Seasonal Skin Care; Why it’s Important

Any person dedicated to good skin care has heard, that you need to pop in for a freshen up “as the seasons change”. But what does this really mean?


Our skin can be very effected by seasonal changes in our environment and weather.  Temperature changes and variations in humidity can change how skin functions on a base level and change how our skin care products interact with our skin.  When our skin is not functioning optimally, it loses its ability to balance water and lipids, it slows down its cell turnover rate and the result is dull looking skin, an increase of clogged pores and an increase in signs of aging and inflammation.


So what do we do about it? At SkinScience, we offer follow up consultations all year round.  This service is perfect if you are feeling the effects of the changing season but are unsure what to do about it.  This allows us to discuss with you first-hand what changes you are seeing.  We review what you are doing, and using at home as well as do a physical examination of your skin.  This service is only available for clients who have previously gone through the full length Comprehensive Cosmetic Consultation. Commonly at the time of your follow up, we review which hydrators are being used, how frequently exfoliating products are being used, treatment masques being done at home and if we need to change directions or make adjustments to in clinic treatments.


Alternatively, if you like to condense appointments, a seasonal change is a great time to book a Dermaplaning Facial.  This treatment is $150.  It gently removes dead skin build up and usually gives us enough time to make a few adjustments to at home skin care routines.  You will leave feeling bright, fresh, smooth and ready to take on a new season!


Lastly, a gentle reminder that this is a perfect opportunity to review sun protection as well! With all the gardening, days at the lake, festivals and other fun summer activities on the horizon don’t get caught off guard with a product that you don’t like (read don’t like = won’t use!). Take the time to come in now and find the SPF you love, so you won’t regret your lovely summer days come fall! We have lots of amazing sun protection products, so finding one you like is a breeze.


We are excited that summer is finally here!  We hope to see you soon so that we can help keep you fresh and glowing all summer long!

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We LOVE IPL Treatments 5 Reasons You Should Too!

Two separate times today at the clinic, the question was presented “Do you think I need this?”, from a client holding an IPL brochure.  The response is always the same….


“Most of us could use and IPL.” I know I do. Because IPL treats some of the most common signs of aging, there are a lot of us that could benefit from having it done.


Of course, before we embark on any treatment with a client, we will always review their specific concerns or areas where they are hoping to see positive changes. But IPL does so many fabulous things, I thought we could share out top favourites with you!


IPL works.


This technology first hit the dermatology scene in Europe in the 90’s, when two German doctors utilized it for the treatment of a specific type of red birthmark. (In this case, resistant portwine stains.) Since that initial introduction, the technology has not majorly changed. Refinements have been made to make treatments more effective and to increase safety primarily for the patient. It is a rock solid, science backed treatment.  The data and studies done over the last 20 plus years, shows time and again that the treatment works, and it works well. (When performed by an experienced, thoroughly trained professional of course).


Clients are excited to return for touch ups.


Hear me out here. When clients return to repeat a treatment a down the road, and are looking forward to it, and in many instances excited, we know the treatment is good.  What we see over and over again, is that clients are excited to return for touch up treatments because the results that they get are worth what they have invested financially, emotionally and with their time.


Happy Clients = Happy SkinScience


IPL creates clients that are happy with their results, and happy with their skin. When this happens, we are happy.  IPL literally makes our day to day better!


It does so much, in one simple treatment*


All at once, IPL can target sun spots/brown spots, eliminate unwanted redness (commonly called broken capillaries) AND stimulate superficial collagen. Seriously, this is a fabulous list.

*For clarifications sake, more than one treatment will be needed, most people will require 3-6, with the most clients at SkinScience doing 3 treatments initially over 10-12 weeks. Touch up schedules vary from person to person.


Fast Results


IPL gives us the ability offer clients fast results. Before a client leaves we can often show them the positive “end points to treatment” that will turn into their fabulous results in a few days.  In many cases, clients can see shrinking in the broken capillaries before they leave.  5-7 days after each treatment, clients are able to see the beginnings of the positive results when brown spots fade away.


We LOVE our IPL treatments, and we LOVE to provide these awesome treatments for our clients and we LOVE how happy our clients are after.


