To look good for your age, at any age, is not nearly as hard as people think.  It’s thought of something that is reserved for celebrities, or those living in the public eye.  However, it really is achievable for everyone.  A few well-designed treatments, a good “core” skin care routine and voila! You feel fabulous, refreshed and it shows every time you leave the house.  But how do you get there?


The first step is understanding the way your age is showing.  For pretty much everyone on the planet, it shows in the same few ways, in the same few areas of the body. The top three things people look at when trying to figure out how old you really are:


Face (particularly around the eyes)




Chest (Décolletage)


When aging is starting to become more obvious, we see the most common signs of aging in the areas we spoke of above.  We start to see brown spots, redness, thinning skin, uneven, dull looking skin, fine lines, wrinkles and so on and so forth.


To truly be successful to look good for your age, you need to target all three areas.  Too often people focus on just one single area.  We’ve all seen that person that has a nice smooth face, but it stops at their jawline, giving an often-unflattering result.


How do you target all three areas simultaneously?


  • Feather your skin care routine for your face around your jawline. Not all facial products are good for use on the neck or décolletage, however you can stop the harsh demarcation line that often occurs by at the very least bending well along the jawline.


  • Use residual product (the little bit left over on your fingertips after blending on your face) on the backs of your hands. It sounds too easy to be true, but it makes a difference.


  • Find a good treatment serum for your chest/décolletage and neck and an SPF you love (if you love it you’ll use it). It will only add 2 extra minutes each morning, but can be so worth it in the long run.


  • IPL IPL IPL! Just in case you didn’t hear it the first three times IPL! Intense Pulsed Light is one of the treatment our patients love, love, love! It gives consistently, amazing results. It creates skin that is smoother, brighter and more even.  We can’t say enough good things about it. So often though, clients don’t realize that this treatment is AMAZING on the chest/décolletage, neck and hands.  When done on all three areas it gives a delightfully uniform anti-aging effect.



IPL at SkinScience

As an award winning cosmetic laser treatment clinic, we have committed to having the most up to date technology on the market.


What does that mean for you? Less treatments.  Most IPL platforms will recommend 3-6 treatments.  With our Lumecca, we can achieve the same results in just 3 (with less than 2% of our clients choosing to have a 4th). A touch up treatment down the road is standard for any platform, and most often isn’t needed for 12-18 months.


SkinScience tip: Ask us about our add on pricing.  We offer “add on pricing” when you are already booked for an IPL treatment.  Example: You are booked for an IPL to your face, and you are interested in doing your neck as well.  Add on pricing offers and price break for doing it on the same day!  This saves our clients about $100 per area they are “adding on” (vs booking and treating that area separately).



What are you waiting for??? Have the skin that you have always wanted! Feel fabulous every time you leave your house, even without makeup! Call us today to find out how to make sure you look good for your age!