At SkinScience, we Loooovvee our Hexam cleanser.  This lovely cleanser is one of our best sellers.  With its ability to banish acne causing bacteria while reducing inflammation without stripping skin, it’s not a surprise we love it so much.  In addition, it also happens to be gentle enough for sensitive skin, including rosacea prone skin. It has earned its status as a best seller for good reason.


Over the years, we have learned a few tricks, shortcuts and life enhancing tips specific to Hexam cleanser, and we are excited to share them with you!



Anti-Microbial Makeup Brush Cleaner

Concerned that your makeup brushes are harbouring acne causing bacteria?  Perhaps, they have lost their effectiveness? Hexam cleanser makes an marvellously effective makeup brush cleaner.

How you ask?

It’s easy! Simply wet your brushes under lukewarm running tap water, add 1 pump of Hexam cleanser to your palm and gently massage the wet brush into the Hexam cleanser working up a nice lather, adding water as needed.  Rinse clean, reshape and leave to air dry. Voila! Bacteria free makeup brush that will work like new!


Beauty Blender Build-up Buster

Anyone that owns a Beauty Blender knows they area a fabulous tool for beautiful makeup application.  They will also tell you removing the makeup buildup out of them is AWFUL.  Enter Hexam Cleanser……

How? Here’s how.

The next time you shower, take your Beauty Blender AND your Hexam Cleanser into the shower with you.  (I know, I know, this sounds weird, but hear me out) The steam in the shower helps break up the build-up of makeup in the blender.  Fully saturate your Beauty Blender with warm water. Add two to three pumps of Hexam cleanser directly to your Beauty Blender, squeeze to active the cleanser and work it deep into the Beauty Blender.  Now, let it sit off to the side in the steam while you wash your hair or shave your legs etc.  Once you are done your in-shower grooming, pick it back up and work the cleanser through the sponge a few more times, now while holding it under the running water continue to work the cleanser through, while rinsing out the cleanser.  This may take a few minutes. Once you see only clean water coming out when you squeeze, you are done!  If you haven’t been cleaning your Beauty Blender regularly, you may need to repeat the whole process again.


Winter Eczema Be Gone

Winter arrives in Calgary and so many of us are unfortunately welcoming dry, itchy patches of eczema.  Often these spots or patches do not respond well to traditional body washes and soaps. Hexam cleanser to the rescue!  Regular use in the shower can even help eczema heal faster! (When used in conjunction with appropriate eczema moisturizer applied after showering of course)


Nicest Shaving Cream Ever

Hexam cleanser also makes a perfect leg shaving cream for sensitive skin.  It provides glide, as well as a much-needed anti-inflammatory boost that sensitive skin needs!


Simply pump one or two pumps into your hands, emulsifying together and apply to area to be shaved, then shave. Easy peasy!


Delicate Cleanser

(**Ahem** Bikini Area**Ahem**)

All women know that their external “delicate areas” should not be exposed to heavily perfumed or harsh cleansers, and finding the right cleanser for this purpose can be a challenge.  So many on the market designed for this area are created with irritating perfumes or harsh chemicals (and frankly, who wants to smell like cheap imitation perfume down there anyway!).  Once more, Hexam cleanser to the rescue.  Cleansers should never be used internally of course (best to think of it as a self-cleaning oven!) but we have found Hexam cleanser to be a gentle and effective external cleanser for our “delicate” zone.


Post C-Section Cleanser

We are NOT physicians, and we do not make medical recommendations or diagnose. Sometimes though, we have great experiences we LOVE to share.  This one is one of these.


One of our long-standing staff had an emergency c-section.  After having two close friends deal with painful infections in post caesarean incision sites, she decided to use the Hexam cleanser to clean the area directly around her incision (this was compliant with the instructions she was given at the hospital).  Upon 4-day review, the surgeon was impressed at how well it was healing.  She of course explained the Hexam to her Dr, who at that point gave approval for direct application of the emulsified cleanser to the healing incision, and she was able to avoid anything even close to an infection.  Now, obviously, this is one person’s story, and you our dear reader should of course always discuss your medical needs with your doctors. We share, because it is one more reason we LOVE Hexam cleanser and all the ways it makes our lives better!


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