All New at SkinScience ~ Mini Treatments! (You’re going to LOVE this!)

We are beyond excited about this.  Really, it’s been hard to keep in under wraps!  We are FINALLY announcing our new MINI TREATMENT MENU!!!!

Our team at SkinScience works hard.  One of the things that is important to us is listening to our clients.  This includes listening to you about your skin and how it has changed and is responding to treatment, but also listening to what would make your life easier.

A common expression that we’ve heard from you is “I’m so busy”!  Every client we have has expressed this to as at least once.  We know that having healthy glowing skin is important to you, but that “real life” gets in the way.  You are juggling work, kids (the two legged or four legged kind) friends, family, workouts, house, social life, the list could go on for a really long time.  How do you fit in your skin care treatments??

Well, we’ve just made it a whole lot easier.  Our Mini Treatment Menu is fabulous for your face and for your pocket book!  It consists of 3 types of Mini Treatments, which promise to give results, in a more efficient treatment time.


Mini treatments can be done on your lunch break, so you don’t have to leave work.  They have no downtime, you can return to work, soccer practice, or whatever it is you are doing!

To find out what Mini Treatment is best for you, give us a call!




Not All Wrinkles are Created Equal (and why this is important to YOU)

A couple of years ago, after years of doing personalized skin care plans and helping thousands of patients along the way,  I started to see an interesting trend emerging: in approximately 5% of patients, our best selling anti-aging product at the time (a blend of 0.3 % retinol and anti-aging peptides) did not yield the expected anti-aging results for fine lines, wrinkles and firmness. I began asking myself why this could be the case.


As I tracked results with a computer-based system (VISIA), I knew that the photography analysis software and lighting environment weren’t the cause of the issue. That type of skin analysis enabled consistency of lighting and reproducibility via the advanced software analysis. Since I was tracking 6 months and 12 months after the initial consultation, I had thousands of analyses under my belt that proved that these products consistently worked for 95% of people. What could be failing with the 5%?


I began to wonder if they were using enough product in terms of quantity. But when I looked at their purchases in the clinic’s database, it looked like they were consistently replenishing their products. Realistically, after purchasing and using 2 bottles of my best selling anti-aging product and using it as directed, we SHOULD be expecting certain results, and we obviously weren’t when it came to that small percentage of the population.


If my bestseller didn’t work for a patient, I started recommending products that contained OTHER anti-aging ingredients than retinol and those specific peptides. Maybe if I switched to other known anti-aging molecules, like glycolic acid, vitamin C, Matrixyl 3000, I would get better results. So we’d switched products and meet again in 6 months. At the 6 month-mark, we would take another set of pictures and still nothing had changed. I began to curse my computer-based analysis for keeping me accountable for results. I knew accountability was the differentiating factor between us and the rest of the clinics. There had to be an explanation to this. After a while, I started thinking that maybe not all wrinkles were created equal…


I was feeling like I was coming to the end of my knowledge (and at the end of my product offer). As a last resort approach, I told my patient “Ok, lets switch you to a completely different anti-aging approach: let’s use topical antioxidants”. A product I was carrying at the time had a blend of aloe vera, grape seed extract, green tea, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and other “non-traditional” antioxidants. It didn’t contain any of the “known and published” anti-aging molecules. 6 months later, the results were astonishing! Antioxidants alone had reversed fine lines and wrinkles and finally improved firmness in the 5% of patients who had “failed” with “traditional” anti-aging products. I thought to myself that I might be on to something. It was obvious that not all wrinkles came from the same causes. How interesting. Not published, but very interesting.


Are you interested in taking the guesswork out of anti-aging, with solutions that are adapted to YOU, and no one else, to maximize results? In these tough economic times, we should stop spending money on products that don’t work, but how do we know if they will work for us or not?  At SkinScience, we have the tools to determine which are YOUR specific causes of aging – so come and visit us for a consultation, and let’s figure out what the OPTIMAL routine, products and procedures are for you.

This is probably the BEST $95 you could invest in your skin.

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Looking forward to seeing you soon!



Vitamin C, the anti-oxidant you shouldn’t live without.

We all know that Vitamin C is something we need. We remember from our history classes in University that it prevents scurvy, and we have all watched enough TV and read enough online articles to know it’s an anti-oxidant free radical fighter. However, do you really know why you should be using it?

Lets start with what a free radical is. A free radical can be created by exposure to lots of different things. Things like UV (sun) rays, cigarette smoke, pollution etc. The simplest explanation is a free radical is a very unstable molecule that is missing an electron, and tries to steal what it needs from other molecules. This stealing process, often times creates another free radical. This process often becomes a chain reaction that can be cyclical and hard to break. If there are lots of free radicals in and around cells, we know that a cells ability to function is affected. In relation to aging, this leads to more wrinkles, more age spots and lots more of just plain old looking old.

