Last week we had a consultation with an awesome guy.  He was wanting to shrink the large pores on his nose and get rid of the redness in the midsection of his face.  We discussed his treatment options, including some of our treatment packages. He then asked “Do I need a package; can’t I just do the treatments?”.


My response was honest.  Of course, he could just do the treatments.  But I thought that I would share with you, what I shared with him.  The reasons why the treatment packages we offer at SkinScience are often the better choice.


All of our treatment packages (including this month’s focus the ‘Bright and Glow’ package) are very specially designed to give maximum benefit and achieve maximum results. We love our analogies at SkinScience, so here is an easy one to better illustrate.


Think about renovating your home.  Would you use one tool to do all of your renovations?  How about one paintbrush to paint an entire room? No, you would use multiple tools to get the job done.  For painting you would have rollers for the large walls, small brushes for the edging, and another set for the trim work.  Our skin care treatment packages are designed to do the same for your skin.


Last week we introduced you to our very popular, very effective “Bright and Glow Package”.  There are three of each of three separate treatments included in that package, and the final result is greater than the sum of its parts.


The ‘Bright and Glow’ package will shrink your large pores, first by exfoliating with the peel, stimulating collagen during the dermaplaning, and then stimulating deeper collagen with the IPL.  The dermaplaning and peel will help lighten brown spots before the IPL knocks them out.  The dermaplaning and peels will make it easier for the IPL to target visible capillaries and eliminate them. Do you see the crossover between all three of the treatments?  This means that areas of concern are targeted from multiple different sides, reducing the chances that a brown spot or large pore will escape and not respond.


Lastly there are the real-life components to treatment packages.  Realities like: It allows us to offer clients a bit of a price break, so that the treatments we love are just a little bit more affordable for you. Realities like: we found that having a package helps individuals follow through with completing the required number of treatments in the right time frame to get the best possible results. This means, we have happier clients, with brighter glowing faces.


To learn more about what the the “Bright and Glow” package click here:

Why Our “Bright + Glow” Package Is So Amazing


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