The SkinScience Overview: Your Lifestyle’s Impact on Your Complexion

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat”, but how aware were you that your lifestyle directly impacts your skin?

Marie Bertrand, founder of SkinScience Clinic, ensures that each and every one of our clients is aware not only of what our treatments can do for their skin, but also what they can change in their own day-to-day lives to benefit their skin long-term. We pride ourselves on being one of the few clinics in Calgary that base our operations around ethical, science-based, and personalized skin care procedures and recommendations, and as such focus on educating our clients above all else.

Today’s educational spotlight? Lifestyle, and how yours is directly impacting your skin!

What Classifies as “Lifestyle”?

“Lifestyle” collectively refers to opinions, behaviours, and interests—which is why positive changes to yours can, in turn, yield beneficial changes to your skin! In fact, some scientific studies have claimed that following the four healthy lifestyle habits below can lengthen your lifespan by more than a decade (as well as ensure that your skin is combating premature aging, inflammation, and acne):

·        Being consistent in your exercise routine: A consistent exercising routine can aid in mitigating your risk of a heart attack, lowering cholesterol, strengthen your bones, bolster your energy levels—as well as keeping your skin healthier due to the myokines that consistent exercise produces. Exercise also works to regulate the second bullet on this list, which is…

·        Maintaining a healthy weight: Going hand-in-hand with exercise, adjusting your lifestyle to include maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial not just for a healthy complexion, but better health long-term. A healthy weight drastically lowers the risk of non-insulin related diabetes, back and joint tension, a compromised immune system, heart disease, and stroke.

·        Focusing on a nutritious diet: Sensing a pattern yet? Proven to reduce the duration and severity of acne and inflammation, limiting your red meat, sugar, refined carbs, alcohol, and dairy intake (especially chocolate milk!) is a lifestyle change that will be beneficial not only for your waistline, but your skin as well. Plus, while reaching for that tub of ice cream after a long day at work may release endorphins in the short-term, focusing a nutritious lifestyle is what ups your happiness long-term.

·        Stress less: Premature aging, irritation, excess sebum, thinning skin… leading a stressful lifestyle directly impacts your complexion, which is why we here at SkinScience urge you to take up yoga, meditation, reading, or any other stress-relieving practices that work within your day-to-day timeframe.  

Tips for Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Sure, we all know that leading a healthy lifestyle is vital for beautiful skin regardless of the season—however, making those changes can be daunting even for the most eager. Luckily, the definition of a healthy lifestyle will vary depending on the person: teenagers may indulge in sports for their daily dose of exercise; new parents might frequent the playground with their children; retirees could enjoy cooking, yoga, or gardening.

Making healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes that make you happy and fit in with your day-to-day are essential not only for your complexion, but for your overall well-being. Research has proven that leading a healthy lifestyle that focuses on de-stressing positively impacts both your complexion and the stability of your hormones.

SkinScience’s recommendations for how to start making these changes? One word: prioritizing. Starting out with something small, such as meeting your recommended daily water intake, can be the first step towards a healthy lifestyle without immediately overwhelming you. Adjusting your perspective from “I don’t have to” to “I choose to prioritize this” is key to turning your life (and complexion!) around for the better.

Why SkinScience Clinic Cannot Recommend a Healthy Lifestyle Enough—Especially in Regards for your Skin

Here at SkinScience, we consider the treatment of your skin to be a treatment of your overall health and well-being: our science-backed services work hand-in-hand with our personalized nutrition, supplement, and home care recommendations to ensure that  your radiant skin is the result of your entire body functioning at its best.

Whether you are grappling with acne, inflammation, melasma, premature aging, hirsutism, or other common skin conditions, treatment of your body from the inside-out is vital—and that starts with a healthy lifestyle. If you live here in Calgary, book a consultation at our downtown location to receive a thorough analysis of your skin that our experts will build their recommendations around. And if you don’t? Our online store features science-backed products tailored to all skin conditions categorized by brand and product type for your ease of shopping.

Be sure to comment below and let us know what lifestyle changes you have implemented—or are planning to implement!