You know it’s not healthy, but you secretly love being a little sun kissed. Having that hint of color to your cheeks reminds you of your summer vacation and fun you had with your friends and family.


Now that fall has set in though, you just look somewhat dull and drab. What was a lovely summer sun-kissed complexion, now looks a bit dirty and you sure are noticing those little wrinkles around your eyes a bit more than you usually notice them……. Not to mention zero “glow” or luminosity to your skin.


What the heck is going on you wonder???? We have an answer:


Sun exposure, or specifically exposure to UVA and UVB rays, dehydrates your skin. Being in warmer weather means you don’t notice the dehydration initially, because in warmer weather sweat and sebaceous glands are more active.


However, now that you are home and the weather has cooled down – all that dehydration is causing dead skin to build up, and up and up.  Your skin that is now dehydrated does not slough off at the rate it should, so it builds up faster and thicker than it usually would. All that tanned dead skin build up starts to look pretty gross – and make you look much older than you are.


The Solution?


Get the dead skin off!  We can do this a number of ways, our favorite fall skin treatment kick starter is a dermaplaning, which you can read about by clicking here.


Next on our list of solutions is Vitamin C.  Specifically our amazing C-Infusion Peel.  This high dose vitamin c chemical peel is like an anti-oxidant shooter for your face.  It brightens, it neutralizes free radicals, preserves collagen, and reverses some of the pesky signs of aging.  We love to do this immediately AFTER a dermaplaing so we get maximum absorption of the Vitamin C which means you get maximum results.


If you can’t get into the clinic for a good dose of Vitamin C, we have a great at home protocol that you can use to start your recovery at home, it’s not a potent as the in-clinic treatment, but it is a good starting point:


  1. Cleanse with C-Infusion Cleanser ,or gentle cleanser of your choice.
  2. Massage in a quarter sized amount of the Algae Polishing Scrub into skin dampened with warm water – continue massaging for 2 minutes, then rinse
  3. Apply an even layer of C-Infusion Treatment Masque for up to 20 minutes.Remove with warm water, blot dry
  4. Apply one-two pumps of the Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex and finish with your favorite moisturizer


To boost results, consider adding in the C-Infusion Eye Cream (one of our staff’s personal favorite for dark circles, under eye brightening and fine lines).



To book your summer recovery treatment, call the clinic now! We can’t wait to coach your skin back to its natural loveliness!


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