What is a ‘Mummy Tummy’ ? (Post Pregnancy Tightening)

The term ‘Mummy Tummy’ is used to describe changes of the skin over the post pregnancy stomach area. ‘Mummy Tummy’ represents a combination of remnant loose skin and stretch marks. During pregnancy, the rapid growth of the baby causes the skin to over stretch. Following birth, some retraction of the skin may occur however most women find that this area is looser than before. The skin may also resemble a deflated balloon or simply appear looser with or without stretch marks.

How is ‘Mummy Tummy’ treated?

Loose skin is generally treated with the Body RF treatment platform, however creepiness and stretch marks often combined with Fractional RF semi-ablative treatment. The experts at SkinScience can assess the skin condition and develop an individualized treatment plan to tighten and treat stretch marks.

What are the immediate post treatment effects and long term results? 

The treatments involve heating the deeper layer of the skin. Our Body RF platform uses an advanced sensor technology that provides even and controlled heating for optimal results.

Following treatment, the skin is mildly inflamed and warm, resembling a mild sunburn. Dermal heating will settle down over a few hours to 24 hours, after which the skin will have a ‘sand-like’ feel for a few days. An antibiotic cream is used to keep the area softened and moist. The skin will appear immediately tighter as collagen is contracted and the skin will continue to improve over a period of 2 to 3 months following treatment.

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