Seasonal Skin Care: Why it’s Important

Any person dedicated to good skin care has heard, that you need to pop in for a freshen up “as the seasons change”. But why is Seasonal Skin Care Important?


Our skin can be very effected by seasonal changes in our environment and weather.  Temperature changes and variations in humidity can change how skin functions on a base level and change how our skin care products interact with our skin.  When our skin is not functioning optimally, it loses its ability to balance water and lipids, it slows down its cell turnover rate and the result is dull looking skin, an increase of clogged pores and an increase in signs of aging and inflammation.


So what do we do about it? At SkinScience, we offer follow up consultations all year round.  This service is perfect if you are feeling the effects of the changing season but are unsure what to do about it.  This allows us to discuss with you first-hand what changes you are seeing.  We review what you are doing, and using at home as well as do a physical examination of your skin.  This service is only available for clients who have previously gone through the full length Comprehensive Cosmetic Consultation. Commonly at the time of your follow up, we review which hydrators are being used, how frequently exfoliating products are being used, treatment masques being done at home and if we need to change directions or make adjustments to in clinic treatments.


Alternatively, if you like to condense appointments, a seasonal change is a great time to book a Dermaplaning Facial.  This treatment is $150.  It gently removes dead skin build up and usually gives us enough time to make a few adjustments to at home skin care routines.  You will leave feeling bright, fresh, smooth and ready to take on a new season!


Seasonal Skin Care: Additional thoughts

Lastly, a gentle reminder that this is a perfect opportunity to review sun protection as well! With all the gardening, days at the lake, festivals and other fun summer activities on the horizon don’t get caught off guard with a product that you don’t like (read don’t like = won’t use!). Take the time to come in now and find the SPF you love, so you won’t regret your lovely summer days come fall! We have lots of amazing sun protection products, so finding one you like is a breeze.


We are excited that summer is finally here!  We hope to see you soon so that we can help keep you fresh and glowing all summer long!

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