August is the month where we usually see a surge in clogged pores, skin breakouts and acne scarring. I’ve been in the medical spa business for 10 years, and I see this trend over and over again. Every August. Year in. Year out. 

But the question is, WHY does it happen? 

SUN EXPOSURE: The beneficial effects of the sun on your acne-prone skin are only temporary. While sun exposure might dry out your skin at the beginning of the summer, it also leads to thicker, rougher post-summer skin that will ultimately lead to more clogged pores. More clogged pores, means more future pimples. Which you are experiencing now, in August and September.

SWEAT: Of course, summers are hotter and we are more prone to sweating, which can ultimately clog pores as well. (add dust and grime, and you’ve got yourself a pore-clogging cocktail – eewww)

SUNSCREEN: Everybody tells you to use your sunscreen (and you should), but a lot of sunscreens in the market are formulated with pore-clogging ingredients (even if they are labeled as “non comedogenic” aka “will not clog pores”, it can still happen). Oil-loving sunscreen ingredients will be more than happy to settle into the pores, further clogging them. One clogged pore = One future pimple. You get it by now! 😉

SKIN CARE PRODUCTS: changing your skin care routine in May/June is important to experience a pimple-free summer. It’s hotter, you sweat more, you pile on the sunscreen, so you should definitely amp up your exfoliation and choose post-summer skin care products that have lighter textures.  You can check out many products at our online store:

CLEANSING: being diligent with cleansing your face in the morning and at night is an essential mandatory step to keep your skin problem-free. I know, I know, you might have had too much to drink and you’re skin cleansing discipline just goes out the door, or you might be camping with limited access to water. Well, tough luck, you still need to make it happen! (even if it means that you are using a cleansing wipe twice a day while camping or put the cleansing wipe stash by your bedside table – just do it! You’ll thank us later!)

DIET: alcohol, hot dogs, smores, pizza, sangria… aaaahhh, the joys of summer! Hey, for some of us, diet plays a HUGE role in keeping our skin clear and if you indulge over and over again in high glycemic foods, you might see your skin become oilier, clog more and become more inflamed (ie more active acne). I know it plays a HUGE role in my skin. Pizza on Friday? Pimple by Monday. Nice. Not.

In other words, we’ve been there before and know what it feels like.  🙁

Are you looking for proven skin solutions to help your acne so that it doesn’t linger into the fall and winter? Let’s book your acne consultation (or acne treatment if you are already a client) at SkinScience Clinic today and get you started on the road to clear, blemish-free skin. We offer solutions like acne peels, acne facials, dermaplaning, extractions, blue light laser, red light laser, microneedling and more, to help your skin (bumps, blemishes and acne scars) get back under control! And as always, we will make sure your skin care products (and makeup) are well adapted to your post-summer skin concerns while promoting a clear, even, blemish-free complexion.

Oh, one more thing. You should do your due diligence before choosing a skin care clinic you can trust. Don’t take our word for it, do your research and check SkinScience Clinic’s reviews out on Facebook and Google!

We hope to see you soon!


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