We are thrilled that we won best laser clinic. We love that our clients took up voting for us like a crusade and voted us “Best Laser Clinic in Calgary” for the second year in a row!  We work hard to create effective treatments for our clients, and we are so happy that they feel that and acknowledge it.


We are a little surprised……. Here is why.  We don’t think that our minimum standard of care is so over the top.  The things that made us stand out, we wish were more standard everywhere. Things like:



We are proud to say that we exceed the requirements set forth by the region for high level sanitation, disinfection and sterilization.  We have cleanliness protocols for literally every room in our clinic! Creating and maintaining the highest level of cleanliness will always be a top priority.


Good Karma

Having fun at work is important to our emotional and psychological wellbeing. We love to create a positive, upbeat atmosphere for our staff and our lovely clients.  We try not to take our selves too seriously, we believe that a heartfelt compliment and a lot of laughter go a long way in building and sharing that positivity. You will hear both regularly when you visit us!


Being honest (AKA Just say no)

We have extensive experience with lasers, and we know that sometimes things happen that mean we should wait to do your treatment.  If it’s not the best, most safe time to treat you, we will reschedule you to a time that is, or just ask you to wait.  Even if it means we aren’t making money.


Being safe

Lasers are powerful tools that can do amazing things.  We have made so many lives better with our lasers!  We also have a tremendous respect for lasers and what they can do.  We have worked extensively to keep up with the latest medical bulletins and studies so that we can make sure we are always being as absolutely safe as possible in every treatment.


Commission Free

All of our staff are commission free. This means no one will recommend a treatment based on any other reason than they think you will love it. No one will ever add an “extra” treatment just because, or drag out a series of treatments and make it longer if it is not really needed. We are proud to have low staff turnover because this means that the person you love to see, the one that knows your history, is likely to be there for a long time! Lastly, we only accept tips in the form of chocolate and wine (Read: we don’t accept tips, we believe in a job well done for every treatment).

Come in and experience for yourself what makes us stand out!

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