The war on aging is real.  We are always looking for new tools to fight those dreaded wrinkles, less than sexy brown spots, and the effects of gravity.  Don’t even get me started on the effects of gravity **sigh**. It really is amazing how things that you didn’t even know could sag or fall start to sag or fall.  Jawlines suddenly develop scalloped edges, folds appear around the sides of the mouth, necklines fall lower and lower and post baby tummies look sad and puckered.

The quest for tighter and firmer skin is probably one of the most challenging.  Treatments for brown spots and fine lines can be relatively simple.  But that deeper collagen, the stuff that keeps everything together, that’s harder to reach.  As that deeper collagen ages, things literally start to fall apart and get lower.

There is always surgery… which for many people is the answer.  However, there are lots of us that it’s really not an option for.  I have no desire to spend the ten to twenty five thousand dollars required for a facelift or tummy tuck.  I also detest the idea of looking like I’ve had “work” done.  God love Joan Rivers, I respect her decisions, but her path is not mine.  Surgery does not fit my life, I have children and a life, and so down time to recover from major surgery is not an option.  If I’m honest, I’m not willing to assume the risks of major surgery as well; they are real and kind of scary.

Having said all of that, I still really want to maintain my appearance.  I want to avoid the wrinkles I see in my beloved Mothers face.  I’m happy to look my age; I just want to look really good for my age.

Enter RF – The Surgery Free Face Lift! This treatment really doesn’t get enough attention.  It is an amazing tool in the anti-aging arsenal.  The concept is quite simple.  RF passes through the skin and targets the deeper collagen.  Remember that stuff I mentioned was harder to reach?  The collagen that contributes to all of that sagging and falling? Yeah, that.  RF reaches that.  It stimulates the production of new collagen.  YES NEW COLLAGEN!!!! (I am not making this up!)

This treatment truly is amazing.  Obviously, it won’t give surgical results.  But we at SkinScience have found that so many people don’t want to look like they’ve had surgical results.  They want to look naturally “Uh-Mazing!”

We have literally fallen in love with this treatment.  Our clients have been thrilled with the results.  We have been thrilled with the results!  We love having happy clients!

This treatment is; safe, comfortable, affordable, long lasting and it works!

Take a few minutes to read the info graphic below (click the link).  It is designed to help you educate yourself about RF – The Surgery Free Face Lift.  You might not need RF today, but we are all on the downward escalator that is aging, and eventually, we all will need a little lift!

Yours in youthful endeavours,


RF infographic (2)