Anti-oxidant molecules have the ability to interact safely with free radicals (remember; free radicals are very unstable and interacting with them usually turns other molecules into free radicals as well). Anti-oxidants (like Vitamin C) stop the chain reaction of free radicals that create more free radicals. This allows the bodies natural scavengers to eliminate the remaining free radicals before more damage is done. In many cases anti-oxidants like Vitamin C will allow the bodies healing process to take over and correct some of the damage that has been done.

Vitamin C is one of our favorite Anti-Oxidants. (Yay!) Vitamin C is a naturally occurring AHA, because of this is brings a glow to the skin. It is very gentle. It has been proven to stimulate collagen, stimulate the recovery process after UV sun exposure and damage as well as stop further free radical damage in it’s tracks.

So now you are wondering why you need to use it topically? Your body is full of processes that created free radicals. Some of these processes are natural body survival functions, others are things we so wisely decide to do to ourselves (that last fast food meal comes to mind, or the times I forget to apply sunscreen, or really the entirety of my 20’s, lol) no matter how they get there, the point is that there are lots of places your body needs Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants to fight free radicals. The only way to ensure that your skin gets the Vitamin C that it needs is to apply it directly on the skin.

Topical Vitamin C comes in many skin care products. Some are better than others as they are more stable, ensuring that the product is more active when it is applied to your skin. Come in and find out which of the eleven Vitamin C based skin care products we carry is right for you!




Treat multiple signs of aging at once!

Aging shows itself in a lot of different ways. We tend to complain the most loudly about wrinkles. But really wrinkles are just one part of looking older. There are several “ignored” signs of aging. These signs often add much more to your perceived age than you realize. Many make you look tired and old, the worst combination! Here are some of the other signs of aging:

Uneven skin tone: We hear about “age spots”, but before these rear their yucky heads, you start with uneven skin tone. This is skin that has areas that are shades of light brown and/or mottled with unwanted pinks and reds. This is often described as blotchy skin.

Large pores: As your collagen first starts to get lazy, one of the first things you will notice is your pores starting to get larger. Not only that, but the surface area that the large pores cover, is growing, resulting in an orange peel texture to the face.

Dull skin: As you get out of your 20’s and into your 30’s and 40’s, your skin takes longer to slough off dead skin layers. This results in dead skin build up that has a “dulling” effect. Often people will complain that skin looks blah, or lackluster or tired. This is dull skin!

Fine lines: You can see them before anyone else can, you know they aren’t “that bad” but they are still frustrating because you know that they will turn into something more.

The good news is that at SkinScience we work hard to be multi-taskers. We know that life takes precedence, and we design our treatments to work with what real people need and what fits with your life!

Our “5 Weeks to Radiance” is a treatment package that is unsurpassable in results and value. It treats ALL of the above signs of aging in 5 short weeks for an unbelievable price! It is our best selling treatment package for a reason; people see results!

It’s a popular treatment option prior to weddings, for Brides, Grooms and parents of the couple alike. It’s the perfect treatment before that big reunion or event. It’s ideal for anyone that wants to look exactly like himself or herself just so much better.

Purchase this popular treatment package in the month of September and included at no additional charge is a High Energy treatment (value $250)! This High Energy treatment can be used to treat spots on the back of the hands or chest or face!




“How do I get the tone/color on my face, neck and chest to match up?”

Q: How do I get the tone/color on my face, neck and chest to match up? ~ Diane P., Calgary, AB


A: Thank you for your question Diane, we are glad you brought this up!

You are absolutely right ~ it looks odd when these three areas don’t match. We know that in healthy, “sun damage-free” skin, they do look the same, more even in terms of color and texture too.

The problem usually lies in the different amount of cumulative sun exposure (and sunburns) each area has had over the years.    Just look at that small protected area on the neck just under the chin (that rarely sees direct sunlight), if you have doubts about this.   Skin tends to develop slightly more yellow, reddish or brown tones with age, even in sun protected areas.  It all depends on your base skin type and phototype.

Here’s what to do:

> Think of these three areas as a unit and plan to treat them all to try to restore your natural skin color to all three areas (hint – look at the skin on your breasts or under your upper arms);


> Your may need different approaches to each area.  For example, the neck just a little non surgical tightening (such as RF/Radio Frequency treatments), the chest IPL if lots of red and brown, and the face  IPL or pulsed dye laser. Peels and Dermaplaning will also help accelerate the results.

For more info on RADIO-FREQUENCY

For more info on IPL PHOTOFACIALS

For more info on CHEMICAL PEELS

For more info on DERMAPLANING



> This can clearly take some time and money, so create a 2-3 years plan if needed and just take it slowly – you’ll get there! (think about how many years it took for your skin to become that way. Turning it around will require more than a month or two!)



> The more sun damage and the older you are, the LESS you can rely on skincare products and peels to help, and the more you will usually need to consider lasers, IPL and radio-frequency to make a real difference;


> Use science-based skin care products on your neck and chest and you MUST cover up or use sunscreen with a a high zinc product, every single day.


Ready to take your skin to the next level? Contact us today at 403-287-1477 and we will get you started on the best skin care plan for YOUR skin!

Cheerfully yours,

Marie & the SkinScience team