Why We Are Picky.

Very recently we welcomed a new client into our clinic. As we always do, when a new client comes in we ask them to bring in all their current skin care products.

This particular client was happy to do so as she had recently purchased some new products from another clinic, and she knew we sold some of the same brands.

What we discovered was the prime example of why we sell multiple brands, but not every product from every brand.

If you’ve read our previous blog post on Vitamin C, you know that it is a crucial tool in fighting aging. Having said that, it can be a bit difficult to create a product that is stable. When Vitamin is not stable, it expires extremely quickly. It oxidizes and turns into the exact opposite of what it should be, and oxidant that accelerates aging.

This client had done her due diligence and knew how important Vitamin C was. When she met with us for her first visit, she had just purchased a Vitamin C serum a few weeks prior, made by a well known skin care company. When she showed us, one brief look proved why we are picky. This serum had oxidized completely! The worst part it; she reports that it hadn’t changed color (darkened) in the time since she had purchased it! She was aging herself daily by using an unstable product! This particular serum, is a national best selling product, that we choose not to sell because it is not stable to our standards.

So how do you avoid this happening to you? First, knowledge. Vitamin C serums should smell like Vitamin C; Lightly citrusy, never dull, dusty or fermented smelling. Vitamin C serums or creams should be pale.  A liquid serum should be clear, just barely tinged with color. Cream based serum should be mostly white, or pale ivory.

Vita C Side by Side - SkinScience

The serum on the left, is the actual serum our client brought in!!!!

You can see how incredibly dark it is. This is why we are picky about our products.

The serum on the right has been opened and sitting on our waiting area shelf (it’s a tester) for almost four months! Even after this long, you can see how stable it is! Clear and pale, and it smells absolutely delightful!

We don’t bash or name call at SkinScience, so we won’t be sharing with you the brand of the unstable serum above. However, we do believe in sharing the love so here is one of the serums that we love!

In cream based serums, we love Dermaquest & their C Infusion Serum!

C Infusion Serum - SkinScience

Things you should know; Marie and Marina (SkinScience team members) took the photos of the liquid serums. They were not altered or changed at all, other than to crop them to fit on one page. SkinScience believes that being honest and ethical in what we do is of the utmost importance. As such, we received absolutely no compensation for this blog post. In fact, our “Favorites” didn’t even know it was going up, lol.

Give us a call when you have a chance, we’d love to help you find the best Vitamin C for your skin!

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