Today, we are proud to celebrate our clinic’s 12th anniversary as Calgary’s only scientific skin care clinic ~ Happy birthday SkinScience!


Being a leader in medical aesthetics requires a lot of time spent researching the latest products and technologies in the market. It’s like another full time job for Marie. We need to make sure the products we offer will give significant, visible results on their own (after all, we track over time with our VISIA computer-based system), but we also need to ensure that we do not “jump” on the bandwagon of the latest trends in terms of technologies and services, before we know that a given technology adds value (and results) to our client’s skin health. Jumping on the latest trends too fast could ultimately hurt the clients’ skin (let alone our business and reputation).


This is why we always take time to investigate a new technologies before considering adding them to our current line up of services. The services we offer at SkinScience speak as loud as the ones WE CHOOSE NOT TO OFFER.


Here are 3 examples of technologies we will NEVER offer, as the benefits are just not worth risking the health of your skin, and can even permanently damage the skin in a lot of cases we’ve observed over the years.


X The “Hydro Facial” X ~ Did you know that our clinic purchased the first generation of “hydro facial” machines back in 2009? You know, the ones that offer the diamond tip microderm with an infusion of specific solutions into the skin? After working with that technology for MONTHS, we realized (after tracking with our VISIA) that the pulling action of the device (while the skin’s glow and hydration was improved) was generating MORE wrinkles, lack of firmness and laxity after a few treatments!! Can you imagine paying $200 per treatment, and it actually DAMAGES your skin, short and long term? We couldn’t believe it either (and we’ve got the pictures to prove it, if you ever visit the clinic).  We got our money back from the supplier and never looked back. Clinics who are offering hydro facial treatments are obviously not tracking results over time (they would see the same results as us if they follow manufacturer’s recommendations), and are ultimately damaging your skin, even if it looks and feels fabulous for a short amount of time. Don’t be fooled, don’t waste your money on that treatment, just don’t do it. If you want a mechanical exfoliation, without pulling or damaging the skin, you should consider dermaplaning instead.


X PRP aka The Vampire Facial X ~ Breaking news = it’s not because Kim Kardashian does it, that it actually has any science-based evidence to it. Did you know that after tens of thousands of clinics in North America equipped themselves with PRP equipment (that includes expensive centrifuges and blood extractions kits), we are now realizing that split face studies (one procedure on one side of the face compared with a different procedure on the other side of the face) shows NO VISIBLE DIFFERENCE between microneedling, and [microneedling + PRP]. (Say it out loud >>> “Are you KIDDING me?!?!?!?!!?”). As we age, the numbers of growth factor- and cytokine-producing stem cells changes in the body, and the net effect of what is secreted by our own stem cells is mostly INFLAMMATORY. Well, imagine that. You concentrate your inflammatory blood plasma’s to reapply it on the skin along with microneedling and you actually create more  INFLAMMATION in the skin, on top of the microneedling? Well my friends, it is well known that inflammation is not a pre-requisite to collagen production, quite the contrary. Inflammation LEADS to skin aging, so concentrating your inflammatory plasma to reintroduce it back in the skin makes no sense at all. Each Microneedling + PRP treatments usually cost $750+. A series of 3-6 treatments is usually recommended. Imagine the amount of money you could spend on a trend that was not properly tried and tested. We are so glad we did not give into this trendy treatment, and waited to see what time would tell! Instead, we recommend microneedling combined with Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell ~ the specialized cells that science has determined function as “command and control” of healing in all tissues (including the skin) and are pro-healing and anti-inflammatory. We offer many different types of microneedling at the office (pen, rollers, stamps, FRACTORA) – book a 15-min microneedling consultation to see which one is right for you.


X PLASMA PEN // PLASMA FIBROBLAST X ~ This technology became a HUGE trend in 2017 and 2018, and we have seen SO MANY people reaching out to us to help with SCARRING that was left on their face, eye contour, even tummy… Even if you are one of the lucky ones who won’t scar from the treatment, the technology doesn’t work for everybody (research shows results in 50% of patients – and they are usually temporary). Moreover, Health Canada has NOT APPROVED any plasma pen devices for sale in CANADA, which means that they have not been evaluated for safety, effectiveness or quality. So if something happens to you as a customer, you are on your own. As a clinic owner, if your spa or medispa gets sued by a customer, your insurance will not cover you, because the devices are not Health Canada approved. It’s simply not worth your skin health as a customer, nor your reputation as a clinic, if not your business itself. NOT. WORTH. IT.


At SkinScience, we offer products and procedures that are tried, tested and true. Products, services and technologies that are only Health Canada approved. Everything we offer stands the test of time. And if it works, we guarantee we will have it available for you at the clinic.


For a list of our science-based services, click HERE.


 - SkinScience

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