Finally, the era of “artificially enhanced looks” is being left behind. There’s a trend away from fake eyelashes, thicker than realistic eyebrows (sorry Cara Delevigne), hair extensions, over-plumped and frozen faces, and extreme anti-aging treatments. People are gaining more and more interest in natural beauty – wanting to look their best while retaining the features that make them unique. Even some imperfections! We’re tired of trying to achieve the unachievable  (read: photoshopped) beauty-model look only to end up with that frozen, expression-less appearance. And we’re fed up with draining our bank accounts to get there.

The new era of looking real and looking like yourself, just better, is here. And Hollywood stars are leading the way. The moment when Marie Claire magazine released unretouched photos of Cindy Crawford’s imperfect body with all its flaws, the aesthetic field changed forever. What Cindy did had such a positive outcome, generating thousands of positive comments from women around the world. It seemed everyone applauded seeing a supermodel in her natural look, without Photoshop. What she did was open the door for millions of women to stop living under the illusion of unrealistic physical  expectations and to celebrate what’s unique about each of us. Looking the best you can at your age is a representation of a strong personality. Standing out, being different from the crowd of frozen faces and over-plump lips by expressing your unique personality is the new true beauty.

Cosmetic surgery is quickly giving way to non-invasive alternatives in helping to restore the natural, youthful look & health of our skin. We’re opting instead for less invasive techniques to tighten the skin and encourage new collagen growth to regenerate what’s been lost over time. We want techniques that work with our body’s natural system for regeneration rather than cutting out or adding unnatural materials under our skin. Radio-frequency, chemical peels, dermaplaning and IPL are great non-invasive options for long lasting and natural-looking results. What’s funny is these techniques are not new. They’ve been used effectively for many years. But thanks to Cindy Crawford, there’s a newfound interest in non-invasive techniques like these that help us achieve our natural beauty without losing our personality, bank account and smile.

Let’s start embracing our own individual beauty,