Everyone has at least one area that they wish was tighter and firmer. Some of us have multiple areas we would like to be tighter and firmer. Radio Frequency is awesome, because it tightens and firms pretty much any area of the body. Yes, we are telling the truth, we wouldn’t joke with you about something as awesome as this!



Radio Frequency targets collagen like a drill sergeant on the first day of basic training.  It encourages collagen to get stronger by adding more fibers to each collagen strand. It organizes it by getting it to wind tighter, and lastly, it causes it to contract.


When, stronger more organized collagen contracts, it pulls all the layers it’s connected to together resulting in tighter, firmer skin.


This tighter, firmer skin now has wrinkles that are now shorter, and less deep than before the treatment and stretchmarks that have become hardly noticeable.


Collagen is not a fast responder – it will be a series of treatments, and a few months before you get to see your amazing final results. But Radio Frequency has shown time and again, that it is a great option for those of us wanting tighter, firmer skin.



We love to treat all areas with Radio Frequency.  Over the years, we have had lots of great results with RF in a lot of areas.  But our favorites are:


Lower Face / Jowls– creates contoured jawlines, that are smooth, even and firm


Tummy/Abdomens– Restores tautness, reduces stretchmarks and makes belly buttons front and center instead of drooping to the side.


Eyes– reduces under eye pouching, shortens crowsfeet, lifts sagging brows.


Other areas we like to treat are knees, bum cheeks and necks.


There are different types of radio frequency treatments.  We perform Fractora RF and Forma RF.  Depending on what we are treating, we may recommend doing one over the other or sometimes (like with stretch marks) we do both! Layering both always gives phenomenal results.


If you are interested in reducing stretchmarks or tightening pretty much any part of you, give us call! We are here to coach you through the process of having tighter, firmer EVERYTHING!


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