Dermaplaning is so much more than shaving our face!


It is a cutting-edge exfoliation technique that gently lifts dull skin cells and ? peach fuzz ?, and is a favorite in the entertainment industry, specifically with models and actresses.



Our clinic was the FIRST to introduce dermaplaning to Calgary over 6 years ago! And with over 5,000 treatments performed to date, we are THE experts in Calgary! 



⏰: 30-45min, no pain, no downtime 

?: $85 Mini Dermaplaning (20min)

?: $189 Dermaplaning Facial (45min)

??‍♀️: immediate benefits include smoother, softer, more radiant skin, unclogged pores and no peach fuzz! 

?: recommended every 4-8 weeks

??‍♀️: can also be combined with a medical facial, deep pore cleansing or chemical peel for added therapeutic benefits.


Are you ready for baby smooth skin? Let’s get you in for an amazing dermaplaning treatment!



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