February is Laser Hair Removal month at SkinScience.  For this month we are all about laser hair removal. As many of you know, SkinScience recently purchased a new laser to add to our existing arsenal of tools!  One of the many things this new fabulous laser does is laser hair removal.  Being as it is laser hair removal month, we thought we would each tell you some of the wonderful things we love about our new laser’s hair removal technology the Diolaze!




“I love that it uses the most effective wavelength of light for removing hair. ”

There is a range of light therapies will target hair for removal.  Some have been proven more effective than others; our Inmode uses the most ideal wavelength of 810nm.  Perfect! This means better long-term removal for you!




“It’s comfortable!  Really! I just had a treatment last night and it was awesome.”

The Inmode Diolaze uses a cooling plate so that the skin is cooled while it’s being lasered (simultaneously)! No awkwardly blowing air, or icepacks, or teeth gritting.  It’s just comfortable!




“Fast treatments!”

Due to its fast scan technology you no longer have to spend 1.5 – 2 hours to get larger areas treated like legs, chest or back! Lower legs can be treated in just over 30 min making treatments performed over lunch breaks 100% possible!


Come in and experience the best available in laser hair removal! Call to day to book your complimentary consultation and learn how laser hair removal can change your life!