Forehead wrinkles, they make you look sad, angry, grumpy and tired.  We don’t know a single person who wants to look any of those things.  Like most of us, you want to feel that what you see in the mirror matches the happiness, joy, liveliness and positivity you feel on the inside.

Having been there ourselves and walked many of our wonderful clients through the process over our many years, we have narrowed it down to our favorites.



Botox (Or as we love to joke: “Vitamin B”)

Nothing beats Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport. Basically, nothing works as well as neuromodulators for frown lines, but that doesn’t sound as fun. Neuromodulators are awesome, and the best choice for forehead wrinkles.  The lines on your forehead or between the brows are there because you frown, squint or make some other unhappy sounding expression.  Any treatment that doesn’t target this, is not nearly as effective. Botox (or Xeomin or Dysport) has one of the highest client happiness rates after treatment and is the number one cosmetic procedure in North America. Oh, and did I mention that SkinScience has an amazing physician injector? Yeah, we do.


Fractora for forehead wrinkles

Fractora is our amazing radio frequency and micro-needling treatment for collagen building.  To read about it and what is does, click here.  The combination of radiofrequency and micro-needling give the most collagen stimulation possible.  The collagen that is produced, helps to smooth the texture of your skin including shrinking fine lines and forehead wrinkles.  It’s definitely our second choice for frown lines.  Best case scenario – for maximum results, you do three Fractora treatments, and finish it off with a bit of Xeomin from our very thorough and very talented physician injector, Dr. Amane.


Stem Cell 3D Complex & Hydrafirm Serum

Sometimes treatments like nuromodulators or Fractora are not an option. If this is the case using a daily product regime that will target some of the multiple reasons that wrinkles are forming, helps refine your skin and reduce wrinkle depth and length. This line is safe for sensitive skin and contains no ingredients that cause irritation or that are known to be problematic during pregnancy. We LOVE this line and the results we see in your skin when you use it. To check out the Serum click here to check out the Complex click here


Retinoic Acid Peel

Another SkinScience favorite, and for good reason.  This peel gives noticeable results in the first treatment. With a series of treatments, results  get better and are longer lasting.  Retinoic Acid does amazing things for your skin.  It is one of the most studied ingredients, and its efficacy has been proven time and again.  It has been shown to refine skin, stimulate collagen, reverse visible sun spots, shrink sebaceous glands and increase cell turnover rate. It is an awesome treatment.


Best Case Scenario for forehead wrinkles

Best results are always seen we combine multiple treatment therapies. When you are able to have more than one type of treatment, we can really knock it out of the park with amazing results. Results that are sure to leave you feeling like what you see in the mirror matches what you feel.


To find out which approach or combination of treatments is best for you, give us a call to book your consult. We love helping people though their de-aging journeys!