Pore Shrink Treatment

Large pores are a very common complaint.  So many clients come in wanting skin that is smooth and radiant. Large pores can make skin look bumpy, uneven and clogged.  Makeup can puddle around large pores and make them look even larger.  So, what do you do about it?  A Pore Shrink Treatment will help, but before we jump into solutions, lets chat about why you have them in the first place.


How it Happens: The Cycle of  Enlarged Pores


The first is obviously genetics.  Some people just naturally have invisible pores, and some people are prone to having larger pores.  (Pore-less skin ends to be drier and thinner, so although it’s easy to be jealous, pore-less skin has its own set of issues) If you are genetically prone to larger pores, maintaining a good routine and treatment program is important.


The next contributing factor is cellular debris – aka dead skin cell build up. Your pores are lined with skin cells, and these cells have the same life cycle of all skin cells. They divide, they surface and along the way they die.  However, the cells in a pore get slowed down by oil from sebaceous glands and these slow cells build up inside a pore causing it to clog. Once the pores is clogged the exit pathway for other dead cells is essentially blocked, which means that clogged pore gets bigger and bigger – and then starts stretching the pore making it even bigger.


As this stretching continues, the collagen around the pores gets lazy and stops trying to hold the pore closed – which in turn creates more room for more buildup of cellular debris and starting the cycle all over again.


Two-step process to correct large pores


One: exfoliation.  You should be on a good exfoliation product at home that contains either an Alpha or Beta Hydroxy acid -or a mix of both. This will encourage dead cells to lift off and turn over, reducing the amount of cellular debris.  The next part of the exfoliation process is to have one of our custom designed peels in clinic.  We have specifically created a peel that penetrates into a pore to clean out debris build up (get rid of clogged pores) and prepping skin for step two;


Two: A collagen stimulating Retin Treatment to close up a now newly cleaned out pore. Our retinoic acid solution is created to our exacting specifications. It has the ability to reduce the activity of a sebaceous gland and stimulate the collagen that will close up the pores that are now cleaned out from step one.  Our retinoic acid solution cannot be found in any store or with any supplier, as we have it made just for us.



How Many Treatments and Investment


Most people need to do a monthly treatment for 3 or 4 months in a row before they will see results that will last long term.  Most clients begin to see results about 5 days after their ‘Pore Shrink’ treatment with positive results continuing for a few weeks before leveling off.


Each pore shrink treatment is $210


You are in the clinic for 30-45 minutes, and the treatment is very well tolerated, and has little down time (usually a slight flaking a few days later – kind of like when your skin is a bit on the dry side).


If you think you might want to give this treatment a try, give us a call!  We’d love to discuss how it might help you have smooth, amazing skin!


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