It’s the time of year for holiday parties and seeing family from out of town that you haven’t seen in a year.  Impressing your co-workers with your dazzling holiday glow (sans makeup of course!) is always an ultimate goal. While ensuring your Mother-in-law doesn’t make an underhanded “I know a great night cream to help with those crows-feet” comment again this year would even better.  But you are so busy, do you really have time to invest now to make sure that your Christmas morning Facebook selfies are fabulous????  Of course you do!  It takes shockingly little time to get your holiday glow-on. Here are our staff faves for pre-party (and pre- family visitation) for glow-fully gorgeous skin!


Who: Misean


Role: Skin Care Therapist, Esthetician Extraordinaire and Flight Safety Guru, she is known for her magic hands during facials and for always running on time. (Seriously, we do not know how she does it!)


Favourite(s): “Oohhhh, my favourite treatment for clients before parties is definitely a Vitamin C Peel.  I also LOVE the pumpkin enzyme mask. Neither are too aggressive but very much effective in revitalizing the skin. Both help to stimulate cell renewal, remove dry dead skin cells that leave skin looking dull and tired. It’s an instant glow and can be done just hours before your next party (and or hot date!) “


Investment: $135 and 35-40 minutes



Who: Leanne


Role: Skin Care Therapist with Lots of Heart! Our newest member of the SkinScience family (with years of previous experience), Leanne the Lionheart has already built a reputation as being sensitive, caring and kind. She is driven to make clients feel great inside while giving amazing results outside!


Favourite: “Dermaplaning! There are so many options to pick but if I had to narrow down to one this would probably my favourite just before an event. Dermaplaning will improve skin texture, remove that build – up of dull, dead skin cells, help with diminishing the look of large pores, promote a little collagen for a youthful glow. It will rejuvenate the skin and give it a fresh look for the party, as well as makeup will go on nice & smooth.”


Investment: $189 and 45 minutes



Who: Nivian


Role: Front End Co-Coordinator, Social Event Planner, Master Organizer and Clinic Lifesaver


Favourite: “My favorite treatment about 2 days before a party is hands down Vitamin C Peel!  It makes my skin luminous, smooth and it feels plump, radiant and hydrated.  My makeup glides on! Extra Tip: My favorite at home treatment before an event is the DermaQuest Pumpkin Mask the day before, then sleep with the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 mask for extra hydration. Get complements on my skin every time!”


Investment: $135 and 35-40 Minutes



Who: Marie


Role: Founder, Operator, Owner, Skin Care Therapist, Artist, Conductor, Resident Microbiologist………… I could keep going but I’d run out of room!


Favourite: “Dermaplaning + 4 Layer Lift Combo. Its deep, no downtime exfoliation. It significantly boosts skins luminosity and hydration. Doing this combo treatment between 1-10 days before an event creates greater confidence. It gives long lasting glow and luminosity to the skin, so you can wear less makeup while looking fresh and rested.”


Investment: $250 and 60 minutes



Who: Mikelle


Role: Skin Care Therapist, Planner, Laser Guru, Ingredient Enthusiast, Blogger, winner of the SkinScience “Cheekiest Employee” award, Resident Eye Roller


Favourite: “There is no way I can pick a favourite. But, if I have to, I will choose a Dermaplaning and Radiance Peel Combo (But I have so many close seconds!) This treatment immediately perks up oily skin. It brightens and smooths skin that is oily or acne prone, allowing it to be radiant and glowing not slick and shiny. Applying makeup after is delightful. Pores look smaller, blackheads are reduced and skin tone is more even.”


Investment: $220 and 45-60 minutes



We love hearing about all the compliments our clients get while out at their parties during the holiday season! To add your name to that list, give us a call to book your treatment now!


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