The lymphatic system: likely one of the most undervalued and misunderstood systems in the entire human body.

A portion of our immune system, the lymphatic system is a web of organs and tissues that help to rid the body of toxins and waste. The main functions of the lymphatic system are to absorb lipids (fat) from the intestine and to effectively circulate lymph—a fluid containing white blood cells—throughout the body. As an example, our tonsils, spleen, and thymus are all part of the lymphatic system.

“Marie,” I can hear you say, “this is good info, but why should I care?” SkinScience Clinic will tell you why: because your lymphatic system working improperly may be what’s standing between the figure (and skin!) you’ve been working towards.

Why You Want Your Lymphatic System to Be Firing on All Cylinders

We’ve all experienced our lymph working: for example, if you have ever had a sore throat during flu season and felt that your throat was tender, that means that your lymph was swollen due to cleaning up a virus within our body. Our autonomous nervous system regulates our lymph daily without any conscious thought.

Because the lymphatic system helps to protect against infection and disease by both absorbing and metabolizing waste, when it becomes inefficient it becomes the equivalent of a backed-up pipe: waste clogs within the body and, in turn, triggers inflammation. If uncorrected, inflammation will morph into chronic inflammation, which includes:

·        Acne

·        Eczema or psoriasis

·        Weight gain and/or fat around the waist

·        Food allergies

·        Diabetes

·        Arthritis

·        Digestive complications

·        Heart disease

·        Fatigue

·        and High Blood Pressure

We treat many clients every day who are unknowingly dealing with the ramifications of a slow or ineffective lymphatic system: whether it be acne clients, clients who are unhappy with their premature and/or visible signs of aging, or clients who are struggling to eliminate stubborn fat, the impact when your lymphatic system is lagging is enormous.

“How Do I Keep My Lymphatic System Healthy?”

Now that we have all this lymphatic system-oriented info, what do we do? We take action, that’s what!

Our SkinScience Clinic-approved methods for bolstering your lymphatic systems’ function are:

·        Stay hydrated: the best water to drink is, in order, clean water, alkaline water, and distilled water; while distilled water does lack those beneficial electrolytes, staying adequately hydrated throughout the day should be your top priority when looking to get your lymphatic system back on track.

·        Eat a nutritious diet: consuming a diet rich in alkaline foods will ensure that you are provided a full range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

·        Don’t skimp on the fat: incorporating avocado, cheese, fish, chia seeds, and olive oil will give your diet the dose of healthy fats that your body needs to be functioning its best.

·        Exercise daily: including both aerobic and anaerobic physical activity daily will help you control your weight, manage your blood sugar levels, improve your brain function, and improve your sleep—as well as many other things!

·        Manage your stress: stress can be an inflammation trigger, so learning how to mitigate your stress will be beneficial. Our favourite stress-relieving techniques are yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

·        Conduct a lymphatic drainage massage: using gentle pressure on non-inflamed areas of the body, massage areas of your body with relaxed hands in gentle upwards motions. These repeated motions will help your body drain excess fluid that your lymphatic system is having difficulty eliminating completely.

Still Struggling With Your Lymphatic System?

During our initial consultations here at SkinScience Clinic, we ensure that we verify that your lymphatic system is working correctly before performing any Fractora, laser skin resurfacing, or radiofrequency treatments, as your body’s ability to flush excess fluid is essential for optimum results after these treatments.

If you are having difficulty managing the toll a slow or ineffective lymphatic system is having on your body, book your Body Positive Program consultation for when this period of self-isolation is over: this limited-time program assigns one of our experienced skin specialists to you, who will build you a 100% personalized home care and in-clinic treatment plan based on your genetics, lifestyle, diet, and health history. Get in touch today to get your lymphatic system back on track!