This is your last chance to enter to win our last prize of our ‘Summer of Contests’! We have loved our summer! Giving away so many prizes to so many! It has been a real treat for us.


Our last prize is a ‘Stretch Mark Tamer’ treatment cycle and a Neocutis Bio Serum, valued at over $1400.


In order to enter, we have asked you to share with us the thing (or things) about yourself that you love; and we have had some delightful, heartfelt responses. We have loved seeing strong women share with us what their strengths are and what they are proud of! Sharing in this way helps build up those around us, and all of us at SkinScience want to be part of building each other up in a way that increases and celebrates strength!


(To see a small sampling of these responses, check out the post on our Instagram by clicking here)


As August comes to a close, we are looking forward to the changes that Fall will bring, in life, in the weather, in schedules. We also want to give you one last chance to enter into our ‘Summer of Contests’! The final prize draw is on August 31 so you have one more day to enter to win!


Find out how to enter out last contest by clicking here


Find out about this confidence building treatment the ‘Stretchmark Tamer’ by clicking here


As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have, just a phone call away


(403) 287-1477





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