How We Tame Your Stretch Marks

We are called SkinScience for a reason, science supports everything we do.  The roots, or core of every treatment we offer is based in science. How we tame your stretch marks using our Stretch Mark Tamer treatment is exactly the same!


Celebrate yourself! Be proud of who you are, what you have done – and enjoy the freeing feeling of improving your stretch marks!


This package is a two- phase collagen stimulating treatment series.


Phase One – Forma RF Plus

Radio Frequency has been a proven method for stimulating the production of collagen for over 20 years. Over that 20 years span the technology has been refined, gotten safer, allowing for the most optimized treatments ever.  SkinScience has the most up to date Radio Frequency available. It is Health Canada and FDA approved for collagen production and skin tightening!


The Forma RF Plus stimulates collagen without damaging the skin. It targets collagen and causes it to begin to pull together and shorten itself which causes it to bring layers of your skin with it. Pulling together damaged areas like stretchmarks, making them look less noticeable. In addition to stimulating collagen and starting the skin tightening processs, the Phase One of Forma RF creates a foundation for Phase Two Fractora.  By strengthening collagen with Phase One we achieve even better results with:


Phase Two – Fractora

Our Fractora treatment combines proven Radio Frequency with proven Micro-needling. By combining these two powerhouse treatments we get amazing results.  The micro-needling allows us to ablate the skin, deliver RF energy deep into the dermis, and not heat up or cause trauma to the superficial layers of the skin like so many fractionated lasers can (Pro-Fractional, Fraxel, Pearl etc.). Ablation of the skin with the micro-needling allows for micro-restructuring of the skin to occur i.e. remodeling skin that was damaged by being stretched.



Here are some things you should know before treatment:


Does it hurt?

No. It really doesn’t! Phase one is actually quite nice, many clients tell us it’s relaxing and is a nice break from their day.  You feel a warm sensation, that slowly builds to feeling quite warm to mildly hot – the technician has control over the intensity and the temperature, so it is never uncomfortably hot.  During phase two we use an amazing topical numbing cream. Clients report almost no sensation, we have yet to have a client tell us that a stretchmark Fractora is painful!


How much downtime is there?

After the Forma RF Plus – there is no downtime.  You will be mildly pink in the area treated for a few hours.  We ask that you refrain from using a sauna, or hot tub for a few days and that is about it.  Many clients do this on their lunch breaks!


After your Fractora, you will need to apply polysporin cream over the area a few times a day, no hot tubs, saunas or swimming pools for 7-10 days – and you should not expose the area to direct sunlight for 10-14 days (well, no part of you should ever get tanned – a tan is your skin getting damaged, but that’s another blog!). You can go through your normal routines day to day like you usually do!



How much does it cost?

Each cycle is $1299, with three cycles recommended. By purchasing cycles (vs. individual treatments) you save quite a bit! If you pre-purchase 3 cycles we will give you an additional 10% off.

BONUS: Purchase  your first cycle now and receive a Neocutis Bio Serum as our gift!  The growth factors in the NeoCutis Bio Serum multiply cells (including collagen cells!), amplifying the results of your treatments even more! (VALUE $235)


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