If you are interested in learning more about this great treatment and if it’s right for you, give us a call! 403-287-1477

A Bright and Glow Experience; Miranda’s Story

Miranda first brought in her teenagers. She had three of them, all dealing with various levels of acne. As is the case with most mothers, her initial concern was for her kids.  As we got to talking during her children’s appointments, it came out that she had a few concerns regarding her own skin.


At the time she was just forty. She was feeling dull and tired looking, she didn’t like seeing the beginnings of wrinkles around her eyes and the sun spots were more noticeable than she liked.  We discussed her options, we discussed how alternating peels and manual exfoliating treatments increased the benefit of the IPL and she hesitantly took the plunge into her first treatment package. Forever a mother, Miranda was happy to spend money helping her children, but was hesitant to spend on herself.


Half way through her package, she started to see some real results and the excitement began! Each time she was in, that feeling built! At the end of her package she was thrilled! Her skin was smoother, more radiant, her complexion was so even and the fine lines around her eyes were smaller.  She shared how glad she was that she had invested in herself! She shared that since finishing her treatments, she had enjoyed her morning getting ready routine more.  Getting ready for the day was now a positive experience that left her feeling ready for the day. Her excitement was contagious!


She immediately asked if she could do another package!  As happy as we were that she wanted to do another treatment package right away, her skin was in such good shape, that she really didn’t need to.


She did return a year later with the express desire and purpose to sign up for another package and we happily obliged! It became her yearly maintenance to maintain fresh, glowing skin.  We saw her for several years until her husband was transferred to another city for work.


Miranda’s story is one we see so often, being consumed by the care of the important people in our lives and letting ourselves slip by the wayside.  Taking a few moments now and again for self care and investing in ourselves is too frequently set aside.


It’s time for you!  Call today and let us help you invest in yourself!



Your Best Skin Tips in Calgary! (or How To Choose Smart Skin Care Products)

Women and men visit our clinic everyday for their personalized 1-hour skin consultation, asking the same basic question:


“I want to know what the best products are for MY skin, so I can prevent aging and have the best, healthiest skin I can, for as long as I can.”


SkinScience was founded over 10 years ago, in order to educate people on healthy skin and how to choose the best products according to their skin concerns, budget and lifestyle. While we’ve rarely designed the same routine twice for our patients (believe it or not!), we always make sure that the regimens include science-based ingredients that have been well researched, and follow the GRASS regimen.
GRASS is an acronym that can help identify the skin ingredients you need for optimal skin health. It stands for Growth Factors, Retinoids, Antioxidants, Specialized Products and Sunscreen. Let’s analyze them and see why they are so important for a balanced topical approach to skin health.


Growth factors are found naturally in the skin, and are responsible for overall cell health. Depending on the blend of growth factors found in a product, they can help thicken the epidermis (EGF – epidermal growth factors) and produce more fibroblasts (FGF – fibroblast growth factors) that will in turn thicken the dermis by signalling the cells to produce collagen, elastin and other structural proteins composing the dermis.

By thickening the skin with growth factors, we see an overall rejuvenation of the skin in terms of improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and tightening.
Marie’s Growth Factor Product Recommendation:

NeoCutis BioGel BioRestorative Hydrogel (oil-free serum for all skin types)

NeoCutis LUMIERE BioRestorative Eye Cream


Ask any dermatologist, and they will tell you that the daily topical use of Vitamin A is one of the best habit you can have for overall skin health. It helps support reversal of sun damage, improvement of the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles, pore size and overall skin texture. Plus, it’s great for acne too!

Vitamin A in the form of retinol is one of the best forms of Vitamin A to use on the skin, as it is less irritating than its prescription counterparts. (RetinA, Renova, Tazorac, Differin).

At SkinScience, we love retinol! It helps improve skin smoothness, evens out discolorations, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and helps reduce oil production with long term use.
Marie’s Retinol Product Recommendation:

SkinTX 0.3% Retinol SR Facial Treatment (for all skin types)

SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5%  (for all skin types)

VivierSkin 1.0% Retinol Night Complex (for dry aging skin)


When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, the research is clear: antioxidants are essentials, and a blend of many antioxidants is even better! Just like your diet needs a mix of beneficial nutrients, so does your skin. Antioxidants help fight the elements responsible for the visible signs of aging (ie. free radicals caused by UV rays, pollution, smoking, and other less than desirable lifestyle choices) and also help calm the skin and inflammation to support a more youthful skin.
Marie’s Antioxidant Product Recommendations:

VivierSkin KineC Serum (for normal to combination skin)

VivierSkin CE Peptides Serum (for normal to dry skin)


The specialized product category includes products that are specifically customizable to each person, as everybody ages differently. You can pick and choose based on the symptoms you see.

