In the spirit of it being January and January being a time for new beginnings, we have created this list of a few commonly observed practices that keep people from having truly amazing skin.  If you are feeling like your skin is not where you would love it to be, scan this list and see if maybe there is something that you identify with, that is unknowingly holding you back. (Reader tip: Self-awareness needed!)


The overzealous skin zealot.

You might be an overzealous skin zealot if you have more skin care in your bathroom than we have in the clinic.  This might be you if you use 17 different products, 3 times a day and are always on the lookout for more.


The reason it’s not working for the zealot:

Too many products, too many times a day means your skin lacks consistency.  It is constantly in flux mode, and can’t keep up. It normal to have a product or two that you alternate, or adjustments you make for the season or extreme weather.  However, if you can go a week and not use the same skin care product twice, it’s time to pair back.


The best intentioned (but unrealistic) client.

You might be a best-intentioned client if you currently are low to zero maintenance.  You currently own the same facewash that you purchased from the drugstore in college and use it when you remember. You use whatever hand-cream you have by the sink when your face gets real dry.  You recognize the value of good skin care and have the desire to be someone that has a consistent routine, but have never developed the habit. You might even come in to the clinic wanting a 6-step skin care program and have the best of intentions to use it, but have trouble following through when life happens.


The reason it doesn’t work for the best-intentioned client:

This client is not realistic about what they can commit to in a skin care routine.  If the daily habit is not already there, it won’t suddenly be there because you purchased a 6-step routine. The good news is it’s an easy fix.  We can design a basic routine that is simple and easy, but will still give results. So that you can build the habit!


The a lil’ dab will do you client.

You might be a lil’ dab will do you client if you apply your products just the teeniest, tiniest dab at a time, and often will try to only apply it in the “needed” areas. You will use the same serum, two times a day for a year and not run out. Often the motivation is trying to make products last as long as possible, in order to avoid replenishment.


The reason a lil’ dab will not work:

Skin is a network, the skin on your face is all interconnected, spot treating wrinkles or sagging or dullness means you are not treating a lot of areas that need it.  Think of your amazing skin like a net.  If the entire net needs to be tightened, would you focus your efforts on just a small section and then hope to see it work better?  Nope, you would work on the entire net.  Make sure you apply facial serums and moisturizers evenly over your face, massaging in for a few moments. The same holds true for eye creams, apply enough to cover the entire lower eye contour.


The take a stranger’s advice client.

You might be a take a stranger’s advice client if you have ever started using a product on the advice of your 3rd cousin twice removed, co-worker, bus seat mate, great aunt Sally or an article you read in your doctor’s office waiting room.  You heard that so and so had great results using a product they found at such and such a place and immediately you want to try it.


The reason stranger’s advice doesn’t work:

To be clear, it has nothing to do with the quality of the product, or intentions the person giving it.  It’s simply that the person giving the advice, likely doesn’t have the years of training and experience that SkinScience does, nor have they analyzed your skin to determine what your skin needs.  Even the most perfect product on the wrong skin type can be an absolute disaster.



The I only want what my girlfriend had client.

You might be an I only want what my girlfriend had client if you come in and only want the same treatment that your girlfriend, sister, brother, wife or co-worker had.  You heard them rave about how amazing this treatment was and how it transformed their skin! You totally want the exact same thing and are determined to get it. You are not interested in hearing about other options, because you want the same thing.


The reason I only want what my girlfriend had doesn’t work:

The short answer is, you have different skin.  Not all skin needs the same treatments.  In addition to that, each client has different priorities in what changes they want to see in their skin.  We love when clients come in with an idea of what they want!  The first thing we will do is assess your skin and see if the treatment that you want will help get you to your goals.  Having said that, we won’t perform treatments that are not safe for you, or will not help get you to your goals.




We hope none of these resonate with you, but if they did, hopefully you now feel better equipped to reach your goals of having fabulous, amazing skin!  For further advice on how to have the complexion you have always wanted, call us!  We would love to coach you through to having the radiance you have always wanted!


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