Summer is time to enjoy the sunshine (responsibly of course, with lots of SPF).  Not one of us wants to be cooped up in doors a minute more than work and chores require. We all would rather be on the patio, bevy in hand, defrosting from the long winters. Not much is more re-warding than days at the lake, afternoons in the garden, hikes through the mountains, and BBQ’s with friends.


However, with all this summertime fun, where do you fit in your skin care? We know that treatments maintain youthful appearance, prevent acne and aging and oh so much more. But it is still sooooo hard to peel yourself away from this lovely summer life and get yourself in to the clinic.


Fortunately for you, we have an answer!  Our ultimate summer hack; Mini Treatments!  We created our mini treatment menu a few years ago, specifically with our clients’ busy lifestyles in mind. Every summer we re-visit them, as a way to remind busy clients that they don’t have to dedicate hours and hours to maintain their glowing skin.


We have three basic mini treatments, each with the ability to customize for your specific skin type!


Mini Dermaplaning

(Our number one Mini Treatment)

This 30-minute treatment is only $75. It leaves you feeling smooth and bright and ready for a night out on the patio! Makeup applies more smoothly, the products you use at home work better, and you glow glow glow! You will notice results almost immediately.


Mini Peel

Mini Peels can be done after a Mini Dermaplaning or on their own.  At an affordable $75, it can help prevent clogged pores and acne triggered by summer heat and extra SPF use. We can target brown spots as well as fine lines, with options for all skin types, you are sure to be pleased with this 30-minute delight of a treatment.


Mini Facials

What better way to relax after a hot summer day than a facial!  Our 45 min Mini Facials are only $99 and with options for dry skin, acne prone skin and dull aging skin we are certain you will find a quick pick me up you are sure to love! Mini facials are awesome on their own or boosted when combined with a Mini Dermaplaning!



We would love to help you find the Mini Treatment that gives you exactly what you want! Don’t wait for fall, book now for your summer Mini-Treatment and keep the glow going!