Marie’s Specialized Products Recommendations:

Need exfoliation to improve texture, radiance and evenness? Need to unclog pores?

SkinCeuticals Retexturing Activator (exfoliation for sensitive skin)

SkinCeuticals Blemish & Age Defense Serum (exfoliation for non-sensitive, resistant skin)

Need to improve the appearance of brown spots and blotchiness?

VivierSkin Seequin 4 IDS Serum (hydroquinone lightening for normal to dry skin)

VivierSkin Radiance Serum (non-hydroquinone lightening for non-acne prone skin)
Need to improve hydration and moisture?

DermaQuest Essential B5 Hydrating Serum (for all skin types)

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel (for all skin types)
Need to reduce the appearance of redness?

DermaQuest Niacinamide Youth Serum (for all skin types)

VivierSkin Lexxel Redness Relief Cream (for all skin types)



At SkinScience, we LOVE multitasking moisturizing sunscreens! Imagine a moisturizer that contains sun protection, lots of antioxidants (green tea, aloe, vitamin E, algae extract, …), anti-aging ingredients (peptides, vitamin C, …) while repairing the skin short and long term… the ideal urban sunscreen for everyday use! (yes, it actually exists)

Marie’s Sun Protection Product Recommendations (please call to order as IMAGE does not allow online sales from its authorized vendors)

IMAGE Prevention+ Daily Tinted Moisturizer SPF30 (for all skin types)

IMAGE Prevention+ Matte Moisturizer SPF32 (for combination, oily and acne-prone skin)

IMAGE Prevention+ Hydrating Moisturizer SPF30 (for normal to dry skin)


Feel free to contact us to book your skin consultation – with over 250 skin care products at the clinic, we will build the PERFECT customized skin care regime for YOU (while working with what you already have, of course!)

Wishing you a lifetime of healthy-looking skin, with a GRASS skin care routine!

Do Treatment Packages Work Better?

Last week we had a consultation with an awesome guy.  He was wanting to shrink the large pores on his nose and get rid of the redness in the midsection of his face.  We discussed his treatment options, including some of our treatment packages. He then asked “Do I need a package; can’t I just do the treatments?”.


My response was honest.  Of course, he could just do the treatments.  But I thought that I would share with you, what I shared with him.  The reasons why the treatment packages we offer at SkinScience are often the better choice.


All of our treatment packages (including this month’s focus the ‘Bright and Glow’ package) are very specially designed to give maximum benefit and achieve maximum results. We love our analogies at SkinScience, so here is an easy one to better illustrate.


Think about renovating your home.  Would you use one tool to do all of your renovations?  How about one paintbrush to paint an entire room? No, you would use multiple tools to get the job done.  For painting you would have rollers for the large walls, small brushes for the edging, and another set for the trim work.  Our skin care treatment packages are designed to do the same for your skin.


Last week we introduced you to our very popular, very effective “Bright and Glow Package”.  There are three of each of three separate treatments included in that package, and the final result is greater than the sum of its parts.


The ‘Bright and Glow’ package will shrink your large pores, first by exfoliating with the peel, stimulating collagen during the dermaplaning, and then stimulating deeper collagen with the IPL.  The dermaplaning and peel will help lighten brown spots before the IPL knocks them out.  The dermaplaning and peels will make it easier for the IPL to target visible capillaries and eliminate them. Do you see the crossover between all three of the treatments?  This means that areas of concern are targeted from multiple different sides, reducing the chances that a brown spot or large pore will escape and not respond.


Lastly there are the real-life components to treatment packages.  Realities like: It allows us to offer clients a bit of a price break, so that the treatments we love are just a little bit more affordable for you. Realities like: we found that having a package helps individuals follow through with completing the required number of treatments in the right time frame to get the best possible results. This means, we have happier clients, with brighter glowing faces.


To learn more about what the the “Bright and Glow” package click here:

Why Our “Bright + Glow” Package Is So Amazing


To book a consultation and learn which of our treatment packages can help you have the skin you’ve always wanted call the clinic today and get started on your path to amazing skin!

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