learn the difference and why exfoliation is so necessary for the health of all skin types.


What Is Skin Exfoliation? Exfoliation is defined as the removal of surface (epidermal) dead skin cells.


Why Is Exfoliation So Important? Exfoliation is considered one of the most important techniques that you can perform on your skin to resolve certain skin problems as well as to achieve healthy and glowing skin. As a skin scientist with over 10+ years of working with clients, I have seen exfoliation transform the skin.


What Skin Care Problems Does Exfoliation Help to Improve?

  • Blemished skin
  • Post-Breakout red / brown marks
  • Clogged pores
  • Brown spots / Sun damage / Melasma
  • Dry skin
  • For those who desire smoother, glowing skin
  • For those who desire smaller pores
  • For those concerned about wrinkles


Which Professional Exfoliating Treatments Are Beneficial? SkinScience Clinic, Calgary’s only scientific skin care clinic, offers dermaplaning (the next generation of microdermabrasion),  clinical peels, and enzyme peels to give your skin a more intensive exfoliation than you can do at home.


With over 18 different peel solutions, SkinScience’s medical skin therapists will help you choose the optimal exfoliation method for your skin concerns.~ Marie Bertrand, CEO + founder, SkinScience Clinic.


Contact our Calgary-based clinic at 403-287-1477 to see which exfoliation method (or combination of methods) is best for you!


>>> Please click on the infographic below for more information on the types and benefits of exfoliation. <<<

SkinScience's Exfoliation Infographic



Natural Beauty is Here to Stay!

Finally, the era of “artificially enhanced looks” is being left behind. There’s a trend away from fake eyelashes, thicker than realistic eyebrows (sorry Cara Delevigne), hair extensions, over-plumped and frozen faces, and extreme anti-aging treatments. People are gaining more and more interest in natural beauty – wanting to look their best while retaining the features that make them unique. Even some imperfections! We’re tired of trying to achieve the unachievable  (read: photoshopped) beauty-model look only to end up with that frozen, expression-less appearance. And we’re fed up with draining our bank accounts to get there.

The new era of looking real and looking like yourself, just better, is here. And Hollywood stars are leading the way. The moment when Marie Claire magazine released unretouched photos of Cindy Crawford’s imperfect body with all its flaws, the aesthetic field changed forever. What Cindy did had such a positive outcome, generating thousands of positive comments from women around the world. It seemed everyone applauded seeing a supermodel in her natural look, without Photoshop. What she did was open the door for millions of women to stop living under the illusion of unrealistic physical  expectations and to celebrate what’s unique about each of us. Looking the best you can at your age is a representation of a strong personality. Standing out, being different from the crowd of frozen faces and over-plump lips by expressing your unique personality is the new true beauty.

Cosmetic surgery is quickly giving way to non-invasive alternatives in helping to restore the natural, youthful look & health of our skin. We’re opting instead for less invasive techniques to tighten the skin and encourage new collagen growth to regenerate what’s been lost over time. We want techniques that work with our body’s natural system for regeneration rather than cutting out or adding unnatural materials under our skin. Radio-frequency, chemical peels, dermaplaning and IPL are great non-invasive options for long lasting and natural-looking results. What’s funny is these techniques are not new. They’ve been used effectively for many years. But thanks to Cindy Crawford, there’s a newfound interest in non-invasive techniques like these that help us achieve our natural beauty without losing our personality, bank account and smile.

Let’s start embracing our own individual beauty,


Real Life Results: Installment One

It’s the little things that make me excited about my workday.  Today, one of my fabulous clients came in for her 4th treatment in her “5 Weeks to Luminous Eyes” package.  She was so excited, because she was starting to see results.  Real results.  Not the kind that mild acquaintances mention through blatant stares, because you look like you’ve had “work” done.  The kind of real results that makes us (and our clients) really excited!

