4 Skin Tips for Christmas Party Survival!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year……. It really is.  There are celebrations everywhere you turn, you get to see family you haven’t seen in a while, dress in delightfully ugly sweaters, indulge in treats you normally wouldn’t… it doesn’t get better.


Except for your skin.  Our January at SkinScience is filled with post holiday skin hangovers.  It’s a reality of the season we often forget about.  With a few pointers, you can survive it with minimal impact.


First, hydrate. 

I know it sounds cliché, but our evening this time of year are spent clinking glasses and cheerfully toasting many different things, it’s really easy to experience dehydration from the few extra drinks.  Drinking your 8 glasses of water a day will be an important start.  Infused waters (we love lemon and cucumber-mint to make it more interesting on the tastebuds) are a great way to have a refreshing treat, that will keep you hydrated.


Second, buy some Micellar Cleansing Solution.

Seriously, it’s inexpensive and a lifesaver post party.  As much as we at SkinScience want to live in a perfect skin care world, we are not naive, lol.  We are fully aware that that one extra glass of wine, delicious as it seems right now,  will make it so when you get home, fully cleansing your face will be waaaaayyyy to hard and that you might possibly go for the full makeup face plant directly into your bed.  Reversa’s Cleansing Micellar  Solution ($18 at SkinScience)  is literally the solution (Zing! See what we did there!) to the problem (we would never ask you to give up your wine!).  It is a waterless cleanser, so all you do is pump it onto a cotton pad and wipe your face and eyes.  That’s it. Then you can do the face plant without the obnoxious breakouts from sleeping in makeup. On another note, this product also makes a great, inexpensive stocking stuffer, just saying.


Third, remember to use a Clay Masque.

Your pores are going to get a little more plugged with the extra makeup (and makeup primer) worn at parties and holiday cheer.  A weekly clarifying masque treatment in your breakout prone areas will help keep that far, far away.  Our favourite? SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque ($56 at SkinScience).


Fourth, (don’t hate us for this one!) watch your sugar.

Sugar is everywhere you turn this time of year.  We know there is a link between sugar and inflammatory acne as well as aging.  Again, the SkinScience experts are realists.  We know that so many times the treats are too tasty to say no to.  Our advice is to think ahead.  If you know you have a party that night, make sure you eat a lunch full of veggies (think lots of colourful veggies = lots of antioxidants) and lean protein.  Making sure that you get your most important nutrients in early in the day will give you some antioxidants to combat some of what you take in at the party.  Having a healthy snack (and lots of water) before you leave for the party will often reduce what you eat while there as well.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Nivian, Marina, Mikelle, Marie & Mark.