It’s easy to forget that the appearance of your décolletage might be giving away your age. We tend to focus on our faces, and unfortunately this important area can be sidelined.  The décolletage is an area that. For the vast majority of us, has lots of sun damage, making it very prone to wrinkling, loss of elasticity, thinning and crepey-ness. There are five easy things you can do to help this area look more youthful!



Dead skin cells can build-up anywhere on your body. They serve an important purpose, but unfortunately, they also make crepey skin look worse, wrinkles look deeper and skin overall looking duller and older.  We generally don’t recommend scrubs on the delicate décolletage, especially since crepey-ness is the first sign of collagen and elastin loss (meaning skin wont bounce back from harsh scrubbing), however the Vivier Vitamin C Scrub is AWESOME. It will gently lift away dead skin cells without causing further damage to thin skin AND it gives a dose of plumping hyaluronic acid to help smooth out fine lines!


Avoid: Strong AHA’s or BHA’s as they can be quite overpowering on the décolletage.



We often moisturize our bodies right out of the shower, but sometimes that is not enough.  In the arid environment that is Calgary, we need to actually help retrain our dry skin to KEEP moisture in. When moisturizer is applied, but skin still feels dry (or crepey) adding a layer of skin plumping hyaluronic acid before you moisturize will increase the amount of water your skin holds onto, creating healthier skin with fewer fine line.



The next step is soooo obvious.  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.  Find one you like, so that you remember to use it, and put it on, every morning.  The AAD (American Association Dermatology) recommends an SPF 30 for daily use. Studies have shown that it’s never too late to start using an SPF daily, so remember, even if you think you are too far gone for an SPF to help, in truth ; it’s never too late!



Serums offer the highest concentration of anti-aging ingredients per ounce. There are a wide a variety of anti-aging serums on the market, the best ones for décolletage tend to focus on rebuilding collagen and elastin as well thickening skin. We recommend the use of peptides to rebuild collagen, growth factors to thicken skin with damaged elastin and something to stop glycation.  You don’t need to use all three, be consistent with always using one of these in the long run and you are sure to be delighted with the results.  Our favorites:


Neocutis: Bio Gel

SkinSceuticals: AGE Interrupter

Dermaquest: Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex

(Check our online store for all three!)


Avoid: Serums or creams containing Retin or Retinoic Acid.  The décolletage frequently responds with rashes and irritation to these ingredients.



The most popular treatment at SkinScience for décolletage is IPL.  It creates a smooth, even, fresher décolletage. At Skinscience we recommend 2 treatments to start, spaced 1 month apart. Results are seen quickly and are long lasting. An IPL treatment will target sun-damage, redness AND stimulates collagen!! The treatment is comfortable, and the results are consistently good!



What are you waiting for!  Call today to find out how you can have a more youthful décolletage! As always we are here to help you create the perfect, customized routine and treatment schedule for YOUR skin!


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