This particular client never leaves her house with out under eye concealer.  We all have that one thing that is a must before we can leave.  For my Grandmother, it was lipstick, for me, its eyebrows (seriously, I look ill if I don’t). For this particular client it was her under eye concealer.   She forgot to put it on…twice!!!

THE ONE THING SHE NEVER LEFT THE HO– — USE WITHOUT, SHE FORGOT.  Let that sink in.  Her level of satisfaction with what she saw looking back at her in the mirror, increased to the point of not feeling the need to fix or cover or hide or camouflage.

I know that this may sound a bit anti-climatic to a few of you.  But it’s actually a big win in the anti-aging game.  For the majority of my clients, I find they are happy with looking their age and happy overall with how they look.  Myself, I want to look like me, I just want to look like me minus the one thing that I have to do to feel ready to leave the house.  Today, my client was able to achieve that!

This has been one of my favourite treatment packages ever in my career, for one simple reason.  It works, and it works well.  My goal at work is to have happy clients.  This treatment has given me that!

It creates eyes that are brighter and tighter; less tired looking, less dark, less puffy.  For those of you that don’t know, this treatment package includes 3 radio frequency treatments, and 2 IPL treatments (under the eye), and two eye care creams.  It’s designed to target all causes of dark circles, bags and wrinkles under the eyes.

It’s one of our bestselling treatments, and for good reason!

Our passion at SkinScience is to give individuals theskincare and treatments that make them feel amazing.  We would love for you to join us in our endeavors!

Yours in the quest for all things beautiful,


P.S. Go Flames Go!


Radio Frequency – The Surgery Free Face “Lift” You Really Should Learn About in Calgary!

The war on aging is real.  We are always looking for new tools to fight those dreaded wrinkles, less than sexy brown spots, and the effects of gravity.  Don’t even get me started on the effects of gravity **sigh**. It really is amazing how things that you didn’t even know could sag or fall start to sag or fall.  Jawlines suddenly develop scalloped edges, folds appear around the sides of the mouth, necklines fall lower and lower and post baby tummies look sad and puckered.

The quest for tighter and firmer skin is probably one of the most challenging.  Treatments for brown spots and fine lines can be relatively simple.  But that deeper collagen, the stuff that keeps everything together, that’s harder to reach.  As that deeper collagen ages, things literally start to fall apart and get lower.

There is always surgery… which for many people is the answer.  However, there are lots of us that it’s really not an option for.  I have no desire to spend the ten to twenty five thousand dollars required for a facelift or tummy tuck.  I also detest the idea of looking like I’ve had “work” done.  God love Joan Rivers, I respect her decisions, but her path is not mine.  Surgery does not fit my life, I have children and a life, and so down time to recover from major surgery is not an option.  If I’m honest, I’m not willing to assume the risks of major surgery as well; they are real and kind of scary.

Having said all of that, I still really want to maintain my appearance.  I want to avoid the wrinkles I see in my beloved Mothers face.  I’m happy to look my age; I just want to look really good for my age.

Enter RF!  This treatment really doesn’t get enough attention.  It is an amazing tool in the anti-aging arsenal.  The concept is quite simple.  RF passes through the skin and targets the deeper collagen.  Remember that stuff I mentioned was harder to reach?  The collagen that contributes to all of that sagging and falling? Yeah, that.  RF reaches that.  It stimulates the production of new collagen.  YES NEW COLLAGEN!!!! (I am not making this up!)

This treatment truly is amazing.  Obviously, it won’t give surgical results.  But we at SkinScience have found that so many people don’t want to look like they’ve had surgical results.  They want to look naturally “Uh-Mazing!”

We have literally fallen in love with this treatment.  Our clients have been thrilled with the results.  We have been thrilled with the results!  We love having happy clients!

This treatment is; safe, comfortable, affordable, long lasting and it works!

Take a few minutes to read the info graphic below (click the link).  It is designed to help you educate yourself about this truly amazing treatment.  You might not need RF today, but we are all on the downward escalator that is aging, and eventually, we all will need a little lift!

Yours in youthful endeavours,


RF infographic (2)