Acne. It sucks. We all hate it.  But why do some people keep getting breakouts while others grow out of it?


The top contributing factors to acne breakouts are bacteria, oil, dead skin cells, hormones and inflammation. Each person dealing with acne has his or her own unique combination of those causes, making the successful treatment of acne very individual.


If we are being honest with you, acne can be incredibly, incredibly hard to treat and control.  Fortunately with our (over) 25 years of combined experience, we have learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.  We start with an acne consultation, which includes taking the history of your skin and doing an analysis of your acne.  Once we’ve highlighted what your root causes are we take the following steps:


First: Remove problem products.  What you don’t use is just as (and sometimes more) important that what you are using.  Products that contain certain oils, waxes, silicones, often increase the number of pimples you are getting regularly.


Second: Create a balanced daily skin care routine.  On a daily basis we want to make sure that we are taking steps to reduce inflammation, creating an environment where bacteria cannot survive and that skin cells are being healthfully exfoliated in the way that is good for your skin. All while maintaining the perfect balance of water and lipids that your skin needs to stay healthy (see why it takes so much experience to make it work??).


Third: We outline a custom treatment plan.  More often than not with acne, a change in products just isn’t enough. We have FABULOUS treatments that will target acne directly and encourage skin to be the healthiest it can be.


Every step of the way we assess and reassess what your skins needs are.  We customize everything we do for you, so that your skin gets exactly what it needs and none of the fluff it can live without.


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