We have a new laser!

We have been so excited about the arrival of our new Inmode laser platform!  The longer we have it the more excited we are!

We were expressing this excitement to a client last week when she asked “ Does the type of laser really matter?”

It seams like such a basic question, with an obvious answer. That answer being yes.

But it got us thinking…….

The laser does matter.  It needs to be safe, reliable, approved of by Health Canada, and it needs to have the appropriate wavelength of light for what you are trying to treat, but is that all?

In the thousands of hours we’ve performed laser treatments, something important we’ve learned is yes, the laser matters, A LOT. However it doesn’t matter as much as the experience of person behind the machine performing the treatment.

We recently won a Top Choice award for Medical Laser Clinic. There are a few things that we have worked hard on to set ourselves apart, and make us the best at being behind the laser.

  1. We have well over 25 years combined experience. I wont tell you the actual total because then you will know how old we really are. But in all seriousness, we are experts.
  2. We believe that learning never stops. We are always seeking knowledge on the newest techniques and up to date technologies in our field.
  3. We know when to say “no”. Not every client is the best candidate for every treatment. This holds especially true with lasers! If we feel that a client won’t benefit from a treatment, or worse, might be at risk, we do not hesitate say no! (We obviously do this very kindly, often with other treatment options given) Doing the right thing and being honest  are too important.

We would love to treat you! Come in and experience what sets us apart as a Medical Laser Clinic!

Mikelle, Marie, Misean and Nivian