As part of our 1 hour Cosmetic Consultation, we offer an analysis of client’s current skin care products.  Clients bring in their skin care products, ideally with an ingredient list and we asses if it contains ingredients that have been proven (by the scientific community) to help them achieve their goals. This is not a pitch for products we are selling, it is an honest review. We regularly recommend products that we do not retail, or send client home with instructions to continue with something they already have.  One thing that we almost never recommend? Continued use of homemade skincare concoctions. Here is why;



Bacterial Growth is real problem.  Skin care products that are whipped up in your kitchen or bathroom, are exposed to so many more bacteria than products made in a thoroughly sterilized, monitored, and approved facility.  Many of the bacteria in your kitchen or bathroom have the potential to be quite dangerous. Re-using an empty bottle to store your home-made skin care in, increases the bacterial load and risk. In addition, access to ingredients that safely and effective prevent bacterial growth is not available, so these bacteria grow very quickly within the homemade skincare products.



Essential Oils Cant Fix Every Problem

So many homemade products are based on recipes that utilize essential oils.  At SkinScience we do love our essential oils, just not necessarily in skin care.  Our staff utilize them to help remain centered, get an energy boost, or sometimes to help stay focus when blog writing!  Having said that, most oil molecules are entirely too large to penetrate into your skin.  This means very little benefit is achieved from topical application. Because these molecules sit on your skin, the benefits they offer are not nearly the same as the benefits of ingredients that are able to change the way your skin functions from the inside.  Even worse, there are many, many essential oils that when applied topically cause irritation and inflammation which have been proven to ACCELERATE aging.


Acne and oil never mix. Period. Oils as a hard rule are not bad.  There are skin types that need the skin barrier replenishment that oils offer. However, if you have acne, stay away. Any oil in any form on acne prone skin can create more clogged pores, which can lead to more breakouts.


Quality Control

Homemade skincare products lack quality controls. When skin care products are made in a dedicated facility, they monitor every detail.  There are so many considerations that go into creating a product that is stable and safe.  Primary ingredients are maintained at specific temperatures before adding in active ingredients, ensuring they are not altered becoming useless, the ph. of the product needs to be maintained throughout, air quality is monitored, room humidity levels maintained and so on and so on….  Lastly, so many homemade products use ingredients that are NOT safe. Lemon juice for instance, is not safe for topical use. (Read this previous
blog post about Lemon Juice and why it is not safe to apply on your skin)


With all the Pinterest pages dedicated to DIY, we know it’s so tempting to carry the DIY enthusiasm into your skin care, but, please, leave the creation of skin care to the specialists! You will thank yourself in the long run!