Often, we are asked why we charge for consultations.  After all, there are so many other clinics that offer them for free. Why would you pay for something that you can get for free? Well, here is why:



Our consultations are a full hour.  This entire hour is dedicated to you. We spend it one on one with you, talking about your skin. What your skin’s history is, what your skin needs and what things you hope to see in your skin.



Every step along the way, we are dedicated to understanding what you want to see in your skin.  We have specially created our intake forms, and skin history forms with some very unique questions to help us start along the path of understanding what YOU want to see.  We spend time listening, actually listening to what you have to say about your skin so we can gain a thorough understanding of all your needs and most importantly what changes and improvements you want to see.



We dedicate a portion of our time in each consultation to physically review and assess your skin (under magnification) so we can see even the most minute details. This helps us understand the current status of your skin.  There is a second portion of our consultations that is dedicated to deep digital analysis of your skin. Using specific filters on our camera, we are able to photograph what lies INSIDE your skin.  We can see underlying inflammation, underlying sun damage, clogged pores, collagen loss and more. With this information, we are better equipped to create a treatment plan that will give impressive results for your skin.



Taking photos during every consultation allows us to maintain accountability to our patients.  It means that results are documented and that if you ever have a concern, we can take a second look at any point in time and see. It gives you our client, peace of mind knowing that we are willing to be accountable to you.



In each consultation, we educate you on how your skin functions. We educate you how your skin is different and what sets it apart from others.  This empowers you in deciding what treatments are best for you.



We create a multi-tiered plan to give you the results you want over time.  In this plan we discuss your budget, your life plans (are you planning on getting pregnant or switching careers etc), how much time would you like to dedicate to treatments and so many other considerations.  We include short-term and long-term planning for skin care and for in-clinic treatments.



We have a sensationally in-depth understanding of skin care and skin care ingredients.  We put this understanding to good use creating the perfect skin care routine for you. Ensuring that you get exactly what your skin needs.



What are you waiting for? Come in and find out why this could be the best $95 you ever spent on yourself!


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