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As one of Calgary’s best and most trusted skin care clinics, we at SkinScience Clinic are dedicated to providing science-backed skin care education for every situation– including self-isolating during COVID-19!

While in-clinic procedures here at SkinScience may be skin care “sprints”, it’s the marathon of correct and thorough daily skin care that will elevate your skin (and body!) to the goals you’ve set for it.

So, without further ado, here are SkinScience Clinic’s top 6 quarantine skin tips!

Quarantine Tip #1: Catch Up On SPF (Even if You’re Not Leaving the House)

Calgary, did you know that you should be wearing SPF even if you aren’t leaving the house?

UVAs, the rays responsible for visible signs of aging, penetrate glass, snow, and cloud. In fact, did you know that the Canadian Dermatology Association recommends applying an SPF of greater than 30 daily in order to fight premature aging?Our recommendation? Image Skincare’s family of moisturizing sunscreen.

Quarantine Skin Tip #2: Use This Time to Let Your Natural Lash Line Breathe.

If you are someone who gets their eyelashes “done”– whether that be in the form of lash tints, lifts, or even falsies!– use this time in self-isolation to give your natural eyelashes a much-needed break.

Why? It’s now commonly known that eyelash enhancements, synthetic or otherwise, damage your natural lash line over time. The result? Sparser eyelashes than when you started, which defeats the purpose!

Now, we wholly understand the appeal of eyelash enhancements– SkinScience Clinic’s founder, Marie Bertrand, even avoids them because she knows that once she gets accustomed to having them she’ll never want to stop!– but we make the argument that taking the time to grow a lush, natural lash line all your own is far more rewarding in the long-run. 

For those looking to bolster your natural eyelashes during self-isolation, we cannot recommend enough ordering in AnteAGE’s reputable Overnight Lash Serum. Order from our online store today while it’s still in stock  to enjoy our limited-time free delivery, free samples, and 72-hour shipping policy!

Quarantine Skin Tip #3: “Hydration, Hydration, Hydration” is the “Location, Location, Location” of Skin Care.

Let’s be honest with each other: are you really drinking the recommended 2L of water per day?

Water plays a key role in shielding your skin from dryness, flaking, and premature aging– as well as is essential for your body’s natural detoxing functions. If you’re struggling to get through the recommended eight glasses a day, our water “hacks” are as follows:

  • Squeeze in some lemon: adding a splash of lemon, cucumber, or ginger to your water gives it a tasty zing that will make drinking your 2L more enjoyable!
  • Replace your coffee with green tea: “No, Marie!” I can hear you cry. “Anything but my coffee!” However, sacrificing one cup of coffee per day with an equally-as-caffeinating cup of matcha or green tea will get you that much closer to your daily water intake goal.
  • Refill constantly: to avoid forgetting about refilling your cup, refilling as soon as your cup is empty will assist you in getting into the water-drinking routine!

Quarantine Skin Tip #4: Embrace Your Natural Nails.

Were you unlucky enough to not have gotten your gel or acrylic nails removed while salons were still open? 

We feel your pain, which is why we’ve put together our favourite nail polish and fake nail removal protocol!

  • Step #1: Find or purchase nail polish remover, cotton pads, and aluminum foil.
  • Step #2: Soak the cotton pads in the remover and hold a pad to each of your nails.
  • Step #3: Wrap each finger firmly with the aluminum foil to hold the cotton pads in place.
  • Step #4: Keep the cotton pads in place for 15 minutes.
  • Step #5: Unwrap your fingers to reveal your fresh, natural nails! Nail polish, gel, or acrylics should now peel or pop off easily.
  • Step #6: Wash your hands thoroughly and apply DermaQuest’s Radiant Skin Oil to your nails and cuticles to repair any damage that has been done and coax your nails back to optimum growth.

Quarantine Skin Tip #5: Switch to Blue Light Neutralizing Products!

We love mineral sunscreens for protecting our skin against harmful blue light… especially when we’re on our devices 24/7 in quarantine! Blue light emitted from your computer and phone screens are scientifically proven to contribute to age spots and assist in premature aging.

Our solution? Neutralize blue light with specially-crafted serums and moisturizers, such as Aliquote Skin’s HydraLift Infusion or Dermaquest’s Essential Moisturizer. When combined with regular sunscreen application, it can double your protection against the blue light exposure we face daily!

Quarantine Skin Tip #6: Go Fresh-Faced.

Ensuring that your face is properly cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized is essential. Know what else is? Going fresh-faced when you can!

There’s no need to cake on the makeup now that we’re all in self-isolation! Regardless of whether you’re Skyping coworkers, working on the front lines, or taking some “you” time at home, taking a break from makeup and letting your skin “breathe” is essential in ridding yourself of congestion.

Still craving the glow of foundation? Add just a touch of foundation to your favourite sunscreen to get that glowy tinted moisturizer look!

Looking to Achieve Perfect Skin in Quarantine?

Although the doors to our physical location in downtown Calgary may be closed to comply with the current preventative COVID-19 measures, our inbox and online store are always open: reach out to Marie via Instagram or Facebook to keep up-to-date with happenings and quarantine-related skin care education, and be sure to take advantage of our limited-time free delivery when ordering through our online store (with fast shipping and free samples guaranteed with each purchase!)

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