At SkinScience, we work hard to have an extremely thorough consultation with each of our clients so that we have an in-depth understanding of what each individual client is hoping to achieve.  We also try hard to understand each client on a deeper level so we can understand which treatment path is the right one for them.


At the end of our one hour comprehensive consultation, we discuss treatment options. We frequently recommend different treatment options for different individuals.  At that point, we frequently get asked questions like:


“Why didn’t you recommend ___________, “ (Fill in blank with any other treatment)





“Why are you recommending IPL boosted Fractora instead of________”


There are several reasons we recommend the combination of IPL boosted Fractora instead of just recommending a facial or a peel, here are the most common reasons:


Every treatment has its limitations.

Or in other words, another treatment won’t give the results you are looking for. It would be awesome if a Dermaplaning could tighten a jawline, or eliminate wrinkles for the long term but it can’t. Same goes for peels, and facials. Facials area perfect for helping to create healthier skin, as well as giving a deep hydration boost, relaxation, extractions, and light exfoliation, but facials are not capable of targeting the deeper signs of aging. If you desire better results, you will need a better treatment.


You have your own unique aging concerns (aka what works for your girlfriend might not be what you need)

Every individual has their own unique aging story. Every person’s genetics and life experiences are unique to them, and create their own unique needs. Creating a cookie cutter treatment approach, doesn’t work as well as a treatment approach that targets each clients’ specific needs individually. In order for you to get the most ideal results, we take all of your unique needs into consideration.


You are seeking improvement to more than one issue and don’t want surgery.

Part of our consultation process is to take the time to listen, really listen to what you as our client really, really want.  If you have brought to our attention that you want maximum results, that are long lasting or permanent and you want to target more than one of the following at once:



-Large pores

-Sun spots


-Uneven Skintone

-Lack of firmness


-Uneven jawline


-Lines around the mouth

-Lines around the eyes or Crows-feet

-Firmer skin

-Acne scarring




Then it’s not likely a singular treatment will help as much as a combined therapy like IPL boosted Fractora.



Often clients come in with one primary concern. However, if you are one of the ones that desires improvement to more than one of the concerns listed above, then doing a combined treatment is the way to go. Doing treatments together always gives better results. (to read about how and why combined treatments work better, click here to read our previous blog post about it).


If you are interested in learning about your unique aging needs, give us a call! We live to help you find the ideal treatment for your unique needs.


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