Summer is here and we can finally look forward to a well-deserved vacation. Sit back, turn our brains off, relax with our favourite drink and stop thinking about all the stress, projects and impossible deadlines we had to take care of before finally leaving the office.


Packing for a vacation has always been a challenge for me. Some people bring too many shoes, others bring too many clothes. For me, it’s skin care. EVERY SINGLE TIME I go on vacation, I know for sure half of my luggage will be composed of skin care, makeup, hair care, self tanners, sunscreens and the list goes on and on. It’s kind of embarrassing. But not really. I put more importance on what I bring on vacation for skin care than clothing. Weird, I know.


So this year, I’ve decided that instead of just packing every skin care products imaginable for those “just in case” moments (that usually never happen anyway – why did I bring that Christian Dior purple eyeshadow palette again?), I would actually take the time to thoroughly think about the “Top 10 Beauty Products Essentials” to bring on vacation. If they could multitask – even better.


So here’s my list of top 10 beauty products Essentials that will have you (and your skin & hair) covered this summer.


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1. BEST SUNSCREEN – SkinCeuticals Mineral Sunscreens: Of course, you knew this one was coming. But as I like to say, not all sunscreens are created equal so if you’re going to do what’s best for your skin, you need to start with a MINERAL sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens are made from crushed (you guessed it) minerals, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They are more stable then chemical sunscreens, are inert so they don’t generate heat on the skin and are natural anti-inflammatories (think zinc oxide and the famous baby butt paste). The textures and formulas have changed in recent years, so no more pasty, whitening formulations if you stick with this brand. You can choose from 3 different formulas, depending on your skin type:


2.   BEST SUNSCREEN BOOSTER – VivierSkin VitaminC serums: Did you know that you can improve the efficacy of your regular sunscreen by layering a vitaminC serum underneath? Yep. Research has shown that using pure L-ascorbic acid as a first layer under sunscreen will help fight more free radicals caused by sun exposure, which in turn will slow down the aging process. Oh, and these serums are super stable and smell like they’re from heaven! You can choose one of the following, depending on your skin type:


3.   BEST EYE SUNSCREEN – SkinCeuticals Physical Eye UV Defense: Yes, there is such a thing as an eye sunscreen, and it’s glorious. How would you like to have an eye product that feels like a light mousse, moisturizes while mattifying, hides dark circles, works as an eye primer and offer sun protection? Yeah, we think so too. This product’s AMAZING and it doesn’t run into the eyes, even if you sweat or swim. ($38)


Top 10 Beauty Products

4.   BEST HEALTHY TAN LOOK – Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker. Not that there’s such a thing as a healthy tan (there’s not), but this is the closest thing you can purchase to have a sun kissed look without damaging your skin. I’m not a fan of Clinique products but to be fair, they have the BEST self tanners and bronzing gels on the market. So go ahead and indulge in a healthy glow without the guilt and future blotchy leopard skin! ($32)


5.   BEST MULTITASKING MAKEUP – NARS The Multiple in Orgasm. A peachy pink shimmer stick that can be used on lips, cheeks and eyes. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Radiant. So easy to use! This product is a great investment and will surely remain a staple in your makeup bag for years to come. ($49)


6.   BEST WATERPROOF MASCARA – CoverGirl Professional Waterproof in Very Black. I know, I know, this sounds totally wrong. But I’ve tried all the high end mascaras, and I ALWAYS go back to this one. It’s cheap, makes your lashes long and nicely separated (even better when used with Latisse), no clumps, and easy to build multiple coats. Want more volume to go with that? Layer it with l’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara in Carbon Black and get ready to bat those eyelashes, baby! ($8)


Top 10 Beauty Products

7.   BEST REPAIR HAIR CARE – Kerastase Soleil Bain Apres-Soleil Shampoo + Masque UV Defense Active. Finally, functional hair care that (really) cares! Treat yourself after a day in the sun, with a home hair care routine just like the salon. These products have YEARS of clinical research behind them, and will restore luminous, silky hair that’s been  used and abused by the sun, wind and free radicals. Worth every penny. ($42 and $64 respectively)


8.   BEST AFTER-SUN FACIAL CLEANSER: DermaQuest Essential Daily Cleanser. Pineapple and papaya to help with cleansing? Yes please! Fruit enzymes are added to this gentle soap-free cleanser to gently exfoliate grime, dirt and sunscreen. You will end up feeling fresh and clean (and ready for your re-hydrating B5 masque, see below). Great cleanser to use with the Clarisonic brush, for that extra exfoliation feeling. ($42)


9.    BEST ANTIOXIDANT SCRUB FOR FACE AND BODY: VivierSkin VitaminC Scrub. So you layer on your serum, sunscreen, makeup and reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Bake everything under the sun for 8 hours. The result? Layers of protection that need to be removed at the end of the day. After using a gentle cleanser, use this beautifully creamy, gentle scrub to remove every little trace of product and reveal glowing, hydrated skin. It’s super gentle with its biodegradable microbeads, and the vitamin C in it will help neutralize free radicals that might remain on your skin at the end of the day. A steal for all the benefits it gives your skin. PS: Don’t use this product if you have a sunburn, refer to my article on what to do when you have a sunburn instead. ($41)


10.    BEST RE-HYDRATING MASQUE – SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque. After a day in the elements, your skin will look rough and dehydrated – that’s what the sun does to our skin. Repair and rehydrate with this amazing oil-free, hyaluronic acid-based, cooling gel masque. Your skin will regain it’s plumpness and radiance while being deeply rehydrated without clogging pores. A must for summer, keep in the fridge for that extra cooling sensation. ($68)


I hope this will help you with your summer skin care routine!

In healthy skin,


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